Luke Johnson pleads for thief to return his French Bulldog Jayda

A distraught dog owner has choked back tears after his French bulldog was snatched by a brazen thief while being taken on a walk Luke Johnson and his family lost their 17-month-old dog Jayda on Tuesday afternoon around 4 45pm when she was stolen from Eltham Lower Park in Melbourne, Victoria.Mr Johnson and his family were on holidays in Scotland when they received the tragic news from their dog sitter on the other side of the world Jayda (pictured) was stolen from Eltham Lower Park on Tuesday afternoon after being minded by a dog sitter while her family was on vacation in Scotland Mr Johnson spoke to Tony Jones from 3AW about the devastating impact losing Jayda has had on his family, urging her kidnapper to bring her back ‘The kids are inconsolable on this end, our family’s just distraught with whats happened on the other side of the world,’ Mr Johnson said The dog sitter, who the family had regularly relied on, had let Jayda off her leash in a fenced area in the moments before she was taken RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Fears an outbreak of a contagious infection could wipe out Pound accused of ‘ransoming’ pets as owners are told their. Share this article Share Mr Johnson said his dog had a ‘gorgeous temperament’ and wanted to play with anybody she met  He said his kids knew that was something was wrong as soon as they received the call because he and his wife burst into tears ‘We tried to explain as calmly as we could what was happening,’ he said.’The kids don’t comprehend what’s happening ‘   Mr Johnson tried to compose himself as he urged a desperate plea with the thief to return his beloved Jayda A Caucasian, middle aged man was seen picking up Jayda and putting her in his car before driving off  ‘If they could just stop for a second and think about what they’re doing, the complications, the family they’re tearing apart,’ he said   ‘Money comes and goes but Jayda is family and you can’t replace family.’Mr Johnson said he received an overwhelming amount of support on social media as many people shared the family’s post detailing the moment where Jayda was taken Two men in a white car were parked near the lacrosse club rooms and one was spotted picking up Jayda and putting her inside the car He has been described as a Caucasian middle aged man with short brown hair and was driving an older model white four door hatch with a noticeable dint in the driver’s side rear panel Mr Johnson and his family are urging anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000    

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