Lyme Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment for People and Pets

If you spend any time outdoors during warm
weather, it’s important to know: Lyme disease is on the rise. It’s transmitted via the bite of infected
ticks, which very in shape, color and size, and may be as small as a pinhead. Check for ticks from head to toe, especially
in moist, hairy areas like the groin, armpits, and scalp. If you’re bitten, the characteristic bull’s-eye rash is just one symptom of Lyme disease. Other rashes are more common. If you suspect you may have Lyme disease,
see your health-care provider immediately. It takes 2-5 weeks after a tick bite before
Lyme disease can be detected with blood tests. For this reason, your doctor may recommend
treatment with antibiotics before the diagnostic tests are complete. Remember that dogs get Lyme disease, too. Check your dog for ticks after he’s been
in the woods and grassy areas, and contact your vet if you see symptoms such as no appetite,
swollen joints, and lameness.

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