Mad Lib Theater with Kenan Thompson and Joe Manganiello

-I’m gonna ask you both
for some silly words. Nouns, verbs, adjectives,
et cetera. And as we do that, they’ll
be written onto cue cards, and then we’re gonna act out
a dramatic Mad Libs scene. Ready for this?
-Yeah. Really dramatic. -All right, yeah.
Very dramatic. All right, Kenan,
give me a silly word. -Silly word. “Butt.” [ Laughter ] -Joe, food at a barbecue? -Heinz Ketchup. -Thanks. Adjective? -Funky. -Cartoon character? -Hong Kong Phooey. -Wow! Nice! -Deep cut.
-Wow! Hong Kong Phooey, man. [ Laughter ] Kenan, give me a state.
-Georgia. -Uh, a plural occupation. -Plural occupation?
-Yes. -Farmhands. [ Laughter ] -What?! -First thing
that came to mind. -Oh, my gosh. Country. -United States of America. -There you go, buddy. USA. A plural item of clothing. -Plural item of clothing. Um, oh, I just came from Europe,
and this is on your laundry list,
for men and women — panties. -Interesting.
-Panties. If you send underwear,
like, your boxer shorts, to get washed at a hotel, you have to check
the “panties” box. -Are you serious?
-Swear, yeah. -Just be open
to new experiences. -Listen.
Jimmy, just go with it. -I’m going with it.
Kenan, give me a number. -1,100,060. [ Laughter ] -Not making this easy on him. -Yeah. Wow.
All right. Give me a month. -A month. December. -Is that your birthday?
-It is. -A type of salad.
-Greek. -Joe, a greeting
that you give your puppy after being gone the entire day. -“Oooh, you little…” -Oooh, you…
-O-O-O… -Oooh, you little… “Oooh, you little…” Kenan, a verb ending in I-N-G. -Fastening. Doing a lot of fastening
of the shoes lately. -I’m tying —
-Fastening. -I’m teaching my daughter
how to tie her shoes. Lot of fastening. -Your daughter’s 36, right?
-Yeah. She’s doing really well.
We’re proud of her. -Joe, celebrity name. -Kim Kardashian.
-There you go. -I don’t know why —
-That’s great. -Celebrity.
-Kim Kardashian. Kenan, what you shout
when you find out you’ve been accepted
to the college of your dreams. -“How much?!” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s it. A plural noun. -Plural noun.
-Yep. -Um, um — Bananas.
Ba-non-as. Ba-non-as. -Ba-non-as. Past-tense verb. -What? Past-tense verb?
Sorry. Ran?
-Yep. -Was that a past-tense verb?
-Yeah. Another plural
article of clothing. -Gosh. Clip-on ties. [ Laughter ] -Gotta have ’em.
-Clip-on ties. -Gotta have ’em. -Body part.
-Foot. -A noun.
-A noun. Uh, uh, Chicago. -Yeah. Place.
-Person, place, or thing. -Yeah. -That’s a thing. Yeah. -First noun — Chicago.
That’s right. Kenan, food you’d order
at a sushi restaurant. -Shrimp tempura roll. -Yeah, okay.
Shrimp tempura roll. -And delicious.
-A childhood punishment. -Childhood punishment.
The bar of soap in the mouth. -All right.
Now we’re gonna do — This is the speed round here.
Real quick right here. Kenan, exclamation.
-Hooray! -Another verb ending in I-N-G. -Um, uh, uh, beating. -Beating.
-Wow. -I don’t —
-Wow. Oh, my God, I can’t even —
It started with farmhands. That’s when
it went off the rails. Farmhands.
-Farmhands. -That’s all right. I’m good.
Mall restaurant. -Uh, whew.
We’ll go with Taco Bell. -Taco Bell. There you go. Mall clothing store. -Mall clothing store.
Um, um, Spencer’s? Spencer’s Gifts.
They have T-shirts. -I guess they have —
They have clothing there? -Yeah, T-shirts — -And, like, young
adolescent pornography. -Yes, they do.
Spencer’s Gifts. There you go. We’ve filled out
the words for our scene. Let’s go perform the scene.
Let’s do this right now. Are you guys ready?
-Let’s do it. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Organ playing cheerful music ] ♪♪ -All right.
Welcome back, baseball fans. I’m Steve Butt. Alongside me is my co-announcer,
Kyle Heinz Ketchup. -Thank you very much.
No relation. No relation. We’re live on this
beautiful, funky night from the historic
Hong Kong Phooey Stadium. We’re gonna change that. -We’re in the ninth inning
of a very close matchup between the Georgia Farmhands versus the United States
of America Panties. -That’s — -The score is tied
1,100,060 to 1,100,060. -Wow. This is very exciting. Joining us now
is our special guest. Retired all-star pitcher. None other than the one and only
December Greek. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oooh, you little…! Great to be here tonight. I’ve never seen a stadium with so many fans
fastening so loudly. -It’s been quite a game.
Lots of great moments so far. Including when Kim Kardashian
streaked across the field. -How much?!
I can’t believe that! [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -All right.
-Wow. Wow. -Now, December Greek,
you hold the record for most bananas ran — -I think you mean ba-non-as. -Ba-non-as.
-That’s right. -Did you have
any pregame superstitions? -Actually, yes, I did. Before every game, I would
go into the locker room, put on fresh clip-on ties, and rub my foot
with my lucky Chicago. -Wow! Wow! -That’s a very popular noun —
Chicago. A very popular noun. -Back to the game —
-That’s what I think of first. The word Chicago,
that’s a great noun. -Back to the game. Stepping up to the plate
is Mike Shrimp Tempura Roll. -Uh-huh. -Oh, here we go.
Bases loaded, full count. If Mike Shrimp Tempura Roll
doesn’t get a hit, his manager is gonna get
a bar of soap in the mouth. -All right.
-There it is. -Here’s the pitch.
He swings! There it goes! Hooray! It is gone! -Yeah. He’s beating around the bases.
I’ve never seen this before. -What a game! All right, guys, it’s time
to sing our favorite song. -♪ Take me out
to the Taco Bell ♪ ♪ Take me out
to the Spencer’s ♪ ♪ For it’s one, two,
three strikes, you’re out ♪ ♪ At the old Taco Bell ♪ -And scene! My thanks to Kenan Thompson,
Joe Manganiello!

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100 Responses

  1. Virginia Pendas says:

    this is so funny

  2. Nawaf Fahad says:

    This is really funny if you’re 11 or retarded

  3. Karise says:

    Joe is definitely channeling Harry Caray!

  4. Jen Warshawsky says:

    Joe is hot and Kenan looks great!

  5. PCalyssa says:

    I need Mad Lib Theater to be its own show. I would quit my job and just watch it all day long.

  6. Los Shabos says:

    uugh h e i n z k e t c h u p

  7. Korhan Alparslan says:

    There is 0% chance that Taco Bell had nothing to do with this.

  8. Kyle Bucheri says:

    Superdude and Deathstroke!

  9. Carson Smith says:

    Jimmy breaks so easily lol

  10. shaylen sanders says:

    This one wasn't as funny. I want to see more though!

  11. Pup Shepard says:

    I laughed so hard

  12. roxoras says:

    They should do more mad lib theaters!!!!

  13. Angelo James Mordini says:

    Isn’t that flash?

  14. Ryan John says:

    Love how nobody cheers for Kim K.

  15. Charmedsas1 says:

    The Kerry Washington one will always be on top for me😂😂

  16. Julio Salatiel Rodriguez Euan says:

    you go a stadium occurrence tells a good fart story

  17. Rushil Kaul says:

    I'm waiting for a Mad Libs edition in which the celebrity utters irrational numbers when asked for a number.

    Pick a number
    Uh.. Cube root of 9

  18. ALLY S says:

    “Kim kardashian just streaked across the field.”
    “How much??”

  19. Miriam Cuquerella says:

    God I really wish they did more of these, I've seen them all already, they're perfect material for my English class

  20. Value Shop says:


  21. Sportsguypaul1 says:

    Only Chicago fans know who joe sounds like.

  22. Liquid blue says:

    randomly clicks on video that brad!? Thats so ridonk!

  23. Skelechii says:

    I need one with Tom Hiddleson

  24. Maria McMickens says:

    4:18 I said taco Bell

  25. J4ke60 says:

    oh la vache Kenan ! a l'ancieeeeeeeeeeeenne

  26. cherry berry says:

    Does Joe play Slade Wilson on arrow

  27. cherry berry says:

    December Greek sounds like a celebrity name

  28. Atul Chandran says:

    Do one with Tom Holland please

  29. Lady Blizzy says:

    I'm waiting for the day where the answer of "Name a promi" is Jimmy Fallon. I think he'd be a bit surprised

  30. Adrian Rangel says:

    Men they kept giving Kena the easy qusetions

  31. Monster Hanna says:

    "How much?!" I just died. 😂

  32. mongCharlie ツ says:

    andy samberg should do this

  33. Johnny Flames says:

    all i can think about is how i wouldnt want to fight him either

  34. Nolan Harvey says:

    I FN lost it.. What do you yell when you hear you got into the college of your dreams? "HOW MUCH"!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  35. Sydney Mason says:

    This ones the best one since Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch!

  36. Martin Calva says:

    Jimmy sounded like he did in the radio sketch Z105 with Afleck. Joey Mack and dirty dan the garbage man and the Morning wood……

  37. Rainasmama says:

    I want more of these 😂

  38. J J says:

    Looks like someone deepfaked Kenan's face on a smaller body.

  39. Miriam The Cat says:

    Oh my god PLEASE do this with Aubrey Plaza

  40. MrAlex3132003 says:

    @02:22 Ooooppp, he's in trouble, LOL!

  41. Steven Carusone says:

    I had to pause after Joe said How much!? Because I couldnt breath.

  42. 13TimeChampions says:

    they need more of these

  43. Jade Hill says:

    Joe and Sofia were destined to either hate each other or love each other due to their ridiculous types of humour. they must be a total racket to be around lmao, seems to be a near perfect couple

  44. A. Flores says:

    :57 Elmo cameo?

  45. Hua Mulan says:

    Mad lib theater is the best thing on youtube, I love it

  46. 黃仔125 says:

    Please make more of these Mad Lip theater

  47. Miriam Cuquerella says:

    Please I need this every week

  48. Meg says:

    Why wasn't this as funny as the others? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  49. Dark Pikachu says:

    I just LOVE these!

  50. -alyssa who? says:

    Joe shops at Spencer’s 🤣🤣

  51. Emilio Pedraza says:

    I don't get how snl has fired legends but yet they still keep kenan Thompson he's not that good seriously I only know him for good burger that's it honestly ha just my opinion but true as well so take it how u want I don't care hes not that good

  52. Ernesto Cabral says:

    Million viewssss

  53. Toxic Unicorn says:

    0:57 Elmo dat you??

  54. Tom Ball says:

    I’m straight but I have to say Kenan Thompson has the most amazing eyes

  55. yvon1986 says:

    This should be done with kell. Kenan and kell.

  56. Leslie Knope says:


  57. Jennifer Wintz says:

    Why does no one ever name a truly funny body part such as spleen, uvula, or medulla oblongata? I enjoy these Mad Libs, but they could be so much more extra.

  58. lilly brooks says:

    That one dude explained every answer he gave.

  59. Megan's Weirdness says:

    My answer to "Celebrity name" would be Jimmy Fallen

  60. Callisto says:

    Comments are spoilers! Be warned.

  61. Some guy says:

    They need to get Robert Downey Jr. on one of these. Maybe make an Avengers reference here or there.

    Song lyric- "I'am Iron Man".
    Verb ending in I N G- Snapping.

  62. Manny Vang says:

    Georgia Farmhands… yep… that happened…

  63. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation says:

    It’s theater made improv with nonsensical words which lay out the atmosphere for the joke 😂

  64. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation says:

    I’m just amazed something like this could even be made into a visual representation like I mean I can already picture this well enough in my head without needing to see it

  65. Kira Audrey says:

    I know someone named Steve butt

  66. Imani Smith says:

    This one made me uncomfortable lmao

  67. Troll Dedede says:

    That song was actually really good at the end

  68. James says:

    Was Keenan on SNL when Jimmy Fallon was a castmate? Lol Kenan has been on so long, I’m not sure

  69. saminsanity says:

    I want one of this with Bill Hader.

  70. Trey Atkins says:

    0:57 elmo broke into the studio and is now laughing as he causes havoc.

  71. Jan says:

    not funny didn't laugh

  72. Nathalie Roy says:

    Joe Manganielo… damn aren’t you a treat !!!!

  73. DragonFly says:

    Harry Carey would be proud

  74. Ben Akers says:

    One with Ryan Reynolds

  75. Mickey Breezy says:

    "Chicago… person place or thing, you know, it's a thing." LMAO!

  76. Kodi V says:

    Can you please get Jennifer Lawrence !!

  77. Cassidy Machado says:

    get cardi b to do this!!!!!!!

  78. Vaticus says:

    How many grown folk said “Person, place, or thing” in time with them when he said Chicago?

  79. Becca Marsh says:

    kim and kanye are QUAKING
    especially with the chicago joke 😂

  80. AvatardShwag says:

    Why does everyone say Kim Kardashian when asked for a celeb name?

  81. Joshua Wibisono says:

    you need to do this more with your guests!

  82. Hani Hassan says:


  83. Urska Pahor says:

    I just watched mad lip theater with Nataly Portman and in her answers were also Kim as celebrity and bananas!! 😂🤣😂🤣🤔🤔🤔

  84. Bea Baj says:

    Apparently, most of the time, when Jimmy's guests are asked for "celebrity", Kim K. comes to their minds. Natalie Portman did.

  85. Voddgreen says:

    Seems so weird that Kenan is 41 years old! He's always like in his 20s for me xD

  86. Scott Thompson says:

    Why why why do so many real celebrities name fake ass Kim Kardashian on these????

  87. Christian Stoleski says:

    hahahah this is the best lol ahahaha

  88. La M says:

    So Kim KW is on the radar. They picked her for celebrity also on mad lib theater with Natalie Portman!

  89. Debbie Nina Boc says:

    "Georgia Farm Hands vs. United States of America Panties"
    I died 😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Poppy Bell says:

    OH MAN, I love the "Georgia Farmhands"!! My favorite team!

  91. Boi Chuah Sang says:

    Manganiello clearly doesn't know what a noun means

  92. CrazyWedz says:

    Kenan is funny on SNL, but he's not naturally funny in person.

  93. Gabrielle de la Torre says:

    Am I watching SNL?

  94. KaterinaTalantliva says:

    He said bananas and Kim Kardashian Like Natalie Portman!!!!!

  95. mumbai maestro says:

    Is it scripted or impromptu?

  96. Syed Azeen says:

    I like December Greek name. Very unique I must say

  97. patdel12 says:

    so so good

  98. achanwahn says:

    Keenan has lost so much weight.

  99. bluescluessuperagent says:

    Kyle Heinz Ketchup… the whitest name ever and I love it

  100. Kadir Syahab says:

    Sofia vergara's husband

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