Major at Bielsko-Biała suburbs/Major na przedmieściach Bielska-Białej

Jump in Good dog Come on, we’re going to the Bielsko-Biala suburbs There’s pretty nice place to walking Right We fasten belts & let’s ride This is my place You don’t have driving license Here we are! Forests, mountains It doesn’t differs much from our living place We came here because it was raining a lot yesterday So in fields there’s lot of mud Here’s also very nice place for walking I can’t only leave Major off-leash cause Everywhere here are other walkers with dogs Or these who likes biking & running Yes Major, you’re running You love running So you’re running You just don’t like bikes & I can’t go biking with Major There’s someone who walk with dog I say “off-leash Major” & that dog is off-leash Come on Major Bielsko-Biała suburbs From the southern side Bielsko-Biała is probably still the most green city in Poland Very good place to coming for vacations Lot of mountains around Come on Major, I know there’s doggo there Which way? Here or here? Major where we going? Come on Come on! Oh right Major let’s go this way That path we’ll return This loud bitch go there so we go here, come on We’ll go around of this little hill & we’ll return that path Those are probably your climates Because in this area, trains Bielsko-Biała parachute army unit Yes we have city where barracks are Aeroclub, so You can recreationally fly with plane or helicopter What’s going on Major? Major can hear how somebody does zip-line ride Somewhere there This is the commons of Bielsko-Biała Now here’s peaceful Winter, everything’s closed, but In the spring or summer & autumn there’s full of people here You can rent a bike use the rope park, skatepark, etc. Lot of fun for children & elders Look Opened Ban of leaving dogs off-leash on the whole area We’re in the city at all Come Major, we go next to this restaurant You know the way & we’re finishing walk slowly We’ll go straight this road We’ll enter forest, we’ll go uphill we’ll go downhill & we’ll return this path we didn’t walk at the begin Hotel at the commons If someone will want to stay close to nature Has close to forest & mountains Oh right, it’s becoming dark There’s no lanterns in forest so you won’t see anything There’ll be another new hotel Probably It looks like this Major Come on we go to car Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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