Making My Dog Dexter – The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers as PETS – Ep 3 (Cats & Dogs Expansion)

Trained commands?! What! My animals don’t know anything, they’re still drinking pee! Bobby how are you training your dog so quick? Stop drinking peeeeeee! Ugh! They’re all gonna die! *que the intro music* Welcome back to The Sims 4: Raising Youtubers As Pets series! And as you can see, I am on the new map that comes along with the cats and dogs expansion pack, Brindleton Bay. So the first two episodes I filmed in the same day So I didn’t get to have your feedback until this episode, and you guys had some really awesome feedback And thus why you can see that the YouTube house is now over here, and oh look It’s me with all of my little critters! Yes, I moved them into Brindleton Bay so that we might be able to see more dogs and people walking around. Nextly (Is that a real word?), a lot of you were really upset that I did not make Dexter Which is my dog in real life, and I’m kind of upset I didn’t make him, too. But I thought instead of adding him to my actual YouTube household because it’s just gonna be too much chaos with too many animals I’m gonna bring back Bobby and have him have Dexter in a plot near my plot’s house. So maybe I’ll move them into like this little house, so let’s make Dexter real quick. Let’s get Bobby into his own plot, and while I have him. I think I’m gonna switch his party outfit from Batman this season into his avatar! Thanks to Stutterguy’s wing addition. And Bobby meet sim version of Dexterrrr. That looks nothing like Dexterrrr… So Dexter is not a puppy in real life. He’s like five or six now. However, I think I’m going to age him up with my household so that if we see him out and about they can like easily play With him and interact with him. So Dexter We’re not sure what his breed is, we think that he’s a mix between.. let’s see if this kind of looks like him, a Pembroke Corgi and a German Shepherd And if nothing beats this that I’m that’s what he’s gonna be *waiting music* All right and here is Dexter! Well as an adult. I’m gonna make him a puppy in a second, but he’s so cute! I may have missed some markings on him, ..but I kept trying to go bother him in the other room to look what he looks like and pulled up pictures and this Is as close as I got, but it’s pretty darn close! He’s short and long and he’s got this little curly tail and his ears are like that. This is pretty much What his fur looks like. Dexter Zside! and he does have a pretty deep bark. Yeah, it’s good, and we are gonna make him a puppy! Oh mah god! He’s so cute!! Okay, so then hopefully when he grows big He should look exactly like I made him alright, and his traits would be he is definitely loyal He does not go far from us at all aww I hate to say it, but he’s pretty aggressive when he first meets somebody. I don’t want that trait for him in here He’s just gonna be mean he’s definitely super smart And I’m stuck between he likes hunting thing like he likes uh chasing down birds and bunnies and what not but he’s also Playful eh I’ll do playful yay So cute alright, so we’re gonna move Bobby right across the street from us there ya go perfect I also heard your comments that there’s dog doors I had no idea and I found them they’re these things so the pets can let themselves out I also put this fence up so they can’t really escape and then this front door I can lock for everybody But me and this way they’re safe, and they stay here, and I don’t have to go try to look for them I also heard what you said about what I should do with the third floor and Voila it is a training course, and then I put a bathroom up here You know just just in case I need to go to the bathroom on training And maybe I’ll throw another litter box up there, and I found out about the automatic feeders I like these rainbow bowls, but they might be a bit much I like the rainbow bowls that’s the only reason I’m gonna keep it I also saw that a lot of you said that there is a panda skin for dogs So if I put Oli as a Chow Chow Gave him the panda skin. He would kind of look like a big panda. I thought about it I was gonna do it, but then I realized I’d have six dogs on the lot And then only two cats so Ollie being a raccoon gives him cat qualities so at least I have three cats also I really like the fact that everybody is now calling him a trash panda I now want to call Oli a trash panda being a raccoon gives some really weird qualities And I was cracking up watching him in the last episode, so we’re gonna leave him be in this episode We’re just gonna focus on this awesome. New pretty world that we’re living in and then I think next episode We’ll move on to the veterinary part and then after that I think I’m gonna age em up to adults Because adult animals can do so much more than kitten and puppy animals. I’ve seen let the chaos begin again Oh, I also saw some of you guys saying I should just keep collecting poop I think I’m just gonna keep collecting poop and seeing how many I can get by the end of the season 😉 I think I’m gonna have to take everybody to the Park, but it’s about to be nighttime, so we’ll wait We’ll wait till tomorrow let everybody get used to the new house location first fill all pet bowls Let’s get that out of the way aw Joey are you okay, bud he’s like food food food food food. Good boy Joel Yay Scott has learned to pee outside. Thank God yay This little fenced-in area is working great, so gross out here already They’ve been out here for two seconds, and there’s so much poop and pee Lizzy. What are you meowing at? What do you want? What do you want? Oh? Nevermind yeah, Ew, Oli don’t drink pee! (#trashpanda) Oh my god Lizzie’s drinking Pee – no no no no oh I can’t get out here whoa whoops I need to create a way for me to get out here there. We go lecture about drinking pee Oh god counts doing it now like no no Ollie, TRASHPANDANO. oh no No, no wait, are they escaping locked door for everyone, but Lauren Oh god, Joey escaped coming to get you Joey there. We go time to collect poop and tomorrow morning I’m gonna take you all to the park, and you guys can make friends get your energy out lady. You’re in my yard This is not a walking location. This is somebody’s property. I could legally shoot you and steal your puppy. That’s right That’s right you leave. Oh hey the Panda and the Fox have come to hang out with me The poop was laser doing Oh somebody peed in the house who was it Oh? Lizzy and Joel are sharing a meal How cute yeah some of you guys were upset that I made them different species meaning? They couldn’t be eat together one This is an animal series So I’m not gonna be focusing on romance and number two I have no control over what the animals do with one another As in even if they were both dogs, I don’t know if they would even be together I can’t really do anything about that. Oh, I can scare Vixella. That’s so mean But I want to see what it does Look like it’s gonna be so me oh She doesn’t like me Oh Oh No calm down calm her down. Oh, she don’t like me. Oh she’s gonna bite me. She gonna bite me. Don’t bite me Go girl go girl. Don’t bite Oh Piss Scott just peed and ruin this moment yay guys. It’s morning. We can go to the park Everybody time to go Joel. We’ll call you when we get there guys. We’re at the park yay Where’s all the dogs? It’s just a guy playing chess animals be free go make friends. Oh, it’s a kitty Bartholomew a bittlebun senior what the heck you are a ridiculous cat yeah He’s licking its- AUGH licking at his crotch! Yeah I can’t wait til my pets grow up Joey is always the first to go do stuff I think this dude’s just like screwed chess puppies. Just came in So he’s like uh I think you’re okay alright whatever, I’m gonna go pet this ridiculous cat there’s not a cat these strays Oh, it’s a strait that one’s a stray Oh, that’s what I heard so somebody said you can adopt strays I mean I can’t cuz I my households It’s full so it won’t let me, but I didn’t know in the game Oh god is he gonna attack me. Don’t attack me. Yeah? He didn’t attack me. I want to pick him up Do you think he’s gonna scratch the bejesus out of me when I do he’s like sure pick me up human this cat’s looking at Me like hmm shall I call you human. No Lauren. Why are you spending time with this brand of cat? Put him down. Go tend to your animals. Oh, no trash Panda. Ali is trying to look for a litter box You’re outside just go to bathroom wherever Oh? Oh, my god. That’s scared me. I’m still holding this random cat your animals need you Lauren Oh God all the cats are complaining they want a litter box. I left Joel at home. Oh, no. I can’t bring Joel here I should have left the cats at home cats go outside. We’re outside think outside Oh the cats are following me and complaining about litter boxes. We are outside You are edibles go to the bathroom anywhere, please Plays I wish I could send them home. Oh, I called Joel. Where is he Joel? Yes. I’m sorry I left you home I’m still learning how to play this pack somebody come scare these pigeons Funny to watch who’s this dude don’t bring your negativity toward me my animals. Thank you. Oh my god You’re all so annoying none of you will chase pigeons or play. I don’t understand I think we need to go visit Bobbie and Dexter yay Bobby’s like yes, adorable, that’s right because I started the new series. They don’t know each other again. Hello, Bobby My name is Lauren and I have lots of creatures Dexter looks so cute. He’s so shiny Joel passed out with his eyes open What is this Joel this is creepy, please close your eyes going forward when do you sleep? Oh, Joey now. Oh my god Ali’s like my favorite character to be so weird and always off to the side And doing something weird. I love you trash panda alley trash, man Adam before of a swear why are you walking so quick? Trained commands what my animals don’t know anything. They’re still drinking pee Bobby how are you training your dog so quick is it just as easy Oh send home Thank God Pat’s go home. By the way I know I should send Ollie home, but he’s too hilarious So I gotta keep him. Oh, you’re all gonna be so dirty They’re all passing out around my feet Calum sleeping with his eyes open – what is this count looks like he’s plotting to murder people Oh Dexter is the only good one here. Okay? Oh I’m just gonna abandon all of you all of you YouTube animals my dog in real life. Is the only one that’s acting good I’m like Bobby Bobby, please just let me stay with you I don’t want to take care of these YouTube animals anymore look at them. They’re all disgusting As I say that’s god oh my god meanwhile, I’m just playing with my dog in real life I feel like Ally it’s gonna be one of those animals thing. Yeah, see that just like snaps It’s another animal. Oh wait before I go home I actually want to see what his house looks like on the inside because I have no idea. Oh they just took off Oh, buddy, it’s so minimalistic in here. This is definitely like a bachelor pad. Oh, this is a hundred percent of bachelor pad One bed perfect you got yourself a nice little minimalistic setup You don’t even have a TV or computer or anything you and Dexter enjoyed out here. All right. Let’s go home I have to bathe and feed all of you now. Oh my god dirty animals, okay? I got to start giving each of you a bath. Oh Joey doesn’t like yeah me Well, that’s accurate being that he always calls her a trash can and now they’re chasing after each other oh Look, so sad. Oh my God all he’s eating all the food again alright guys well I think that’s gonna be it for this episode of The Sims 4 raising youtubers as pet series. Oh my god Don’t you guys know how to go out? I thought you already learned how to go out I don’t know well next episode. I plan on going and finally checking out the veterinarian clinic and maybe becoming a veterinarian Myself and see what that’s like and then after that episode I think I’m going to age them all up to adults and then once I do that if the game runs smoothly Maybe I will add in a couple more puppies and kittens of Youtubers to mix in with the adult ones we shall see and also as a special treat for those of you who stuck around all the way to the end of the video I will be choosing someone to give away one free cats and dogs expansionpak, too So make sure you already owned the sims for the base game And if you do and you want the cats and dogs expansion for free then make sure to leave a comment below with the hashtag trash Panda and leave me your Email if you don’t have an email to give I will also accept a Twitter Username that I can DM you the code app But you have to give me at least one of those and the hashtag trash panda I will be selecting somebody at random from that hashtag trash panda to give a free cats and dogs code, too But as always guys if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like before you go Subscribe if you haven’t I put out new videos every single day and as always I will see you guys soon

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