Maltese Dogs 101 Most Popular Dog Breeds

“Some of my best leading men have been dogs
and horses.” – Elizabeth Taylor An adorable ball of fur, the Maltese has a
lot going for him. Amaze your friends with these interesting facts about the popular
royal dog breed. Welcome to Animal Facts, I’m Leroy and today we are discussing the
much loved pup, the marvelous Maltese. 10. The  Maltese dog is the oldest of the toy breeds and
has been around for more than 28 centuries. They originated on the Island of Malta and
when the little dogs were brought back to England by the early crusaders, they became
the little darlings of Britain’s royal women.  The Maltese made its first American appearance
at a Westminster Kennel Club show in 1877, called a Maltese Lion Dog. It currently enjoys
being one of the more popular toy breeds. 9. A Maltese may be small, but he’s not all
fluff. These little dogs only weigh between 4 and 7 pounds (1.8 to 3.2 kilograms), but
their sprightly prance, keen attention to their surroundings, affectionate personalities
and devotion to their humans will make them a huge part of their owners’ lives. 8. According to the American Kennel Club,
Egyptian artifacts of Maltese (or Maltese-like) dogs have been found, which means ancient
Egyptians may have worshiped the breed. Greek pottery dating from 5 A.D. shows  images
of  small, long-haired dogs like the Maltese, and according to the 18th century religious
scholar Carolus Maria DuVeil, ancient Greek writings by historians like Strabo mention
small, pretty dogs known as “Catelli” 7. There’s no doubt that part of the Maltese’s
allure is its beautiful white hair – not to be confused with fur. Like human hair, the
Maltese’s white locks grow and occasionally fall out — they don’t shed like most dogs.
According to the AKC, no breed is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, but the Maltese won’t
bother some allergy sufferers. The dogs were specially bred by Roman emperors to have that
white coat we know today. The color white was sacred to the Romans, who wanted their pets
to exhibit an air of divinity.  6. Over the course of its existence, the breed
has had a number of different monikers. Some include comforter dog, Maltese lion dog,
Maltese terrier, Melitaie dog, Roman ladies’ dog, shock dog, and the Spaniel gentle. 5. Maltese have profuse coats, meaning they
need a lot of attention. To keep their fur silky and white, they need to be brushed daily.
Most non-show owners prefer to keep their dogs in a puppy cut to avoid having to constantly
groom them.  4. Though they be but little, they can jump.
They also seem to have no fear of gravity and have no problem leaping out of your
arms or off high ledges. So, let’s try to keep our fur babies off balconies. 3. Maltese make great therapy dogs because
they’re loving and small, which means they can cuddle right up to whomever they’re trying
to help. While any size dog can be a therapy pet, small dogs in particular are well-suited
for the job because they can be lifted into beds if a person is immobile. They also can
be held more easily than larger dogs. When it comes to therapy dogs, temperament is most
important. They should be friendly, gentle and have a calm demeanor. They also should
like to be petted and handled. 2. Some of the A-list celebs who have co-habited
with a Maltese include Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda, Ellen de Generes, Jessica Simpson,
Elizabeth Taylor. A Maltese dog by the name of Lucky was authenticated by Guinness Book
of Records as having been photographed with the most celebrities – a whopping 363. To
date, this mini pooch has sat on the laps of Kim Kardashian, Kristin Stewart, Richard
Branson, Bill Clinton, Hugh Grant…. and counting. 1. Take Trouble, the Maltese worth $2 million.
When real estate developer Leona Helmsley died in 2007, she left $12 million to her
pooch in her will. The government eventually trimmed the inheritance down to a measly two
million, Thanks Obama, but that didn’t stop the dog from living it up until her death
in 2011. Well, there ya have it. A meager meshup of
maltese memorabilia. What did we miss? Let us all know in the comments below. As always,
we welcome any suggestion on Animal related topics, because we heart animals. If you do
toom take a moment to like and subscribe. And as always, catch ya next time.

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  1. Animal Facts says:

    Love Little Dogs? Check out this playlist:

  2. Primo Tech YT says:

    i have maltese named tushi hes cute family dog and guard color brown white 9months will turn 10 months at april 25

  3. CASSY ARCILLA says:

    I love my maltese

  4. wooosh me says:

    Why does it say 101 Facts?

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  6. nfvy says:

    Some of the sweetest dogs out there

  7. Joan Byrne says:

    How do I keep the red tears from staring her face? What causes it?

  8. teooo says:

    My Gizmo is turning 1 Year Old on May 27th!
    It’s May 15th Today

  9. ka hoot says:

    You missed that, Maltese and other breeds are really fragile.

  10. Alvin Portes says:

    ohh maltese is very cute

  11. Urtė Urtė says:

    3:30 my maltese doggo name is Lucky too!

  12. Unicorn Kawaii squishy says:

    I have malteser dog too my puppy name is pikachu

  13. April R L Martinez says:

    I was feeling sad today,
    and my dog Daisy jumped down from the chair she was sitting on,
    and lay down next to me 💘

  14. the pet world says:

    Pleas pleas pleas someone tell me where I can get a Maltese I have try to find breeders put it ended up being a scam please someone tell me where to get one from a good breeder that is real pleas

  15. Allan C says:

    I am trying to get a dog (Maltese) and this video was very helpful my parents and I have been looking for a new member too the family and my brother is not convinced so I showed him this video and now he is all aboard for getting the Maltese thank you very much and it helped me the most for being the future dig owner- The future Maltese dog owner
    P.S i didn't know havlf the information in this video and especially that there afraid of gravity
    Again keep up the good work you have earned yourself a brand new subsciber

  16. Rebecca Hawkins says:

    I love Maltese I had one fro15 year's we did avery thing to gather now she's gone I want a new pup so bad a gril please I hope someone can help me find a new friend thank you so much God bless Maltese avery where amen

  17. Tracy Jones says:

    You didn’t mention if they love kids.

  18. John Bartolo says:

    I'm a Maltese person. Stop calling us Fur Babies…… Also.. Really need a Slim Jim, Don't have that shit in Europe….. =( !!!!

  19. Ramy Fares says:

    I miss Sasha, he was a wonderful Maltese dog, lived for 17 years gave us all the blessings to us 😢 R.I.P. Sasha (30.05.1999-07.01.2017)

  20. Pineapple Treasures says:

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    They love to dig and crave attention.

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    My little Maltese is my favorite

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    Maltese t-shirts and mags on sale!

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    Can anybody give me one Maltese 😘😘😘😘

  26. Deborah Davis says:

    Thanks for the information. I'm thinking about getting a Maltese and this helped me so much!

  27. temina usmani says:

    I'm gonna get a Maltese dog!!!!

  28. Ricky says:

    Our Maltese is two years old and has been a great addition to the family. She's very sweet, loving, and friendly.

  29. Renee Ly says:

    I have a Maltese and I love him more than anything in my world. And I agree, they do make great therapy dogs. Mine is so loving and affectionate. He comes with me everywhere I go.

  30. ThatOneGuy says:

    Why is my maltese doggo so fiesty?

  31. MontyFrills says:

    I WANT A PUPPY!!! All my mom says is do something else I don’t want you to get sad! Well I’m sad when I don’t have one! 🙁 like if this is you

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    I would gladly get a maltese

  33. Dana Alotaibi says:

    Looks like a ShihPoo 🦄

  34. carolinew1152 says:

    My Maltese-mix puppy is 6 mo old. She has brought me so much joy. She has taught me so much and I have changed in so many good ways! I call her my god-dog. Dog on the outside and god on the inside. She’s cute and cuddly and very very smart! I never liked dogs around me my whole life, now I can’t imagine life without my sweet happy baby girl!

  35. Slippery Vlogger says:

    I have a Maltese and he dig a small hole in the garden and every day when I take him out to potty when he done potty he sit in he hole and sit there for a hour

  36. Miscia Aishi says:

    I want to get a Maltese dog when I'm 13

  37. Adrian Loera says:

    The government took that much? I don't know what to say. I mean, honestly before the government takes anything from it shouldn't the kids and grand kids have more of a right to it than them? Taxed even when you die. It makes me so angry, why should my kids have to suffer a burden for my death it's hard enough emotionally and then they also will likely have to pay for the funeral.

  38. Michael Chance says:

    My most beloved pet thus far in life was a maltese named Max. My mother brought him home when I was around 9 years old. He was already about 2 years old at the time. But he became attached to my mother from the first day he came home with her. He passed away a little over 2 years ago while I was away (college). He was simply one of the most loyal and loving creatures I've ever met, and that includes humans. There's a reason this breed is beloved by so many.

  39. Ted Education says:

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    AWWW THEY ARE SO CUTE 😍😍 They look like old people. So cute HAHAHA

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    I have a pussy that’s Maltese and Shih Tzu and he loves to jump out of things or off things just like the video said LOL 😂

  48. Asia Gray says:

    My life was in the pits, until sasha came along. She was a little cloud that came to my house and brightened up everyones day. She was a beautiful, affectionate, loving, hyper little cloud. My life turned a whole 180! She brought so much love, laughter and happiness into my small home. She was not a pet, she was family. Unfortunately she did pass away, and it broke a piece of me and my family. Every night I stay up thinking what i could have done to give her the best possible life. I always think of her and i see her in my dreams. A part of me feel like she knows i miss her and she visits me in my sleep so i wouldnt feel alone. Maltese will forever hold a special place in my heart. No one else knows about sasha, so i shared my memories with you 🙂

  49. Victoria Akomolede says:

    A Maltese or a shit tzu? They both cute

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    And hhe has short hair

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    Omg, I can’t wait everyone wish me luck..

    We might get this dog at a shelter and it will be a boy. Definitely. His name will either be Alpha, Buddy or even Teddy.This has always been my favourite dog because they are small ( our house is not huge ) they are cute but most importantly I love their energetic and bubbly personality. My mom and I want the dog the most, my brother is fine with it since he has a experience with dogs, he’s got an Akita and a husky before which he gave the Akita because of a personal issue and the husky died. My dad is not fully convinced but he doesn’t seem too strict about it.We will get the dog in a couple of months. When we do get the dog I will edit and inform


  53. Victor D says:

    We used to have gorgeous Maltese, Amelda. She was loved by everyone, including our nieces and nephews. But she passed away of 11 years due to health issues. It was painful and sad to see she gone, she smart and well behaved and never naughty. She shows her affections to everyone. This is true traits of Maltese breeds.

  54. Alien Queen says:

    My maltise dog Sebastion used to be a jerk, but my rat terrier Sunny has taught him to play. It’s so cute watching them.

  55. Chlobear The Maltese says:

    Whoa!! I didnt know all of this about myself!!

  56. ItsMeNathanlol says:

    I have a maltese her name is graice

  57. Alet Vermeulen says:

    I am sorry but my miniature poodle baby is nothing like u described! She is very aggressive when new people enters her domain. She adores her daddy and her mommy and protects them!

  58. odiase okosun says:

    I need a Maltese

  59. Dom Wings says:

    Love our Maltese but omg thing constantly pees on everything (unneutered male). He does it only if we aren’t looking and extremely inconsistent so you start to trust him then bam, loses your trust. He is one of the friendliest dogs tho and doesn’t shed I would recommend a Maltese.

  60. Aryanne_v2 says:

    We had to put my Maltese of ten years down yesterday due to heart failure, and it's comforting to know that this breed was specifically bred to have an air of divinity about them.

  61. Jae says:

    my maltese is almost 8kg and he isn't obese…

  62. MAR_GAMING YT says:

    How is this happening…

    My dog is a maltese but its not small…

  63. Rosemary Byrd says:

    I love my Maltese dog she is 18 years old he still looks like a puppy.

  64. Ж ಠ_ಠ says:

    Ew so disgusting, it's not even a dog it's so small not even the size of a cat.

  65. KAtwood Adams says:

    I had a Maltese by the name of Buffett for 16 years. She was the sweetest little dog in the whole wide world. We had her from the time she was 12 weeks old. It was as though we never had a puppy…she never chewed up anything or destroyed anything and was lovable to everyone! We trained her to puppy pads because we worked at least 9 hours/day. The only thing you need to be aware of is dental health. Small dogs are prone to dental decay. Even though we had her teeth cleaned as recommended by our vet, when she got in her latter years, she had "breath of death"! We had her groomed in a puppy cut every 6 to 8 weeks. Her favorite snack? Romaine Lettuce! She LOVED it!

  66. Gary Wilson says:

    Tasmanian Tribble

  67. MyStRiUoS GaChA says:

    My maltese hair is black fur

  68. 77MrAH says:

    You missed their bad breath!

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    My Maltese puppy Lexi has turned 1 today 🙂

  70. Ana Cissa Pinto says:

    Nice video. Thanks! Do you know if the Maltese is a "barker" dog? Can't have noisy dogs in my building. Thanks!

  71. ZackBTW says:

    I am from Malta Actually I am these dogs are so rare in Malta

  72. barb ryll says:

    So cute! I have a friend who has 3 and they’re adorable. Unfortunate that they pee on everything!!

  73. Training A Puppy says:

    Having a maltese puppy is a delight, however, you need to know how to teach a maltese puppy, the way to handle the difficulties of biting, chewing, and potty training to take pleasure from your new dog to its fullest.

  74. David Stewart says:

    Maltese are so adorable I’m so glad I have one it’s a boy his name is Leo he’s very friendly , cute and playful and protective if you were trying to harm me he’ll try to bite you lol 😂 😍🤗🤗

  75. Scififan9000 :P says:

    I had the joy of pet sitting a maltese when I was a teenager. He was very calm and friendly.

  76. Training A Puppy says:

    Having a maltese dog is a joy, nevertheless, you need to find out how to coach a maltese dog, the way to handle the problems of biting, chewing, and potty training to take pleasure from your new dog to its fullest.

  77. Jamie Armstrong says:

    3:37 “Kim kardASSian” 😂😂😂😂

  78. Btslife Ok says:

    I have maltese dog but they are big because of their mother

  79. Donna Johnson says:

    I had a boy Maltese named Alex and a girl Maltese names angel! They both lived to be 15 years old! They were the loves of my life.

  80. kenneth mccarron says:

    My partner has a Maltese and it's changed how I look at animals forever it's small loving friendly very loyal and hugely entertaining and also very clever it has learned to communicate with us and I've fallen in love with it

  81. Ultimate Oc says:

    Maltese with short hair are just so softest thing ever.
    The ones with long hair are so smooth and pretty.
    It's also so funny to see them walk. Their little legs just hitting their long hair, making them look like fast moving nubs

  82. shane Wolf says:

    Our fur babies..

  83. TheBlueRage says:

    I have 4 maltese 2 males, 2 females. The boys are large 17lbs plus. Could come from being neutered.

  84. sai sathanapalli says:

    It was a good vid but i would like to know where the other 91 facts are

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    I love them, but the number of celebrities that love them does not sway me one way or another.

  86. DrTheKay says:

    Mate, I gave a THUMBS DOWN due to your constant thumbs up BEGGING.
    And this video SUCKED anyway, you call this Maltese 101 yet your ‘top fact’ was that celebs owned them… what? whats that got to do with ME caring for a Maltese? Useless channel.

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    I have a 5 months old maltese 🙂 her name's Ailbe and I'm trying to get rid of her nipping habit hahaha

  91. Greg Long says:

    I just recently had to put my Maltese down due to many age related problems. He was a big boy, almost 10 pounds and lived to be over 18 years old. He was the best friend I ever had. I'd give anything to hold him one more time.

  92. Daniel Hartmann says:

    so cute

  93. Jess B says:

    They forgot the high prey drive; like really high prey drive. My 130 lb Mastiff mix wasn't this determined. Not to mention the stubborn streak. But the loving personality makes up for it. My little guy is 11 this year and you would never know it, he still acts like a puppy.

  94. 휴휴 says:

    자막이 없어서 아쉽지만 정보 많아 좋네요 ㅎ

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    Beautiful snow white hair and those adorable black button eyes and nose.
    Sooooooooooo cute.

  96. kemetdeb gibson says:

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  97. Sabrina Doctor says:


  98. Dominic McCloy says:

    I loved u payton u were the best dog I could’ve ever imagined

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    I had my Boy Coco. I loved him so much. He passed away 6 years ago, but he came to me after I lost my Dad, and Mom. He saved my life from deep depression. I will never forget or stop loving him. Haven't replaced him yet, but one day I will have another Maltees❤

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