Mantis Shrimp Punch at 40,000 fps! – Cavitation Physics

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  1. Linus Hyper says:

    She got butch arms

  2. ManMadeDesaster says:

    why doesnt it break itself?

  3. Madhav Rastogi says:

    When that vacuum changer appeared I was like "Oh yeah! Cody's here!!"

  4. Potent Potential says:

    oh thats just his pimp hand

  5. Kim Land says:

    QUESTION: Why can't they smash the glass of the fishtank? If what you are saying is scientifically confirmed true, then tape a thin picture of their food on the side of a glass tank, and lets see if it smashes (as according to science, enough force as a bullet at short range).

    ALSO why did you not mention about the BEST part of mantis shrimp?
    mantis shrimp have the BEST eyesight in the world, they see things faster and more than mere human species. They can even see UV light.
    Actually you may have mentioned this, I can't remember. PLEASE answer why the glass tank does NOT smash?

  6. Ben Astarb says:

    Just show me the footage

  7. Ɗσραмєαη єѕcσвαя σтмιc says:

    I wonder how they taste

  8. Santi Cruz says:

    They also have the most powerful eyes!

  9. john cope says:

    Chuck Norris

  10. Emil S says:

    Sooooo, what happens if I get a punch on my nose?

  11. John Marksman says:

    OK so no one else is going to say something about her mustache?

  12. Alvaro WHS says:

    Got bit(stung?) by one of these on a high adventure. It was hiding in my water shoe that I took off to take a break.

  13. Shifu RC says:

    The mantis shrimp is my power animal. Kung Fu plus guns plus Clint Eastwood plus Chinese food.

  14. Cristian Hollingworth says:

    What I learned from this video.

    The flash is more powerful then we thought. Favorite superhero. Yes I know this may not look related, but it is.

  15. Frozen Carbone says:

    Kinda looks like Remy Lacroix.

  16. Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt says:

    I calculated 42,000 fps to be almost 12801.6 m/s, that is 46,0857.60 kph / 28,642.48 mph. That is nearly twice the speed of a Rocket. Are you sure some zeroes might have accidentally attached?

  17. Pranav Shirole says:

    Hulk Jealous
    Hulk Smash

  18. Penang Channel says:

    try on one giant lobster scissor punch ..

  19. Patrick Star says:


  20. brian tran says:

    i love these things!

  21. 1set ky says:

    I love you!!

  22. Skylark says:

    He is green and he likes to smash things…he is mantis shrimp !

  23. Todd Waters says:

    Great video, thanks.

  24. Kid Buu says:

    0:26 That neck…

  25. Power Flood says:


  26. pizzafrenzyman says:

    don't put your hand in the aquarium to redecorate

  27. Tobe Smith says:

    Speed of a .22 bullet is a vague phrase. Grain, power, barrel length and the fact that there are several sizes of .22 caliber bullets make that statement irrelevant.

  28. dollayx8 says:

    mines very similar to mantis shrimp, care for ride ?

  29. Dr. Kaii says:

    That answered every lingering question I had on my recent Mantis Shrimp discovery and subsequent binge

  30. Andrew Almond says:

    what about spearing mantis shrimp? how fast are their spears? i know they are fast.

  31. Alfie Moon says:

    40,000 fps yet you can’t show the video in 60fps?

  32. Alfie Moon says:

    We were intelligently created. Are there still those of you who believe we came from nothing by chance? Good scientific knowledge makes you an Athiest, in-depth knowledge makes you a believer.

  33. Freddy Guerra says:

    t bag

  34. Nicholas Seidler says:

    I dont pretend to be an expert, but when pressure decreases, doesnt temperature decrease as well? Charle’s-Gay Lussacs Law. Wouldn’t the bubbles from your cup in water be from the volume of air pockets attached to the side of the cup increasing with the decrease of pressure? Boyle’s Law? So the temperature caused by the hit of the shrimp be from the collapse of the bubble when the pressure of that space is rapidly increased and not when the vacuum is first caused?

  35. Dave Masse says:

    Cool, now do a pistol shrimp

  36. Rayreza Lerianto says:

    ? Woman ?

  37. Sid says:

    We all need a Kate Furby in our lives 😀 ~ PS: One Punch Shrimp

  38. SnowHawk7 says:

    Hmm…I'm just thinking about what would happen to the bones of a human hand if we could punch with that kind of force and speed. I'm thinking they would be turned to powder.

  39. manta manta says:

    more mantis shrimp less you please. thats wat ure title said. if i wanted to look at pretty ladies i wud not be on this part of the internet 🙂

  40. Fausy Math says:

    Teach me more I'm still stupid.

  41. Michael Hogan says:

    Ahhhhhhh! Wonderful video! Keep it up!

  42. Happy Hippie US Army Retired says:

    I want some, oh yeah she can come by anytime as well

  43. psalm says:

    I’m serious how could you not ask what would happen if a human got hit by its punch??!?!?!?!?!???

  44. SDFG SDFG says:

    she can say anything and i will believe it.

  45. Tola Bassist says:

    Now you know why bubble from pokemon does damage

  46. Nick Cook says:

    Wow I just learned something completely new that I have never known or heard of before!!!

  47. dean howard says:


  48. Jim Bo says:

    If I was to ever go salt water the mantis shrimp would be high On my list.

  49. Stop the Philosophical Zombies says:

    Are all your friends hot?

  50. Hayden H says:

    Wait until you discover that Biblical Cosmology is our reality and that EARTH IS FLAT.

  51. Kevin Le says:

    seems like international football replays

  52. ASG Rides says:

    Whys there a piece of paper over your MacBook face camera? Woah conspiracy, they watch and listen to all your findings!

  53. Kelvin Cheung says:

    It’s great research! We only did research on how to cook them?

  54. William Wallace says:

    Thank you for being angry at their ridiculous confusion of force/energy terms.

  55. Darcy Whyte says:

    holy triple-point batman

  56. Walter K says:

    I first heard of mantis shrimp in a sushi bar. I ate him.

  57. eL Champorado says:

    hard for me to focus with stunning smart women talking.

  58. BlackSkullArmor says:

    Those eyes are so fascinating man.

  59. Emilios Powerballer says:

    and that is how a mantis shrimp do

  60. Paul S says:

    This is a poor representation of the physical appearance of most Physics gurus. Adjust your expectations male students. Great informative video however.

  61. Fun Wheels says:

    What caused the 3rd spike Physics Girl?

  62. Hamid says:

    Nice video!

  63. Thayakorn Rakwetpakorn says:

    What will happen if you’re hit by one of these?

  64. SparcBR says:

    this other video explains how the mantis shrimp can punch so fast:

  65. yulian loaiza says:

    New intelligence crush?

  66. #OccupyDogtown says:

    I remember seeing a huge one, as a kid, outside of the natatorium, in Hawaii.

  67. BumbleB Flow says:

    Dont theorize probmve its that hott

  68. Richard M says:

    A six minute video that had little to do with the title and more to do wit your own needs and vanity. YOU were not the topic that you used to bait us. Awful.

  69. Dave Arnold says:

    No bullet known to man goes 40, 000 fps. The fastest bullet is the 220 Swift which is just over 4000 fps. Then don't forget Newton's third law.

  70. Timothy Dashman says:

    Oh, I thought this was a recipe for Mantis fruit punch.

  71. Henry Eng says:

    I know I am very late but at least zefrank got the acceleration part right xD

  72. Oliver Warren says:

    4:35 for the punch

  73. Tilia says:

    sub for mentioning zefrank1 xD love this guy and your video

  74. Matthew Miglio says:

    Water cavitation description was complete autism

  75. Fyodor says:

    Not even the falcon punch stands a chance. 🙁

  76. Krish Chauhan says:

    I thought if they hit anything with their punch their claw breaks

  77. Faye Casanova says:

    Furby? Childhood in the 90s must have been rough

  78. Dynam0 says:

    You are a liar

  79. Deakin Kell says:

    Great video, really interesting

  80. Electro-Pterosaur Games says:

    Falcon punch

  81. Slashine says:

    it had been proven that the average force is actually about 330 pounds, not 200.

  82. Alex Elcby says:

    This scary me a lot . Where is my beer with boild shrimps

  83. Neo IR says:

    From Reddit with love

  84. Disco Steve says:

    Totally the wrong name for these critters. Hulk Smash Sea Bugs is more suitable.

  85. George Dunn says:

    Just a goldurned minute there, Binky. A .22 BULLET? Muzzle velocity of a .22 long rifle is as much as 1800 feet per second. That's a dang sight faster than 45 miles per hour.

    To put things in common terms, that's 549 meters/second versus 72. Big difference.

    Even less believable was your teaser title, "40,000 fps" even though the text within explained that as forty thousand FRAMES per second camera speed, almost everyone read that as FEET PER SECOND, or roughly 7.7 MILES per second which is more than Escape Velocity from Planet. Earth.

  86. James Clark says:

    one punch man

  87. Shaun Smith says:

    The original Hulk Smash!

  88. Walter White says:

    Who else is here from that Facebook video.

  89. Odhran Harte says:

    Dammmnn Dr Kate Furby is ??????? & funny. A real life ?

  90. brendan meyer says:

    zefrank the legend

  91. setphaser says:

    this makes my simone tee shirt even cooler

  92. Shubham Choure says:

    What about there eyes

  93. Matheus Soares says:

    Come on is that part regarding the temperature of the sun for real? I thought it only boiled because the low pressure allowed it to boil at a colder temperature. Was she being sarcastic?

  94. Mhathue Saint Gohn says:

    I like your top. Is that a modified T shirt?

  95. acid3137 says:

    In case nobody has linked to it yet, here's where I first learnt about the Mantis Shrimp:

  96. George Dunn says:

    Fast, yes. Cavitation, obviously. But 40,000 fps is faster that the detonation velocity of the best chemical explosives.

  97. NoorAzmi says:

    what happen if that shrimp punch the punch from another shrimp?

  98. Saitama OPM says:

    i wish my computer can handle that amount of fps

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