Marker Training with a German Shepherd Dog

Come Down Come Heel Come Out No Down Come Shake Down Stay Place Come Out Sit Down Stand Place Stay Come Give Sit Stay Come Out Out Come No, out. Heel Stay Down Crawl No, down Down, crawl No, down Down, come, slow Crawl. crawl Stay Stay Come Here, come Out Sit Good, place No, place Straddle Back Forward Down Come Yes Out Get Come Give Good, sit Stay Fetch Good boy Out Come Yes Sit Down All the way down, stay Come Down Here>>Hissing noise

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2 Responses

  1. Robert J Hawkes says:

    brings back the memory of when i was an Army dog handler good work

  2. Matthew E says:

    How did you get Dexter to go and stay in between your legs? I can see that most dogs wouldn't understand it at all.

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