Marley & Me (5/5) Movie CLIP – You’re a Great Dog, Marley (2008) HD

John Grogan: It’s okay. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have your usual energy. Remember how we’re always saying what a pain you are? That you’re the world’s worst dog? Don’t believe it. Don’t believe it even for a minute. Because you know we couldn’t find a better dog. *deep shuddered breath* You know what made you such… a great dog is you loved us everyday, no matter what. That’s an amazing thing. You know how much we love you… we love you so much. *deep shuddered breath* We love you more than anything. I don’t know…exactly where we go from here. I want you to remember you’re a great dog Marley You’re a great dog. *offscreen* Vet: He won’t feel this, he’ll just slip away. You ready? John Grogan: Yeah, we’re ready. *VHS tape rattling* *music*

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