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– Oh, he wants the treat. Oh, oh! (laughter) (mischievous music) – My name is Tom Conquergood. I’m a bartender and a filmmaker. – My name is Madison. – My name is Shakira, and
I do that for a living. – I have no idea why I’m here today. – Kinda, yeah. (laughs) I was asked if I’m allergic to anything, so I wasn’t sure what
element that added to it. – I mean, yeah. Are there dogs here? – No, not dogs. – How’s it going? Hi. Okay. – Oh, I’m so good at that! Dogs always look like their owners. – Oh my, oh, look at you. – I think he’s so cute. – [Tom] Chip looks like he’s
probably a couch cuddler. He’s a little sausage-shaped. – He’ll do anything for
a treat, it looks like. You look like you’ll do
anything for a treat. (laughs) – Jabroni.
– Okay. – What do you like to do on the weekends? – I like to hang out with my dog. – He looks like he might sit on the couch as often as this dog does. – Oh, uh-oh. – [Man Holding Leash] Let’s go over here. – [Madison] A hard no. (laughter) – Oh my gosh, it’s a Frenchie, so cute! Walter, what’s up Walter? – Hi, oh hi. – We are very fashionable dog, Walter. So I think that you’ve
gotta go with somebody with a chic look, but I’m gonna go with the young lady on the end here. – I think his owner’s a dad. – I don’t know, he’s very persistent. And men are usually persistent
when they want something. Oh, I feel like it’s you. – Me?
– Yeah. – What do you do for a living? – I’m actually a dog trainer. – Are you?
– Yeah. – He kinda fits the
model of maybe somebody, at least in my mind, that’s
a young urban professional at the moment. Cute little puppy, and it
looks so good in selfies, so. – Yeah. – I’m gonna be terrible at
this game but I don’t care. The puppies are so cute. – Oh, look at this one! Ooh, this is really hard, actually. You’re a little hesitant, okay. Maybe kind of shy? Maybe the owner’s a little shy as well? – Just a very Christian family. – I don’t know, I’m gonna go with the gentleman in the hat here. He looks like he’s got caring eyes, and I think that a puppy like Riley would fit somebody like that. There you go. – I think that looks like your dog. – She looks Christian,
and looks like she’d have a nice home. – Oh my gosh, hi! – Oh my goodness, what is this one’s name? – Hi Jack. – Whoa, oh man. (dog barks) – [Madison] Oh, you’re so fierce. They’re rough. And mean. Oh, you’re mean and rough.
– Me? – Yeah. – He definitely has a male owner, because he is too excited. – I think a really playful person, somebody that probably
spends some time outdoors, probably a very social,
extroverted person. – She just looks like a tough bitch. (laughter) – Oh, and he’s just
really waggy, and yeah. (dog barks) I think
that’s his dad right here. – Moose. (dog barks) Uh-oh, he wants the treat. (laughter) – Come here, thank you for that. That’s definitely Moose’s mom. – I’m gonna go with the
young woman right here with the shawl on. – He doesn’t know about all these dogs. Let’s see. I’m gonna go with you. I don’t know, she seemed a little shy. – This is definitely your mama, Moose. It is, huh? – Oh, you are so cute! – Leo. – Leo’s personality is very… (dog barks) He’s feisty. – I’m gonna go with the playful. She looks playful. Oh, oh, oh. I think I got that one right. – She’s very petite and so is Leo, and I feel like she’s petite
so Leo has a petite mama. – Mocha, hi Mocha. – What kind of dog is this, do you know? – It’s a poodle mix. – It’s a poodle mix?
– Yeah, not purebred. – Oh, okay, how do you know that? – I mean. (laughter) – Because you’re the mama? – I think Mocha probably
goes to a pet salon, maybe twice a month. – I go to the barber shop. – Okay, okay. – That’s your dog. Alright, how’d I do? – (cheering) I got them
right, I got them right! – Oh wow, I did way better
than I thought I did. – (laughs) Yeah, absolutely completely a hundred percent wrong. – What? – Oh, actually these all make
much more sense. (laughs) – Yeah. – Polite dog, polite. That was a solid, solid guess. – My dog only understands Chinese commands because we bought him in China. – Can you show us some of the commands? – (speaks foreign language) – Oh, it’s so cute. – Did I get you right? – You actually did.
– I did, wow. – How long have you had Riley? – 12 years. – 12 is old, right? – That’s super old for a collie. – Yeah. How did you get your dog? – My mom wanted to breed collies, and so that’s how he
ended up in our family, but then she was diagnosed with MS and ended up taking her own
life, but I still have him, so he was always there for me.
– Oh. – He’s in my bed when I’m sick. I get to give him a hug when I’m sad, and he’s always there. – I feel like we don’t
deserve dogs sometimes. – Right?
– That’s so sweet. – Jack is definitely also
settled down in your presence. – What kind of dog is this? – He’s actually an American
Staffordshire Terrier. – Really?
– Which is a cousin to the pit bull. – Okay.
– He’s actually a service dog. – Really?
– Yeah, he’s task-trained to help me with my PTSD and anxiety. Mostly he’ll guide me through spaces that if I get agoraphobic
in, he can do light switches and the electronic door
handles and all that stuff too. – Make sure that you can get through when you need to.
– Yeah. Like if I have a panic
attack, he’ll respond to that. Good boy, thank you. – [Shakira] That’s so sweet. Good boy, Jack. – Oh, did I get you right? – Yeah, you did.
– I did? – I rescued him when
he was a little puppy. He wasn’t going to be
purposely my therapy dog, but he did end up, I don’t know. He just really helped me a lot. – [Tom] What makes an
emotional support dog different from another service animal? – So Moose kind of, he’s more of like a, he brings me comfort, and so he knows when I’m anxious, like right now. So that might have been why he actually… – Came over to you?
– Yeah. – There you are, you look much happier now, too.
– The little one. – I don’t think I’ve ever
seen a dog like that before. – Oh, he’s so cute. What is your favorite thing
about Leo that you love a lot? – He just loves me no matter what and he’s always there for me. He does have a lot of energy, though. – Aw.
– So I do have to take him out quite a bit.
– Tear around the apartment. – Yeah, yeah. He’ll get into anything, or
just do little wiener loops. – Loops. (laughs)
– Around the apartment, going crazy. – What’s the story? What’s the story with this guy? – I have always wanted a French bulldog. I just kind of pulled the trigger on it, because I was making decent money. They’re not the cheapest dog in the world. – Why are these dogs expensive? – Because they can’t breathe on their own, so you have to artificially
inseminate the female. – I know a lot of rich white
girls that have Frenchies. – Yeah.
– So that makes sense. – And last but not least, Chip. – I found him on Craigslist. He was lost and almost got hit by a car, and a family picked him up. I was actually at a very
dark time in my life, and I just needed something
to take the attention off of all my issues.
– [Madison] Yeah. – And so I just figured I would get a dog. It was just really great, the days when I didn’t
even wanna get out of bed, didn’t wanna take care of myself, I knew that I had someone
else to take care of, so even on my worst days I was
still able to get out of bed. Yeah, but he loves to lounge out. – That’s what I was thinking. He looks like a chill.
– Yeah, definitely a couch potato. – Netflix and chill.
– Exactly. (applause)
– Yay. Come here. (mumbles) – Hi! (laughter) – [Female Voice] Alright
guys, you can walk off set.

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    Lady in the skirt was a little rough around the edges. Super stand offish. Uncomfortable to watch lol too awkward for me 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. SpeedGamingNews says:

    That thick glasses girl is pretty much everything I dislike in a personality.

  12. Mariam Janahi says:

    THIS WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!
    Maybe next one could be "guess what pet I own"??? I think that would be really fun! People have distinct idea of how a "dog person" and a "cat person" look like, so it will be so fun to see!

  13. IDon'tCareWhoeverPavesTheWay. StanBTSandBP says:

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    If you continue to make videos like this can you stop using Madison please? Seeing her shit on people isn't enlightening or entertaining.

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