Max Builder Hall Gameplay – Level 5 BH5 | Clash of Clans New Update 2017

Let’s show you some max builder hall level 5 gameplay. what is going on guys judo sloth here welcome back to some more builder base gameplay today we’re showcasing builder hall level 5 the max level. I’m just throwing out some troops letting you watch some gameplay of what you have to come when you level up your base. if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe to the channel by hitting the subscribe button below you’ll be able to stay up to date with all of my builder base game play going to be showing you lots of tips and tricks for this but lets just dive straight into this getting into a match going to just show you a variety of troops today, have quite a few already cooked up and then we’ll just mix and match as we go along in order to show you some of the gameplay. so in this one how about we start off with the Giants and bombers I did mention this strategy in my beginner guide for the new update just throwing out a couple of the Giants it is quite nice to watch behind the Bombers not going to focus too much on strategy here. lets put one over this side as well with a couple of bombers really like oh there is the giant getting flung around with the push trap right underneath the crusher there so absolutely devastating. I love the animation of the Bombers though they go for absolutely anything you can see the walls getting crushed. they’re making sure we’re getting ready to use the hero crusher here absolutely spamming it making sure we get that ability for the second time. we have the builder Hall just about to get the 50% this is what I was telling you guys it’s a very easy strategy to use and we’ll quite confidently get you that second star. like I said in the other video as well you really need to be hitting that hero ability it’s there to be used guys so as soon as you can you see he’s getting low on health we’re actually getting pretty close to the three-star here he’s amazingly ran out of the way of the building there so that we can get him up with the ability. now he is tanking for a few of these bombers Archer tower is set on the more dangerous mode does have the less range but it’s attacking a little bit quicker. let’s just see if we can get it didn’t quite get the push trap off on the Bombers there because the battle machine set that off, the Bombers they’re going for the double cannon can they get that down it’s going to be a close one guys, we just got the ability in again. so this is going to be a three star off the bat using the giants and bombers like I said it is an amazing strategy to just wreck bases. you will be surprised on how effective it can be so let’s go ahead and finish up gemming the rest of this army and we’ll just dive straight back into another match here. so we’ll switch up the army a little bit that, you’ve seen the Giants and the Bombers let’s do my favorite attack strategy now where we use the actually I’m going to cancel the search here just describe the attack for you before we start. so really it is using the baby dragons and the cannon cart in order to push in with the hero and get a bit of a kill squad going and then you can use the baby dragons to take out the ground defenses in order to help protect your hero the battle machine. so we’ll show you here using two cannons along with the rest of them being baby dragons. this is my favorite composition to use at builder hall level 5. now it’s a bit tricky on this base. what you’re trying to get is the air bombers on this one I think coming in from this angle with the baby dragons to funnel and then pushing the battle machine in will be very helpful. so let’s just start out with a few baby dragons to work the funnel here and then not messing around as soon as that funnels created we’ll get the battle machine in along with two cannon carts and what we’re trying to do is to hone in on as you can see the cannons on the outside here we don’t want them getting too much damage onto the battle machine but equally we don’t want to put the baby dragons in too quick so that they get taken out. Now the battle machine is for some reason walking around the side here he’s not into the base which is a huge disaster we need him to take that air trap out you can see exactly how devastating it is for the baby dragons and I think at this point it’s already game over for whatever reason he didn’t go into the base guys we really needed him to take that down let’s maybe have another try of this later on but just got the abilities in there like I said you really need to just be pressing that ability as much as you can just use it you really do guys. so bit of a fail there and you saw how effective the Giants and bombers were against this base I will come back to this strategy maybe at the end of the video and try and redeem myself but let’s just try and showcase to you a different strategy to start with so just getting some more troops here again guys trying to keep on top of this for you and we will get back into the search here to match up and show you some different troops. so you’ve seen the cannon carts, you’ve seen the Giants the boxer Giants, and the Bombers you’ve seen the baby dragons. let’s try and show you the other troops. so we have the beta minions they’re really good for sniping as are the sneaky archers, and we can kind of use them what should we do here guys let’s use them alongside the Giants and the cannon carts and a bit of a mixture but let’s just see how we go. So the sneaky archer as you can see come in and they are invisible when you first put them in so great for funneling I think the beta minions up here as well out the way of the air traps you can see the cannons down here they should be able to take them out even though they have that longer range to start with and my best advice which I forgot to mention in my beginner video is to take your time I mean you’ve got three minutes against these tiny little bases you’re not going to run out at a time guys. so you can see just create the funnel here as you go around with the sneaky archers and the beta minions I’m not going to mess around too much here once I’ve got this clock tower down I’ll then push in with the rest of my troops just that I don’t have to waste too much but the funnel created right around the side we can push in towards the builder Hall and really we’ll just go for the two star here I’m not going to, who knows we might get the three star like in that first raid, but really not going to mess around too much I didn’t even see that army camp there, dragging the Builder off to the side the master builder in his invention. so let’s just see what we can do here the cannon carts are trying to keep them protected, sniped and around the side here with the beta minions not going hugely to plan at the moment let’s just see if we can get some of these other guys in, it’s going to be tough to get that Builders Hall I think guys because we’re nowhere near it we’ve got to hope that the cannon carts can hurry up take out some of these other defenses whilst the battle machine is tanking. now we’ve opened up that compartment the battle machine is in there but he’s attracted the double cannon and that is going to be smashing away at the battle machine. now the cannon carts are they on to the builders hall that’s exactly what we need so that is going to be the two star there guys. so again the cannon carts are fantastic you see they’ve hardly took any damage as long as you can keep them, how did this boxer giant get on the side, as long as you can keep them protected you can see their ability once they go down they get that extra this is the bomber giant right underneath the crusher but actually this has turned out to be a better attack than I thought. so the cannon, they get a last chance is its ability, we’re definitely not going to get the three-star unless the boxer giant here can continue to tank for the battle machine. now the battle machine now back up to full health here because we’ve managed to get him out the way of these different defenses and using that rechargeable ability so we only have 30 seconds left but considering we had beta minions and archers very slowly getting sniped there at the very start of the raid, this hasn’t gone too bad. you can see we are actually close, run out of time even as I’m saying this but considering we took so long to do all of that we almost got the three-star with just a couple of troops left in the end. I think definitely we would have got the three-star had we have been able to take out that Tesla 97% to so absolutely devastating. how about guys we go back to my favorite strategy because I have to redeem myself I can’t believe that I am NOT going to be able to showcase to you guys a 3 star attack, so let’s go ahead find another match and hopefully I can show you the baby dragon in action it’s a beautiful strategy guys maybe just this base is a bit of a poor design for it but let’s see if we can get matched up again and then we can use the baby dragons to try and showcase to you that strategy. so just waiting of an opponent here, I am searching myself as well hopefully this is us match up in it is so again you can use the new update in order to change the troops for the base you can see I’ve just changed to the baby dragons even though I didn’t have them cooked up so let’s try this again. baby dragon here and here we really need to get in towards that Air Bomb. now let’s just watch where these go I’m also going to put one on the clock tower just to make sure that the battle machine goes in towards the base let’s deploy him here along with the two cannons and then we’ll try and keep the baby dragons coming in, I don’t want to use too many of them guys because you can see they’re getting absolutely crushed by that air mine one in there taking out the oh he’s done it again guys he’s walked around we need them into the base to get that air bomber out, definitely not the best display of strategy here it really is a good strategy I’m just not doing it justice here and the Baby Dragons, it’s so hard to commentate on this as well when it’s turning into an absolute nightmare, he’s not going in for that one guys, I’m definitely going to sack this off the Giants and the Bombers are the best strategy whatsoever spam them in guys you saw it here first 3 star attack this is definitely not going to happen so I think we might as well stop here. that is the, I mean you can see how it works you want to use the baby dragons to surround the base but not a very good demonstration I’ll maybe bring you a separate video breaking down the strategy a little bit better but that showcases to you some gameplay from max builder Hall level 5. I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to subscribe for all of my other update gameplay I’ve been your host judo sloth and until next time peace out guys. stay tuned for more CoC. you

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    but fun then boom beach. but supercell went over hip about this update .this is more fun then clan war lol

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  6. নতুন কিছু says:

    it's bad base and bad attack system.old version very good base and good attack

  7. Angel Guzmán says:

    It is false what you say that this is the developer build. This youtuber is playing clash of clans with a private server. He is such a bad player that he has to use it in order to attract the public to his channel. There are official youtubers who have access to the developer build and do not hide the numbers while making videos. For an example, watch the videos of Alvaro845, Galadon, Chief pat and many others

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    This update is a totally waste of time.

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  30. Angel Meza says:

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  80. shubham raj says:

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    pls tell me something in which I can upgrade more gems in coc

  81. shubham raj says:

    i like ur videos
    pls tell me something in which I can upgrade more gems in coc

  82. shubham raj says:

    i like ur videos
    pls tell me something in which I can upgrade more gems in coc

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