Mazikeen’s story:abandoned rescue to service dog

hey guys it’s Kyli with Kyli’s K-9
bootcamp and today we’re gonna go over Mazikeen’s story for those of you that
do follow my Instagram at Kylisservicek9s I did say I was going to
post a video on Saturday I was going to and then I it was an educational video
and I realized it’s not what I wanted out of that video I got too emotional
and because I didn’t state enough facts um mainly because it was a service dog
versus emotional support animal versus therapy dogs and for those of you that
have a service dog you know how frustrating emotional support animals
can be because we get a lot of “emotional support service dogs” emotional support
animals coming into stores and trying to attack our dogs and that’s so
frustrating so I got really frustrated in that video and I was like I can’t
post that and that’s not what I wanted out of the video and I wanted it to be
purely educational I just got too emotional with it so I didn’t post it so
today we’ll go over Mazikeen’s story instead Mazikeen’s story really isn’t that
sad I mean I it’s not an ideal situation for any dog or the way that happened is
not ideal for any puppy so Mazikeen was originally named Harper by the it’s a
foster based rescue so all of their animals are in foster homes they are
never in kennels they’re in a holding place for a while if they’re just
dropped off, because occasionally some will just drop their dog off there
I mean the holding place isn’t a kennel either it’s just an office space that
they have and the dog will stay there until they figure out which home the dog
can go to they do have to evaluate the dogs obviously they have to check for
medical issues they don’t want to take a dog that’s contagious to a home with
other dogs they have to see if it’s dog aggressive, cat aggressive things like
that they just have to double-check the dog’s temperament behaviors and medical
issues so Mazikeen and her litter mates were brought in at two weeks old they have a
specialist who specializes in very young puppies like that who still need
bottle-fed so she started in that home with her litter mates um I don’t know
the exact reason she was brought in at two weeks old I’m pretty sure it was not
something like the mom died or was trying to hurt the puppies or
there anything like that pretty sure the reason that they were brought in was
because the owners of the mother did not want two week old puppies um and have to
keep them until they were eight weeks old I’m pretty sure in my state is
illegal to sell puppies under the age of eight weeks old they brought the puppies
to the foster program from there, there was three of them
it was Mazikeen her sister and her brother originally named Harper, Rose and
I think the boy was Andrew or that might be his current name so they don’t
I don’t think they really had a theme unless that’s from some TV show I don’t
know but that was their name or rose was Rosalie and she’s now named Rosie and I
changed Mazikeen’s name because I hated the name Harper I thought I was an
ugly name and I don’t think it suited her and when I got her she didn’t respond to
Harper at all she started responding to Mazikeen the day that I brought her home
so I don’t know why she wasn’t responding to Harper if that was always
her name but she didn’t agree with that name either so she was pretty much
changed to mazikeen after the show Lucifer for those of you that haven’t
seen the show and yes later I will hopefully be getting a male dog to name
him Lucifer as a playmate for her but yeah she’s brought in a two weeks old
with her litter mates um all of them have been adopted she was actually the
last to be adopted by me she had a family previously that was interested in
her before I got her but they already had seven kids a German Shepherd and
once they brought her home for the overnight they just were like I don’t
think we can handle a puppy right now which totally understandable I wouldn’t
even be considering a puppy if I had seven kids and a German Shepherd so yeah
that’s what it just fell through but she had her original foster home for when
she’s being bottle-fed and then at at eight weeks old she was moved to a new
foster home with the woman I adopted her from well technically adopted her from
the program program of course but in the program the foster parents get to decide
who adopts their dogs that they are fostering which i think is great
because they know the dogs best they know what home is gonna suit them best
so she lives with that woman instead her and her sister both went to that home
her their brother went somewhere else she also had a Newfoundland of her own
who was a 8 month old- she was in that foster home with her sister I don’t know
the exact age she was spayed however she was spayed way too early in my opinion you
will see that a lot in shelters however just because they’re trying to get the
dogs out sooner they don’t want to give a dog up for adoption and find them a
new home until after they’re spayed or neutered because you just don’t know
that person could breed the dog they may not be responsible enough to make
sure that the dog doesn’t breed on its own that kind of thing so they
usually end up staying and neutering before they try to find at home which
usually means that they’re spaying and neutering too early I don’t agree with
it however I do understand it’s trying to get the dogs in new home it’s a
win-lose situation there I got her at 14 weeks old she was already spayed it did
not look like it was fresh like within a couple days um probably like a week or
two before I got her is when she got spayed I saw her on Facebook because I
followed the facebook page I had been looking for a service dog in training
for about two months when I found her I originally was going for a German
Shepherd who was a year-and-a-half his name was striker it was a beautiful
dog highly intelligent great personality um honestly at a lot of a lab
personality with how laid-back he was with a little bit more energy than your
typical lab but he was a gorgeous dog absolutely loved him and they seemed
excited about me taking him and all of a sudden they were like oh they never got
back to me but yeah I saw her on the Facebook page I fell in love with those
eyes um obviously her eyes are very very striking and with her coloration they
just really pop out she looked a lot like a pitbull when I got her actually
or a bully breed of some sort and as she gets older that face is just
really narrowing out to fit her body better so she’s looking less and less
like a bully breed I was told boxer husky
German Shepherd I am not sure about the German Shepherd I am 100% know the boxer
because I did see the mom the mom looks like a purebred boxer she may have
something else in there but if she does it’s a very very small percentage
because she looked just like a purebred boxer and the dog that was supposed to
be the dad did look like a husky I’m not sure if that was 100% the dad
um but she definitely has husky attributes physically and mentally so um
I don’t exactly think that that’s not a thing uh I think she is mostly boxer and
husky but you never know I do plan to get her DNA tested but for now I don’t
have her DNA tested so I don’t have like a list of what she is and isn’t she had a
few different vet bills before I even got her she had two procedures done
besides her spay one was a she to get her jaw her chin stitched because her
and her sister played so rough that she ended up cutting her sister ended up
making a good cut so she did get that stitched up and then she also had
another cut from her sister that was on her eye which she still has a little bit
of scar tissue there it’s not too bad it’s not hurting and it doesn’t
affect her eyesight um but they did end up meeting after I had adopted mazikeen
and you can tell they would play non-stop she was over for about an hour
and we had to pull them apart to let them breathe because they would
literally get to a point where they were like choking cuz they their mouths were
so dry so we had to pull them apart to get them to settle down and then take ’em to
the water but one at a time because that’s just how that’s just how rough
they are with each other um Mazikeen when I got her was kind of potty-trained
um and kind of knew sit it and what I mean by that is she still had accidents in
the house at 14 weeks old that’s not completely unexpected um and she still
didn’t know sit on command she knew if you had a treat in your hand that she
should sit that’s it she didn’t know a command or hand signal for it so I
basically started with scratch with her her confidence level was not where it should have been at all she was very very not confident to say the least I really do think it is because of the way that she was trained with her foster
mom her foster mom tried to train purely positive and force free that just doesn’t
work for her it’s not enough structure she needs a lot of structure in her
training and in her daily life that is just what she thrives on that’s what
makes her feel more comfortable is when there is structure she does not do well
if you’re just always telling her yes yes yes she needs clear signs of yes and
no this is what I want this is what I don’t want that’s just her personally
some dogs with gonna thrive just fine on purely positive and force free she’s
just not one of those dogs so mostly with just training her in a different
way her confidence has been way better and I
did some agility here and there I plan to get more agility stuff because I
don’t have it right now I used to have it when I was training dogs more
frequently and I had um Gauge was training in agility but it got ruined in a nasty
storm one time and I never replaced it because I wasn’t worried about it um dog
training has not been my full-time job I just do it on occasion and I
mostly work with shelters so I’m not usually doing agility training I have on
occasion but they have their own equipment for that so I never really
worried about it um but now I am gonna need more so here we go here we are yeah
so her confidence was pretty much at what I would place a 3 out of 10 when I
got her it’s now around a 7 I would still like to put it at a 10 hers it was
a three so it wasn’t the absolute worst but it definitely wasn’t where it should
have been especially a puppy so young it’s now around a seven so the
confidence is a whole lot better but there’s still some more work I would
like to get in there and some more confidence I would like to build in
there she was very much so babied too so it’s hard to say for a fact that it was
just the way that she was trained and that caused
lack of confidence um I just know I saw a lot of progress with a different style
of training a most likely with a combination of being so babied and then
having like no structure in her training that really threw her confidence off
because she is such a structured she likes to have structure in her life and
of course when you baby a dog there’s you’re not giving them any sort of
you’re not making him do anything on their own so they have no confidence so
it was just a combination of the two that just destroyed her confidence a fun fact
was while I was looking for a new service job because Gauge has to had to
retire of course he was starting to get arthritis it was starting to get pretty
bad especially in the summertime so I had to get a new service dog in training
Mazikeen was not where you would want a dog on the temperament test um she
was in no way aggressive obviously if she was I wouldn’t have put her in a
situation where she would be a service dog that’s just way too much stress on
the dog and a high risk to other people slash dogs depending on where the
aggression is usually directed towards however she had no signs of aggression
it was more she was a lot more fearful than you would like and a lot more less
confident of course and the fearfulness came from not being confident in her so
I knew she was gonna be a project which is actually but it’s actually somewhat
of what I was looking for Gauge this video is not about you somewhat what I
was looking for was a dog that was not perfect and the reason I was looking for
a dog that was not perfect is because programs would never give a dog like
that a shot and I wanted to see sounds crazy but I wanted to see does the dog
have to be absolutely perfect on that temperament test or close to it for it
to work out as a service dog turns out no she works just fine as a service dog
especially since her confidence has really been boosted in the time that
I’ve had her on top of it you have how intelligent she is and how well she is
in tune with me she just makes for a great service dog even though most
people wouldn’t have taken that chance with her and I don’t recommend doing this if
you are not an experienced dog owner slash trainer and if you don’t know what
you’re doing don’t get a dog that’s not perfect or close to it on the
temperament test I just wouldn’t recommend that however
I’ve worked with dogs for so long and then I had Gauge and I wanted something
different I’ve always had labs I’ve always had beagles I’m just not a super
energetic person so I mean a high-energy dog just doesn’t work with my lifestyle
and something you have to take into account even when you’re getting a
service dog it’s not just the temperament or the breed the temperament
is gonna- what is going to be what decides if the dog has potential to be a
service dog um and the personality of the dog but
you have to also work with what’s going to fit in with your lifestyle if you’re
someone who can not exercise a dog you can’t be getting a border collie as a
service dog um if you’re someone who exercises a lot a Newfoundland would not
be the absolute best option for you a border collie would be better in that
case it just depends on your lifestyle too so that’s something that I always
take into account with not only my pet dogs but my service dogs it’s not just
about what breed is known to be best it is about the dog’s personal temperament
the dog’s personality and will it fit in with my lifestyle and my animals which
is also I had to take into account would she work with Gauge um Gauge is in no
way an aggressive dog ever obviously he was a service dog however I still had to
take into account would the dog fit in with Gauge would he still be able to
tolerate the dog obviously a super high energy dog Gauge does not like those dogs
he would he literally runs from high-energy dogs now and he’ll correct
them if they really won’t leave him alone and he can’t get away but he’s never been
aggressive towards him he’s a very tolerant dog so I had take in to
consideration that Gauge is older so a high-energy dog would put more stress on
his hips from him trying to run away and more stress in his life which I didn’t
want I got a dog who gets her bursts of
energy and he’ll play with her here and there but she’s also easily redirected
to something other than Gauge and she’s not too energetic she has she for the
most part is pretty mellow. Yeah that’s pretty much it I brought her home at 14 weeks we
had a few issues the day that I brought her home she was still due for her last
rabies vaccination which I was fine with I had to pay for it I was fine with that
and what I wasn’t fine with is there was some issues with the payment that
went through because the foster mom didn’t turn it into the actual office
for them to put it through and then I waited like two months for that check to
go through and by those two months I had already spent nearly five hundred
dollars on her vet bills alone which I wasn’t expecting because I was told I was
getting a perfectly healthy dog and technically she is but she had allergy
issues that I was trying to figure out because they hadn’t gotten they
apparently didn’t know she had allergies even though there was some redness and
irritation when I first got her I would assume they just thought it was like no
big deal because it wasn’t that noticeable so I had to get her allergy
tested and then she had a few episodes of just getting like she had a week and
a half of diarrhea vomiting and that ended up just being a sensitive stomach
so that was fun cuz I spent like $200 on that and it was just a sensitive stomach
but I would rather be safe than sorry so yeah she was fun when I first got her
but yeah that’s pretty much it that’s her story that’s how she ended up with
me and that’s how she ended up being a service dog in training
hopefully one day she’ll be a fully trained service dog it all depends on her
health testing and if she really ends up working out as a service dog there
are certain points where sometimes dogs just there was a turn and the training
and you realize maybe they’re not the best fit where something happens that
was traumatic there’s just so many things that can go wrong that I have to
watch out for and hopefully it doesn’t happen but who knows
yeah that’s everything questions comments concerns go in the comment
section you can follow us on Instagram at kyliservicek9s and that should be everything so as always we love you

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