‘Me Time’ As A Cat Owner – Simon’s Cat | COLLECTION

Simon’s Cat in ‘Me Time’ Reading Your Favourite Book Watching Your Favourite Game Relaxing On The Sofa Enjoying Your Newly Replaced Sofa Getting Your Own Back!

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100 Responses

  1. Elena Carpi says:

    Sempre bellissimo!

  2. LifeGoddessTaimat says:

    What is this "me time" of which you speak?

  3. Morticia Addams says:

    #2; Time to love the kitty!

  4. Faith Lininger says:

    In my house, if our cat takes our spot, we sit on em.

  5. Shr Ek says:

    You can’t make a vid like this,there’s no such thing as me time with a cat😂😂😂

  6. CRUZ Dearing says:

    fly caching cat i have not seen that

  7. Françoise Faure says:

    J’ai deux chats à la maison et je retrouve toutes les scènes de simons’cat , cela me fait tellement rire, j’adoooore!!!!!!

  8. luminair11 says:

    Simon's cat is an absolute home wrecker to say the least! I don't own a cat but living in a unit I've considered getting myself one to keep me company but Simon's cat has put me totally off the idea!

  9. Gisell Corona says:

    In the beginning on the video was the cat having a seizure?

  10. mynameisnot jeff says:

    This is why cats dont belong inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kiarra Zea says:

    Your animations are so funny😂😂😂😂 my 11 year old cousin finds it boring maybe bc at her age they're mainly attracted to animations with bright colors and the big picture of jokes but as an 18 year old i find this incredibly entertaining 😁😂 GREAT JOB AT THIS! Your animations are one of my top favorites because of the characters facial expressions (especially the cat) and the details that make the animation so HILARIOUS like in the other video of going to the vet, i laughed so hard when the cat threw the vase at simon like an action movie and just so many moments i could go on about that are so worth to pay attention to 😂😂👏👏👏👏 so glad you guys post frequently, maybe u could make the episodes shorter so people are more thrilled bc every time they watch it feels like they havent had enough of it so they watch more.

  12. skm pugs says:

    i seriously just saw simon at 048 reading his book backwards

  13. midorya izuku12312 says:

    i love this cat

  14. midorya izuku12312 says:

    one man in 2018?

  15. Lnovia F says:

    My cat only chews on the jasmine plant when I‘m trying to sleep in on Saturday mornings and she does it loudly in my ear “crunch crunch!”

  16. Дима Жестков игровой канал says:


  17. War Phoine says:

    I would kill a cat

  18. tamara ubiria says:

    I lo ve simon`s cat

  19. LittleCoyote - says:

    Instead of fries he had flies.

  20. Jill Smith says:

    The man trying to. Have me time not gonna work my cat does the same thing

  21. Judy Jully Channel says:

    “Exercise for someone wake up after a good sleep”-Simon’s cat just said that for his dad😁

  22. NA NA says:

    아 우리 루비행동이랑 소리내는게 너무 똑같아 I love it 😽

  23. Alina Lina says:

    Я что единственный русский, из тех кто это смотрит?

  24. chp chp says:

    Play with them so much that they get so tired to the point they cant play for another 3 hours

  25. Unistar 3082 says:

    I love simons cat

  26. Bri Tilghman says:

    That's what my cat does when i don't pay attention to her.

  27. Mobi Milk says:

    Well that sofa was a waste of money…

  28. Arinix Heart says:

    So my cat turned me time into screaming at a mouse. Before you ask. No its not my "me time" it was my mom's and she realized that the cat brought it in to play with it and it got released and ran behind the stove. But one mouse wasn't enough apparently. She released a pregnant mouse into our house it had babies then we had an infestation so…yeah. this all happened because of her "I'll do it later " attitude. Boy did I laugh when my mom aand sister freaked out lol

  29. Mama Usagi says:

    I lost it when he smacked against the window

  30. Jasmine Schmid says:

    Simoms cat is just line my cat😂😍

  31. Gamosphere 101 says:

    Well my cat doesn't do that.actually no cats do that tho.

  32. Octavio Arreguin says:

    😂😂😂😂😂 so true!

  33. Kessy R. says:

    Laserpointer is Top🤣

  34. Jayne Sullivan says:

    Mine catches flies 😆

  35. Юлія Костюк says:

    Мой кот тоже каждый день устраивает такие же бессмысленные и беспощадные забеги))))) Один в один)))))…….. Я живу с котом Саймона!!!!)))))) И это круто!!!!

  36. Lankyblankman says:

    You'Re Cat hAs AuTisM

  37. Ronnie Roo says:

    At 3:41 I would sit on my cat at. That point

  38. Brooke Daniels says:

    Poor Simon his cat just can't stop bugging him🙁😕

  39. Валерий Попов says:

    Весёлые картинки!

  40. Иван Романов says:


  41. sequoia hawes says:

    him and the spider is so me!! XD

  42. Minal Mukhtiar says:

    This cat is crazy an want one 😁😘

  43. Candarooney says:

    Hes reading the book backward?

  44. Its _Violeta says:


  45. TheF_word says:

    I can so tottally relate my cat does this all the time

  46. TheF_word says:

    The spider one is tottally accurate. SPIDERS HORRIFY ME

  47. Lord Meric says:

    I’m me time is the cat a Pokémon?

  48. Kellis Pheiffer says:


  49. Mrs. Identity V says:

    Wow, Simon's Cat hit the Spider?
    She lifes
    Simon's Cat eat the Spider?
    She lifes
    Simon's Cat hit the Spider again
    She lifes
    Whats that for a Spider? Is She Immortal?
    And the Fly too?

    (Sry for this Bad Englisch, but im German)

  50. B.J. Hawkins says:

    I wonder what manga Simon's reading?🤔

  51. My unexplained Stupidity says:

    Oh yeah what's the name of his cat?

  52. Rebecca Watson says:

    (at 5:26) big relatable oof

  53. Nil vaca says:


  54. Nil vaca says:

    I'love simons cat

  55. Mat Mw says:


  56. Addiezoey Puppyluv says:

    I hate it when my cat destroys my sofa by going in it and breaking through the pillows

  57. Happy memes memes says:

    A eu sou brasileira e amo esse desenho

  58. Severomat /Cono/ says:


  59. Bobbie May says:

    Observation of cat behaviour is phenomenal!

  60. Patricia Oliveira says:

    Simon's gosto muito de ficar te assistindo tem momentos q estou triste aí digo vou assistir Simon's rsrsr Deus abençoe vc o criador do Simon's.

  61. Nayara Gomes says:


  62. osp_ gdl says:


  63. Kennedy Linder says:

    Simon almost say the f word

  64. Escapologist Magical says:

    Love you

  65. Fennec Fox says:


  66. kim philby says:

    I give up. To many pop-up adverts.

  67. Sándorné Sárközi says:


  68. seba says:

    Simon s cat makes me remember a comedy sitcom animated between Garfield and John Arbuckle called "Garfield" or the Show of Garfield

  69. Nancy L Bonilla says:

    This is officially one of my favorite episodes ! 💕


    Why do cats have hyper spurts?

  71. Lucia Stumreiter says:

    My little gray kitty loves Simone's funny adventures.
    JoJo and Simon!!!

  72. Enzo Zonca says:

    Bellissimo video, da spanciarsi dal ridere!!! Mi sembra di vedere la mia Alice. evviva i GATTI!!!

  73. Imperial Hulinabis says:

    5:25 me when I see a cockroach, spider, and any other insect.

  74. Imperial Hulinabis says:

    10:10 I get jumpy like then when I watch any scary movies and videos.

  75. Ирина Научик says:

    Железные нервы у хозяина

  76. Tyra Channel 999 says:

    I like you Channel 😘

  77. ToterZombie 313 says:

    Best Comic/animation

  78. WhataShittyChannel says:

    4:41 minecraft sounds

  79. Lea Speer says:

    The crazy time one is so accurate. And the butt in your face lol.

  80. Mr. Nobody says:

    Me 5:27

  81. Ирина Дубровская says:

    1:34– весенняя бешенство 🙂

  82. E Glover says:

    I just love Simon and his problems. I have 2 kitties that do the same things!! It's good to know I'm not the only one with shredded furniture or no time to read or watch TV,lolol

  83. Marcy White says:

    I love these escapades so much it helps having to sit or lay down all of the time so much better laughter is the best medicine and Dr Simon thx so much for a pill I can swallow !🎃👻

  84. Аліна Чумак says:

    Simon's cat is just so funny I have a book of Sumons cat I love it when the cat says feed me 😀

  85. Black Mafia says:

    looks at spider like "what was that" and then just for good measure slam on the spider

  86. Ryan pal says:

    Why go to a football game when you have cheap food at home?

  87. AJ M says:

    How much money does this guy spends on his cat? XD

  88. GachaGurlUwU Musaevi says:

    the First one is so funny i luv da cat 🤣😂😂😂

  89. Deb Abrahamson says:

    Love the new video. Kitten is great 😸

  90. Kitiaram says:

    im going to have my cat react to this

  91. Taylor Dampier says:

    Don't watch this high you won't be able too breath

  92. coffee T'T says:

    Lol UwU

  93. cos im up right now says:

    o o f

  94. Даниил Кременецкий says:


  95. MAXimator says:

    Странно, что Саймон листает книгу в обратную сторону

  96. melinda k says:

    Lol.. 🤣🤣🤣

  97. Cris Maureen says:


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