Mean Tweets – Avengers Edition

[APPLAUSE] Tom Hiddleston
is so [BLEEP] ugly. Why is no one
acknowledging this? I don’t really understand
how Anthony Mackie got this far looking like
a bug with buck teeth, but here we are. Scarlett Johansson
has the emotional range of a [BLEEP] celery. I hate white people. All of us? Why do so many people have
a crush on Sebastian Stan? He looks like a potato. Winston Duke broad as hell
up top with crackhead legs. Damn. Elizabeth Olsen has
weird [BLEEP] thumbs. It’s true.
I do. I have weird thumbs. Don Cheadle look like
a mix between a beetle– that rhymes– a
muskrat, and a roach. That’s just [BLEEP] up. From @wehatedbatista. Follow this page if
you hate Dave Bautista. He’s ugly, a complete joke,
non talented, and he sucks. Wow. Benedict Cumberbatch
always looks like he’s had an allergic
reaction to bad shrimp. I bet Tom Holland is
one of those whities who claps when the plane lands. Also while I’m comparing
old men to reptiles, ever notice that
Samuel L Jackson looks like a snapping turtle? If a girl girl wants to
[BLEEP] Paul Rudd, chances are she’ll [BLEEP] you, too. Hashtag Paul Rudd is [BLEEP]. Karen Gillan, once again,
allow me to ask you who the [BLEEP] you think you are? I don’t know. Maybe I’m going to just
have to Google myself. And this one is very
simple and to the point. Paul Bettany– what a [BLEEP]. How did the
coolest, blackest dude in the galaxy end up
with some whitebread-ass name like Chadwick? If I said it once,
I said it 600 times– Chris Pratt is still a [BLEEP]. Perhaps Chris Evans is
in truth a great actor, but he plays Captain
America like’s he’s a big, dumb hunk of [BLEEP]. Wow, I don’t– Thanks for watching. And remember, every time you
click the Subscribe button, one of your enemies
gets destroyed.

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100 Responses

  1. Andrew Crouch says:

    Haha nobody roasted thor

  2. K-pop fan says:

    I feel bad for the haters cause they've shown the usernames and I bet a bunch of people just tweeted at them saying all kinds of mean stuff. Lmao wish I took a part in that.

  3. CLOROX BLEACH says:

    If Tom is ugly then i am a PoTaTo

  4. Tempty _ says:

    notice how robert downey jr wasn't in this

  5. Natalie Castro says:

    At the end jimmy said like and one of your enemies get destroyed…*click*

  6. Dymo says:

    Yas I love to see celebrities being roasted in 3 minutes

    Jk ?

  7. kins says:

    F Bautista haters – Cumberbatch , Holland and Evans … best reactions – and F haters

  8. Karthikeya Ceelam says:

    If anyone tries to say mean things to RDJ….
    They better call the fire department…
    He's gonna roast them so hard that their fire alarms will go off

  9. veli kilicarslan says:

    He is Tom HİDDLESTON

  10. Stephen Espiritu says:

    @ the batista tweet- tell that to his 4 world championships

  11. david death says:

    who cares they can wipe their tears with money.

  12. confident dude simon says:

    chris pratt is no longer a pusyy

  13. iamzheel :p says:

    awe poor dave Bautista

  14. Little Wolf says:

    If anyone hates Dave Baustia he has more money than you and if he wasn’t “talented” he wouldn’t be in any of the Marvel Avengers Movies

  15. A CHOSEN VESSEL says:

    That tweet about Sanmuel Jackson wasn't mean, it was honest and true.

  16. Lena Perlic says:

    Not even 10 seconds passed and I'm already out for blood!

  17. krystal penny says:

    Chadwicks one got me the most

  18. Super marvel Max says:

    I can do the same with my thumb

  19. Derion Thomas says:


  20. Jack Robinson says:

    That one about Don Cheadle wasn't a meal tweat it was an actual fact

  21. Jack Robinson says:

    Samuel L. Jackson actually looks like a snapping turtle

  22. Can't Shoot says:

    Scarlett Johansson looks like an older version of Eleven from Stranger Things when she had her hair like that in season 2

  23. Britney Chase says:

    Tom Hiddleston is absolutely beautiful

  24. Primo Ramuel Morales says:

    Dave Bautista is Filipino

  25. Harry Turner says:

    Sebastian Stan…
    …A hot potatoe

  26. Harry Turner says:

    Love Karen Gillan

  27. Ava O says:

    Scarlett Johansson looks like Millie Bobby brown in this

  28. meredith walters says:

    dave is cool

  29. Rollin says:

    I love all of these actors! They're just amazing, and I'm kinda sad, that somebody thinks that about them, BUT I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! I JUST CAN'T:DDDDDDD

  30. CharlieBrown20XD6 says:

    Lol love how Chris Evans is like "ha! Yeah thats my actors secret to playing Cap"

  31. Dictator_Sheikh_Salman says:

    But I love white people. They're the most dominant specimen on this planet! Not to mention, they've got heavenly looks too…

  32. Koko B says:

    I love them so much ?

  33. Babycupquake33 says:

    Oof Elizabeth Olsen

  34. Maria Gu says:

    They are so successful people
    Haters are just jealous

  35. Rinku Singh says:


  36. hillary crowley says:

    Ive unironically said white bread ass every day since seeing this

  37. Devil Killer says:

    no mean tweets for iron man coz everybody loves him

  38. zac4three says:

    I laughed way too hard at Don Cheadle

  39. Sena Lepun says:

    There is no mean tweets to josh brolin cuz they know he'll wipe out half of the universe

  40. lola agudo says:

    scarjos reaction has me falling of my seat. i swear to goddd

  41. Dj undefeated says:

    Mean tweets more like funny tweets I was just laughing and laughing until I I couldn't anymore

  42. water sheep says:

    not surprised that chris hemsworth isn’t in this.

    i mean who could hate on that gorgeous hunk ??

  43. Angel Sucks says:

    "Tom Hiddleston is so ugly, why is no one acknowledging this?"
    Me: "Are you blind sir?"

  44. Simone Reghitto says:

    Raga non fate incazzare Batista

  45. Sam Sarwar says:

    See you can't roast Elizabeth Olsen! ?

  46. lia says:

    tom hollands face when he finished the tweet was like: well uhmn yeah, is that a bad thing?

  47. Guy Incognito says:

    Scarlett is so adorable when she says “All of us?”

  48. Ellie B. says:

    I keep rewatching for the Tom Holland one it kills me everytime ?

  49. satisfyingslime1454 says:

    Don't you dare hate on Sebastian Stan! Hater turn on your location I'm just gonna have a long talk…

  50. jeon. says:


  51. Mia Wills says:

    “I hate Black people” “One of those Blackies” …

  52. Artificial Insolence says:

    Make a mean tweets Brie Larson edition. I bet she won't leave the booth for 3 days straight.

  53. Durotimi Adebowale says:

    Chadwick didn't rly get an insult cuz he da real deal

  54. His Weirdo says:

    but it’s tom freaking holland. how do you hate on tom freaking holland. it’s impossible

  55. Fortnite DefaultSkin says:

    No body hates iron man!

  56. bluerisk says:

    As we see, racism towards white people has become perfectly fine…

  57. Superfangirl demigod says:


  58. Think says:

    Paul rudd lmao

  59. Allan Mendoza Ortega says:

    I knew nobody could hate rdj

  60. Mahima Hansoge says:

    Why did the thumbnail look like Millie bobby brown haha

  61. Dexter Liu says:

    feel bad for Batista, I like him very much.

  62. kreemkrackered says:

    I like how nobody mentions the racism by blacks against whites in these mean tweets..?

  63. Shy Ness says:

    What?? Sebastian Stan is a potato??? Are you blind???!

  64. Marina Isabel Rosario Rivera says:

    The ones who clap when the plain lands are puertorricans ?

  65. Jackiey Got Juice Not Tropicana says:

    1:21 accurate af,lol

  66. Spectter - 9 years of CoD says:

    Brie Larson needs to read mean tweets

    Make it happen

  67. Diana bermudez says:

    Don’t insulte tom holland

  68. Celine Dawson says:

    chris evans can manage laughing even reading hate comments he’s like a care bear

  69. Sniper Hunter says:

    I guess no one hates" Downey "

  70. Anna. St ._. says:

    Tom Hiddleston is not f**king ugly????

  71. Joshua Baatjes says:

    Anybody realize nobody had anything bad to say about RDJ

  72. Joshua Baatjes says:

    I get Hemsworth cause everyone's scared of the Thunder God

  73. end me please says:


  74. Jihad Qazi says:

    I clicked the subscribe button but jimmy didn’t get destroyed

  75. Katalyna Hogge says:

    Leave Tommy alone (Tom Holland)

  76. Rayyan Saad says:

    Bruh which black person sends mean tweets to Tom I’m not trying to be racist but the person who tweeted is black he wrote it

  77. Legend69 says:

    I was asking myself that question as well 2:09

  78. Abdulrahman Alammar says:

    I came for RDJ, i was disappointed….

  79. mochike says:

    bruh seb stan really be out here looking like that mf if he's a potato that's the most fuckable potato i've ever seen in my life

  80. martinezandy15 says:

    Vin Diesel should’ve been on here,
    i am groot

  81. Esther-pearl M says:

    The people who took time out of there lives to hate on people who have more money and lives are 10 times better than there need to go back and rethink there own lives cuzzzzz man issues ?

  82. Ali Ali says:

    Scarlett Johansson is EPIC!

  83. atianna noeuk says:

    My sister: Wow there was no Robert Downey Jr

    Me: Who could hate him..?¿

  84. Elizabeth Flores says:

    Someone: *calls Seb a potato*
    Me: *looking over my knife collection*

  85. Mulberryhawk 268 says:

    Mean person: looks up from phone

    Avengers: all their like the scene in the first avengers

    Mean person: if it’s all the same to you, I’ll have that drink now

  86. bilsamils says:

    the last one really got me

  87. UTubeCorruptAntiFreeSpeechLiberalCo says:

    0:25 imagine if they said "i hate black people" this show would be canceled, Scarlett would never work again, and the person who wrote that would be put in prison for a "hate crime"

  88. DLG darshan says:

    OMG I am dead at 1:04 ???????

  89. StoB iT BtS T-T says:

    F?!k the haters who where mean to tom holland they should be greatful that he's alive he's perfect

  90. John Jay says:

    This title should read " Avengers read Racist tweets".

  91. TuyuL OnLine says:

    chris evans must be the nicest, coolest, socialize, talkative, perverter in a party

  92. StillAPeiceOf Garbage says:

    0:06 Who in the WORLD would insult Tom Hiddleston?? He is literally the most handsomest man I’ve seen.

  93. KSH172 says:

    its ok to hate white people reverse the roles though stand back and watch what happens.

  94. Ezekyle Sta.monica says:

    Someon said that batista is not talented. Lemme punch yo face bijj hahahha

  95. Adrian Davis says:


  96. Vicky_ D says:

    Sebastian is the world’s cutest, sexiest and talented potato, potatoes are good

  97. Jaedy 98 says:

    Whoever said Tom Hiddleston is ugly you should have gone to specsavers Beeeeeeetch!

  98. Nur Hanizah Hasri says:

    Tom hiddleston be like “dude, what’s wrong with you? Go and check your eyes”

  99. In CogNito says:

    So it's alright to be a racist against white these days

  100. ACDC guns'n'roses ramones motörhead says:

    0:25 dam pretty chill reaction for that kind of racism thrown in your face?

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