Medium & Large Dog Breed Care : How to Care for a Labrador Retriever

Hi, I’m Nancy Frensley. I’m the training manager
at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society in Berkeley, California. We’re going to talk
a little bit today about caring for your Labrador Retriever. Labradors, along with the Golden
Retrievers, are among the most popular breeds all over the United States and much of Europe.
They were originally bred as a gun dog, and, because of that, you know, they’re willing
to jump into thirty below water to retrieve a duck for you. And they’re able to do it.
But one of the things that you want to be careful of with your Labrador is overfeeding,
because they get fat fast. And one of the reasons for that is they’re genetically designed
to really be out in very harsh weather, and so their bodies tend to put on fat really
fast. So, if you overfeed and under exercise your Labrador Retriever, you’re likely to
get a fat Lab, and you don’t want that. Otherwise, your Labrador Retriever responds well to good
obedience training. Usually loves to be in the family. They’re very energetic when they’re
young, and can be quite bratty, so you’ll want to give them a lot of leadership. Good
obedience training. And you’ll probably have a very successful long life with your Labrador.

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