Meet Maliki, a pit-lab mix

[A17]8AM ADOPT A PALOOZA 1-INTRO HAPPENING TODAY: The fifth annual adopt a palooza is going on at Boardman Park… Local rescues will have pets available for adoption.. First News reporter Christina Mullen is LIVE at the Park this morning with what you need to know to get yourself a new pet… [A18]8AM ADOPT A PALOOZA 1-SG [A19]8AM ADOPT A PALOOZA 1-LIVEIN The fifth annual Adopt A Palooza will be held June 11th, 2017 from 11AM-3PM and will be offered in partnership with Boardman Park. The event will be held in the park at the Lariccia Family Bocce Pavilion and will be offered this year in partnership with Boardman Township Park. Adopt A Palooza is a family friendly community event featuring adoptable pets from local rescues, demonstrations, food and much more. [A20]MERCER CO-SG [A21]20170610 SOCIAL MEDIA DANGERS-VO

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4 Responses

  1. queeny _fox says:

    Maliki looks just like my dog tank plus they are the same breed

  2. Abel Rodriguez says:

    Her dog is looks just like mine

  3. Carl Johnson says:


  4. Fuzzybucket says:

    did they really turn the name Malachi into Maliki?

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