guys this is Barry and I want to tell
you guys a story of where Barry came from why I got him and why he’s so
ethical horrible where are you so cute boy it was some little guy buddy hi hi
so today guys I’m going to introduce you to little Barry and yeah bear say hi to
the camera and what do you see you want to go
outside all right let’s bring them outside go here alright guys so I want to
officially introduce you to my boy Barry and yeah he’s a little fluffball right
now was the morning time so he’s a little tighter than normal
usually he’s just hopping around probably licking my face or even biting
my face he’s kind of annoying like that but right now he’s being a fuck he’s
being he’s being very hurtful I was gonna say an effort but I don’t want to
swear in front of my boy cover your ears buddy anyways this is Barry he is around
10 he’s around 10 weeks old now we’ve had him for two weeks he’s getting huge
and so where did I get Barry I’m sure you guys are wondering that I got Barry
at anchor point somewhere in Alaska I don’t even know where it is to be honest
but it’s past sadhana like a four-hour drive from Anchorage to that Anchor
Point place good follow me on instagram if you guys know me in person then you
know that I had a dog before Barry I had a Pomeranian chihuahua terrier
her name was crappy she was 11 years old I’ve had her for 11 years straight
before I even moved to Alaska I’ve had company and losing her was definitely
the hardest thing that I’ve ever went through in the 30 years that I’ve been
alive she was my first pup the first pup that I’ve ever had and raised you know
what I mean so 11 years of my life that’s over a third of my life and she
was there every day and she was literally basically my best friend I’ve
had her ever since she was a pup I’ve had her after college I had her while I
was living alone in Hawaii and I even brought Crum P from Hawaii to here
Alaska where I lived the rest and majority of her life I’ll make another
video about that in some other time but honestly I was trying to edit that video
and I my heart was broken honestly because I was going through the footage
of her and it was really tough to make that video but I’ll make another video
about grumpy and how she passed away some other time so the ones that was
most affected by crumb peep assing way it was me and my friend MC and honestly
she was the one who was helping me raise grumpy ever since she was a pup and one
of the great things is that MC was the one who found Barry and she’s actually
helping me raise Barry right now so you’re gonna seem MC in a lot of my
videos in regards to every vlog with Barry and yeah you’re
gonna see a lot of her too the reason we got Barry was because
after owning a dog child or having a dog that you’ve had for so many years after
losing them you realized that you just love having of fur pets you know I mean
you love having a companion if you go you know you just love them you just
love to have one and love to take care of them to grow with them it becomes a
family member you know I mean so but having Barry I’m at know I have by no
means at all and replacing grumpy she’s irreplaceable but I am just diving into
a new chapter with a new little creature Barry is around nine weeks old and he is
17 pounds I know that he’s 17 pounds because today was actually his first day
at the vet where he literally got anal probed and he got his deworming shots
the reason he got anal probe was just so they could check his temperature trust
me I don’t bring him to that kind of dog establishment okay he is a golden
retriever slash Old English retriever Barry is a male he is from anchor point
alaska I live here in Anchorage and it was literally a four-hour drive to get
to Barry and where he was it was worth the drive four hours there four hours
back it was almost like a working shift if I was a trucker but let me tell you a
my mother trucker that’s what I am a mother trucker so I got Barry basically
a week after crumply passed away it was definitely a hard thing to go through
it’s like he’s just raising a new pup when they’re young and basically
starting fresh you know what I mean having to reteach a young little pup the
basics of life how to get along with people how to live in a house you know
what I mean it’s definitely a new chapter and a new experience all over
again because we Crump is she 11 years you know what I’m saying like she’s
already trains and all that but man bears just a little guy he’s freaking
toddler and he’s curious about the world just to jump it on everything biting
everything but when he’s in public though like he’s the most chill
retriever ever we found him on Alaska classifieds
so before we met Barry we went to check out two dogs all right the first one was
a Malamute Siberian mix and honestly that guy was super shy around people he
was like hiding behind the breeder and he’s freaking out of that but the the
Husky value mix was like hiding behind the breeder and I love the guy I love
that husky but he looks so cool but the thing was he was just very shy on people
and that kind of ruled me out but after that we met another dog all right it was
a pure Malamutes and the guy that introduced us to that pure Malamute he
was like I’m talking about the guy but the guy the guy was kind of a he reminds
me of Air Bud you know air blood there was that clown that just didn’t doesn’t
give a crap about your dogs that’s what the guy reminded me of he seemed kind of
mean but then again he looked like a blue-collar worker probably like does
like I don’t even know like those plumbing or some stuff I didn’t know
what he does but like I remember he just had dirty hands and he just came off of
work with his two kids and the kids were just very quiet it seemed like they
didn’t want to like interact with us either so it’s like his kids and his dog
didn’t want to interact with me so I just kind of felt weird you know I mean
I was kind of putting and that’s part of the reason why I didn’t go with that
pure mountain mood even though that Malamute was super chill – Oh going back
to the first dog that we met the Siberian Husky Malamute mix he was super
super attached to the breeder but the breeder was very nice too like she was
really sweet and she was also a woman of God like she like told us her life story
a little bit and just gave enlightening words of encouragement in regards to
crumb pea passing away so we liked her so Berry was basically the third guy
that we’ve seen we we saw the first two dogs on one day and then the next day
was when we met Barry we drove for four hours from Alaska to Anchor Point and
then the whole time that I was driving there to Anchor Point I was actually
thinking about the Siberian Husky the first dog that we met and I was kind of
debating in my head is like the way the way is this worth a driver and all you
know even is this four hour drive worth it I still want the Siberian Husky so as
we’re driving to anchor points it was a long drive I was actually falling asleep
if we started the drive at like 10:00 in the morning but I woke up at 7 because I
want to hit the gym first and I probably want to have like three hours of sleep
we got there and and here’s some footage actually here’s here’s just a random
footage of the time that we first I’ll bury you guys so here’s our
the new guy my boy and here we are now Barry is now basically 10 weeks old and
he is 17 pounds he’s a big boy and right now he’s just chewing on his little chew
toy here we got this from Costco by the way highly recommend it this thing right
here good stuff good stuff link in the description here oh boy here
sit like Barry getting to know Barry is is very it’s it’s a new chapter really
cuz he’s such a pup he’s so new to the world you know what I mean like when we
first had him driving home he was very quiet he was very chill very very sleepy
he was a sleepyhead like you could just hold him and he’d be tired and he just
wanted to rest you know what I mean one of the things that actually got me
scared was that he was very short of breath when you’re sleeping and part of
the reason is because he’s just a pup like he’s got like fur everywhere and I
think that because he’s a pup his metabolism is very high he’s growing
rapidly the or I’m saying so the heart rate is definitely gonna be elevated
just to metabolize everything that is eating and just to just to grow but that
King doesn’t have that shortness of breath anymore I was doing research
about it and they talk about how dogs have anxiety when they first leave their
moms that’s why they have like shortness of breath if yes so Barry’s mom was a
golden retriever and his dad was an old English cream golden retriever or Old
English cream retriever I’m not sure but that’s how he got his color you know I
mean I loved his color I actually prefer this color over a pure
golden retriever and over a pure white he’s like a hybrid of a vampire and
werewolf the best of both worlds his dad was ginormous
and out of the later very was like the biggest of what was that there was like
three dogs that bury his brother and his sister and very was the biggest one and
I she saw them playing and very kind of like overpowered them which I thought
was pretty cool you know to me Barry’s a badass one of the cool things about
Barry is that when he meets new people he is the biggest gentleman ever he’s
super chill very quiet and all in all just a very good boy yeah Barry is 17
pounds are now at 10 weeks and I think he’s gonna be humongous I know his dad
was probably a girl on hundred-something Hollins so bears gonna be a big boy it’s
gonna be a bear quite possibly it’s like a tiny tiny
polar bear really anyways guys I just wanted this video to the birds anyways
guys I just wanted this video to be a short video just to introduce you guys
to Barry who he is and just a whole F and cutie is if you guys haven’t already
be sure to check out me on Instagram add me on Instagram because I’m gonna post a
lot of videos on Barry throughout the day that I have him you know I mean also
you get to see videos of Crum P and just who she was to there she’s on my
highlights so there’s that random bird right now he’s making very all crazy or
no he wants to chase it hey overall if you like Barry be sure to like this
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on Barry every week just so that we could all see how much he grows in a
week in order mean what he learns and I also start puppy training next week with
him and it’ll be cool and I think it would be cool just to see how much she
grows mentally physically throughout his life so yeah subscribe to his channel
more videos of Barry soon to come and we hope you guys enjoyed this so we hope to
see you guys in the next video guys remember whatever situations in life you
guys are going through whatever trials are going through it’s all uphill from
there so thank you so much for your time as always god bless you and have the
best day ever

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