Meet the Husky 100!

I’m a Husky 100 and I’m a
future leader in healthcare. I’m a Husky 100 and I’m a business leader.
And I’m a journalist. And I’m a veteran and a parent. And I’m a chemist and a writer.
I empower others and I am passionately curious. I’m an educational advocate. I’m
a native scholar from the Yakima Nation. I’m an Air Force veteran and an engineer. I’m a
dedicated leader and a teacher. I’m a filmmaker. And I’m Fulbright scholar. And
I am an indigenous health advocate. I’m a communication leader. I inspire others.
I’m a hopeful Millenial. And I’m a global citizen. And I am grateful. I’m a Husky 100
and my community has made this possible. To be chosen as a Husky 100 such an
honor because I was recognized as embodying the qualities that the
university itself values and thinks is important. We look for people that are devoted to
serving diverse communities, look for people that have natural
leadership qualities, we look for people that have this desire for learning and
they have the discovery mindset. The focus is really about having people that
want to be here to serve other people and to learn and are willing to be
shaped and grow from the experience. My work over the last three quarters was to
teach a resilience class to undergraduate students. The idea of the resilience class
was to support their optimal functioning and provide them with skills that would
help them navigate the inevitable stressors that they’re going to
encounter. So what I’d like to do is develop content that’s usable by any
adult or leader with touch points with young people so that it can guide their
development of resilience. I want to help mitigate the conflict between humans and wildlife. I went to Argentina to help research study on Magdalenic penguins.
I have also studied abroad in Tanzania and looked at threshfield birds. I did
volunteer work in a garden, and I got to teach kids and developed a passion
for that. So I went into Alternative Spring Break with the Pipeline Project
and I got to go into an environment, develop a curriculum to teach more kids. On a personal level, to be leader for these kids I really got involved with
yogis at UDUB which taught me to take care of my mental health and pursue my
passion. We have really great people here at the University of Washington that
represent not only the diversity of our campus but also the goodness in people. I plan on being an advocate for victims —
those that can’t speak for themselves. Working in the diversion program, I looked at the
kids and as I’m working with them, it’s like, I could have been. I look at them
like, while I could have easily been in that situation when I was a kid. And I
want to help them somehow. And it’s like I want to be a role model. I want to see
how I can go in and make changes in the system. Future nominees, I would advise you to
be a part of the campus. When I first came to UW, for some reason I was so
into myself, and I was just going to class but that doesn’t work. I think to be
successful student you need to be involved with what the school is trying
to offer you, being a part of the campus as much as you can. We are the Husky 100. Learn about us. Get to know us. Engage with us. Grab a coffee with us. Share your story
with us. Celebrate with us. Pursue us. Challenge us. Mentor us. Inspire us. Develop us. Support us. Believe in us. Stand with us. Learn with us. Discover with us. Work with us. Discover cures with us. Expect great things from us. Change the world with us.

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