Meet the royal Fiesta pooches of El Rey Fido

here today felicia nino with the san antonio humane society when you brought your furry friends of course of course they’re looking amazing in their official groves so we’re very excited and thankful to everyone who participated and these are of course we have our e Fido 1700 is happy happy hazel and her mama Sarah so if El Rey Fido is a big fundraising yes don’t know all about it right yeah so uh at this tantrum you mean Sadie we’re a local nonprofit organization it’s been around since 1952 so all of the funds that are donated and all of the support that comes through for the fundraising competition goes back to all of the pets here in San Antonio which is a huge huge wonderful thing so they actually raised over $100,000 for our pets at the shelter this year which is amazing so how many how many animals in total thousand dollars I want to see around 11 or 12 that we had total in the competition that is a tough competition it really is it really is so the top five fund raisers become el refight oh and the members of the World Court and so they make medals they have events they’re all over social media spreading the word so like I said we have hazel here and then we also have Bette Midler so hazel is she’s actually a therapy dog and she goes and visits with kiddos and at the bereavement center she’ll be going very soon and the Ronald McDonald Club so she is out and about you know spreading awareness and showing love to all sorts of people out there and the Brandon Tassadar she is her friend she’s kitchen so very thankful to miss hazel she’s a girl she is different okay yeah actually the cutest thing ever how did the kids react to her yeah yeah Jude is a great is a great time so you’ll often see her with her in therapy vest on but right now of course she’s sporting her Grob in her I know a lot of the other royalty different parties and different events and represent how about yeah we be at Fiesta Fiesta on Thursday of course to kick off everything and we’ll be we’ll have our medals and our t-shirts for sale for pin pandemonium and we will be walking in the parade also so we’re very excited about that and then of course we have our our vital coordination that’s taking place on Saturday we have another visitor that slide in there Ashton thank you for bringing Sophie very thankful and happy that she was able to be here as well so yeah like we’re just very thankful for everyone who participated and everyone that donated and the coordination on Saturday is it’s happening this Saturday from 10:00 to 11:00 at the Sheridan Gunter downtown okay free it’s an official fiesta event and you can definitely bring your dogs with you so free family-friendly and the furry Fridays and you’ll see Hazel crowned by Rey fail you’ll get to celebrate all of the wonderful accomplishments that everyone so without letting hazel here this has her attitude change in general all the time it has not gone to her head she’s wearing her crown and we’re surprised that she’s keeping that thing on all the time so she’s excited the San Antonio Humane Society obviously does so much wonderful work you got a lot of money from this but how can folks help out so in general if anyone wants to donate to the shelter they can definitely go to s a human org slash donate and give a monetary donation or if you would like to help by bringing the items to our shelter you can do that as well or the Brooks vineyard or clinic which we operate on Brooks so you can bring towels blankets newspaper you know whatever you have at home that you are not using we can definitely use it at the shelter and it benefits all of our pets so anything that you can do would be wonderful and one of the things to mention also is since we our local nonprofit organization it’s really important to note that we are not affiliated with the Humane Society of United States so everything that you’re able to give here to the Santoni main Society helps local pets which is really really important okay and there’s a lot of volunteering opportunities authoring opportunities so all right if you’d like more information on the San Antonio Humane Society visit ese and click on the as seen on si live tab and you can hear more about the coronation oh yes the coronation yes and it’s free family-friendly and you could bring the pup thank you guys

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