Melange yarn production with pet bottle recycling, sustainable, do not leave footprints in nature

[Music] the population of our world is increasing day by day and our natural resources are rapidly depleting we have to leave a better and more livable world to future generations what are we doing plastic waste is the most polluting waste in the world these wastes take about thousand years to dissolve in nature and cause many living beings to die our air water and earth is getting more and more polluted with our waste every day the plastic materials we use every day our old clothes many unused materials all of which can be recycled rather than garbage we have no other world we should protect our nature and leave a more livable world to future generations generations depending on us today with the increasing public awareness the collected PET bottles are recycled and brought back to the economy by using clothes made from recycled fibers we can save significant amounts of electricity and water consumption and make our nature clean as gaps and family we aim to make 20% of our production with recycled fibers from 2020 and we invite you to support recycled products protects your nature protects your future you

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