Melissa McCarthy’s New Dogs Are Pretty, But Not That Smart

There are new additions
to your family, and I want to hear their names. There are. Aw! We got two golden
retriever horses. [LAUGHTER] They are– they’re three to
four times this size now. And they’re pretty. They’re not very bright. No. [LAUGHTER] They’re really not. I love them dearly, but it’s
like living with models. They’re super pretty– [LAUGHTER] –but they’re not–
they’re not that smart. And you know what,
they don’t have to be, because everybody
just gives them things because they’re pretty. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] So it’s like they’ll never
come out of that cycle. They just– they literally
will go up into the yard and, like, catch a breeze. And I will look out,
and I’m like, my god, it’s like they found
a wind machine. And like, their hair is blowing. I’m like, they know
where to find, like, their light in the wind. [LAUGHTER] But then, they’ll, like, run
into walls, and I’m like, aw. Yeah, aw. [LAUGHTER] But they’re cute. Yeah. And do you– have you made the
mistake of throwing a ball yet? Because you should never
start that with those dogs. They also– yeah. And they make noises when they
get something in their mouth. They don’t do it when
they don’t have something, but the second you
give them a toy, they’re like
[MAKING DOG GRUNTING SOUNDS].. [LAUGHTER] And it’s panic. It’s like caught in
a bear trap sound. That’s hilarious. [LAUGHTER] And it’s like an
on and off switch. I mean, I have done
it, where I’m like [MAKING DOG GRUNTING SOUNDS]. [LAUGHTER] It’s the most frantic– What are their names? Sorry about that. The sound person must love that. Homer and Harper. And they don’t know. They don’t– they
don’t know their names? [LAUGHTER] They don’t know. They have no idea. You could call them, like,
Bubbles and, like, Havisham, and they just are like– [LAUGHTER] I’ve never met dogs that, like,
do not know their names at all. It’s kind of fascinating. That’s hilarious. All right, no one’s going to
be getting a golden retriever after this. [LAUGHTER] No, but they’re sweet. They’re so sweet. All right. But they’re pretty, yes. We’re back with Melissa
McCarthy in the new movie Life of the Party. It’s a great concept. It really– you and your
husband, Ben, wrote it, right? We did. We did. Directed it, starred in
it, catering, everything. Catering, dog
wrangling, everything. There was a dog in it. So tell everyone
what it’s about. It’s a great idea. It is. I– we’re taking our
daughter to college. It’s like the first
time she’s going away, which I can’t even imagine. And on the way out, we’re
kind of like, here we go– empty nest. We’re going to take
trips, we’re going to do all these
beautiful things. And then, my husband– you
know, like she– my character is very excited about
the possibilities, and my husband immediately
says, I want a divorce. Aw! I know. Right? And she is crushed
by it, because she’s devoted kind of
everything in, and her one regret– she doesn’t regret
being a mom or a wife, but she regretted
not finishing school. And when she kind
of pulls herself– my best friend in the movie
is Maya– oh, Molly, look. My best friend’s Maya Rudolph in
it and kind of helps me, like, pick myself up, who’s– Maya is a dream. And I go back to college. And I go back to college at
the same school as my daughter. [LAUGHTER] Which I keep telling
my kids, I’m like, won’t that be fun, when
we go to college together? But it’s really sweet
and hopeful, and I just– I always loved that concept
of, like, it is never too late to do anything. It’s never too late to change
and accomplish anything. And like I said, it’s a
great idea because, you know, it’s a horrible thing
that, all of a sudden, this man just decides I
want a divorce right when you’re– but you never– she
never would have gone back to school had that
horrible thing– Yeah. You have to look at, like,
all that life gives you. Yeah, I think she reevaluates. Like, what– was it that good? Was it that happy? Or can I be even happier,
and like accomplish something that I’m really proud of? So it’s a really– there’s a lot of joy in the
movie and it was fun to make. Yeah. And you’re working with
your husband again. And that’s always fun. He’s hilarious. That’s always fun. OK, so let’s take a
look at– and what was it like making out with the
handsome guy with your husband directing? Like, did he– Professionally speaking, Luke– Luke is amazing. We meet and kind of hit it off,
and end up in a relationship. We may end up– there’s some
making out in a library stack. And that scene was– we shot that scene on our
11th wedding anniversary for Ben and I. [LAUGHTER] On the day, which I
thought, thanks, Ben. So he was weirdly
yelling out things like, can you grab his butt
in the next take? And I was like,
Yes, professionally. [LAUGHTER] Professionally speaking, I can. And it was crazy and funny. And Luke just kept
going, happy anniversary. [LAUGHTER] That’s hilarious. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also, some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. Ah! Oh, [BLEEP]! God [BLEEP]!

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27 Responses

  1. Shelley Gladden says:

    Adopt from your local shelter.

  2. MrNikkimaxine says:

    Not is good time

  3. Raihanah Mydin says:

    "it's never too late". So true!

  4. Harry M says:

    My golden is smarter than most humans.

  5. Eve Msm says:

    I love her so much ❤️

  6. Cindy Fitzgerald says:

    Melissa I adore you but my 2 Golden’s are the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever been around not just saying this cuz they are mine but it is the truth smarter than a lot of humans for sure!! Love my Sammy and Enzo

  7. Cade WaPhilly says:

    Mellisa is like my public therapist, so so funny and hilarious

  8. A Matts Purpose says:

    I hope she adopted them :/

  9. EJ Mendoza says:

    Wish she stars in a horror movie next


    Kinda like back to school with Rodney Dangerfield.

  11. C says:

    That last story creeped me out but I still love her

  12. The Ayala's says:

    When I saw this, I immediately thought oh look 2 of 9 puppies she took home from braidsmaids.

  13. daniel lima says:

    I love you Melissa McCarthy ? Junho de 2019 ?

  14. Rachel Lacer says:

    My mom and I took class together. My dad and sister had a class together. Coolest thing to watch your parents graduate college.

  15. Gina Friend says:

    I love Melissa. She's funny and a true beauty inside and out. I also liked this movie.

  16. blackbird163 says:

    Most goldens are very smart. They are the fourth smartest breed and they are used for therapy, seeing eye, and search and rescue to name a few.

  17. Ak P says:

    All I can think now, that this movie she is talking about, sounds like a remake of "Helicopter Eela", a 2018 Bollywood movie. Starring Kajol.
    Anyone can attest?

  18. Ally Eisenman says:

    The goofy movie!

  19. MissB The Queen says:

    Are those two of the puppies she stole on Bridesmaids????

  20. Angie Erickson says:

    Love ❤️ this show Ellen rocks ???????

  21. Robyn Owen says:

    They are Goofy dogs

  22. Jennifer Coleman says:

    I love that movie

  23. Antoi Kirs says:

    Melissa McCarthy legend I love her she is so funny

  24. Jane Doe says:

    I love Melissa dearly, and maybe her dogs aren't smart but if they don't know their names it's because you didn't train them to.

    It's my pet peeve when people say that my dog is dumb because they don't know how to train them, or understand the dog's body language and signals.

  25. djfoo68 says:

    Do you think all of ellens employees have to put up with being scared by her because she's the boss? Also it must get so boring for them and borders on workplace harassment!

  26. MrNikkimaxine says:

    In way that been honest

  27. MrNikkimaxine says:

    Now hare

  28. Theresa Hvassman says:

    Adopt Strays, please don’t shop

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