Merchandise stolen from local vendor

Jacksonville businessman is asking for the community’s help after merchandise from his pop-up store outside TIAA Bank Field was stolen News razaaq’s reporters a clash away found out the man is now missing 20 thousand dollars worth of items in the middle of tailgating in downtown Jacksonville there are pop-up stores and on the corner of Duval and Talleyrand there’s a new staple 80 103 clothing but the owner tells me he almost wasn’t here this week you would never know it but mark Braddock has redesigned pain into a brand [Music] Walter has been the icon of the brand for about the last seven years or so he’s been all over t-shirts he’s been in music videos he’s been everywhere he’s more than just a dog he’s just he’s my best bud Braddock recently got the news his eight-year-old best bud and brand’s mascot Walter has canine cancer and he’s got a small tumor on the right side of his brain and just this week Braddock says his inventory was stolen out of his car in Jax beach I left it unlocked not the first time I grew up in South Jax Beach and times have obviously changed and I made a horrible mistake and I’m learning from it and I’m gonna bounce back stronger than ever Braddock says he’s received a lot of love and support from his friends and pop-up neighbors till we die I was in a rough spot Marc would be there for me 100% we’ve been friends longer than we’ve been competition essentially you know so we don’t we don’t care that we both make the same products it’s about helping each other out Braddock says police have yet to find his merchandise everything you see here today he had to remake this week he also tells me he’s taking everyday day by day and he’s going to try to spend as much time as he can with this little guy Walter right buddy yeah tell a story in Jacksonville I’m Zack Lazar a channel for the local station

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