Merry….Christmas? – Premium Japan Crate December 2019 Unboxing!

Happy New Year’s you fucking weebs yeah
look what came holding closer so there’s no giant
shadow haha yeah so our Japan crate showed up and we
have another one that also showed up wide I literally have scissors right
over there that doesn’t matter it’s too easy
oh my god this was this was originally just a holiday thing but it’s New Year’s
tomorrow as of this recording so I thought we would do this now Premium bought yourself a whim there’s a
little weep girl on it you do it that what you will
don’t do too much just so much so anyway how was your guys Christmas mine was
pretty good Christmas gifts to the good boys the girls of so many so many
Christmas gift I got trickling like that was for Boxing Day
I got it for Boxing Day I bought myself it was a good fly I’m briefed dressed up
like that drunk little toddler from the vine video so anyway so we’re gonna open
this up whoa that’s a lot of candy ah this is our child
I said baby it’s a goofy so this is December 2019 Apple Coke that’s I mean
it’s hard so I told breather we would take a break
from our regularly scheduled loot crate’s which we have three of under the
desk cuz we’re waiting for five of them so I
bought one of these and oh my god it’s real and I thought we
would try it together because we did it a long time ago he’s
playing with those pauses went into him and now we’re gonna do it again but here
you gotta see what this is this is wait wait wait wait
yeah this is what I thought it says everything in this little you are so
fucking I won’t fight you your noble source feelings okay tell me
what this one is okay so it has what’s in your crate and that goes mini
original premium bonus and then it says what’s happening in Japan so this is a
chocolate waffle this buttery waffle wafer dipped in chocolate is the perfect
sweet treat bet your buttery ass waffle it is that’s actually pretty good chocolate very good a stop fast how fast not bad
at all it’s good very yummy then we have a green tea sponsored by Arizona iced
tea no my parents gave me a case of 24 green teas so Brie’s been stealing them
all fucking cranberry ginger ale so any teacher got me obsessed with that man
sorry next one chameleon I’ll look at him he’s crazy candy like him chameleon
whose aim is to trick and deceive the naked eye these are these hard candies
do just the same with your taste buds starting as a cola candy as it dissolves
the flavor and cola changes to reveal different flavors what new flavors can
you taste that’s so fucking cute when it has like the little instructions like in
Japanese on the back I think it’s saying the different flavors it turns yeah you
can’t see it there’s there’s red flavor orange flavor green flavor and purple
flavor Wow try one I broke it oh my god it’s so cute it looks like Nesquik
cereal are not gonna show them No Tyler don’t he can’t hear you today we
have a guest for another video coming up look at this man
he can’t see what’s going on he’s wearing a robe so just tell Tyler in the
commets excuse you because he totally just burped if you go back you can
probably hear it but we heard it loud and clear so thank you we didn’t tell
them that we were recording yet cuz we’re gonna do a second video and then
have him in that one you just watching honest honest leave them right there I’m
so Kay he’s okay it went to orange for me I got something that I want oh what
the chippy it’s a special flavor it’s cheesecake okay next one
goblin Oh me all right they’re super shaky kusu melon cream Soto soda should
get Kiko soo looks pretty pretty wet kappa Nomi melon cream soma collaborated
with she good kicks she we candy to bring the best of both worlds with it
this super sour melon soda candy that will leave your lips pucker it up for
sure look at that looks like a stone who threw the first stone it’s super sour isn’t it just put the
whole thing in your mouth join him thank you but don’t heckle bye I can’t do it I
was gonna be really sour but I like it I like the sour food Oh little dude yeah
it’s gonna be hard to show you guys the guy but I’ll try Sam in the choir oh my
face is why hello yes what see he’s right right there oh there you go real relationships I’ll check on our
Tyler camera still nothing you have no idea okay mmm no don’t do this one yep
okay this is gonna be more than snacks there is one thing that isn’t snack surprised you didn’t notice it but hmm
you can’t look around what is it we’re all snacks these are all snacks
it’s not listed on here then so we did get something so don’t look too far
anyway what is this one learn Japanese to naki and okay Tanaka okay Jenica
reindeer we’re probably butchering it I’m so
sorry Gaza Kuno at Samari family gathering
he flew you yes Emmy yo have a great winter vacation this II Foo you yes Emil
I hope you guys have a great winter vacation how was your guys winter
vacations going I am glad to be off for three weeks I haven’t filmed this many
videos and how long Thank You secondly anyway which one’s this one that one is
these are hard candies salted ROM Unni salty grape fruit candy stay energized
with these salty grape fruit candies rats individually so you can share the
pack they’re thin tablet-like shape is
flavored with ingredients including salt and contains 90% of glucose to help
energize your brain and body I’m bringing these to school just so you
know I don’t think it energizes your brain and body
come on reading it copyright claim for that no Jo gene Oh their tablets this smells like salt web oh it’s like
crap you got to finish it no you can’t finishing it
no bitch ago do like Shane Dawson and having to ditch you can’t sir yes I can
I have one anyway that’s looks like the stuff you get
glimmer ah yeah okay chocolate okay chocolate white chocolate hit flakes
enjoy crispy chocolate confection with these rice puff discs for an area of
light chocolate treat konichiwa thought out out out there okay let’s see what
this is sorry take the other one anyway cos you don’t like this I don’t
know it’s a little late next video yeah the god watch this
you spoiled it Internet you want me to do all kinds of editing you think I have
time for this yeah I want you to do a case against Hillary Clinton roll all
that time you made me put the thing in your hand and go like this that was a
fucking pain that okay I might bring this to I might bring this to that’s why
I said hold on I told you you didn’t notice it and you’re like
it’s all candy what is this Christmas black thunder enjoy and share share one
of Japan’s most popular chocolate candy bars Black’s under there in this special
theme share pack featuring 60 different rap rappers just for the holidays oh
look at these they’ve got a little Santa flavored cookie bar mix ants again
and then there’s me hi pick one there’s a little reindeer I
love this one screaming random obscenities yeah I know
yum yum yum yum yum yum and then hey sure yeah I’m gonna I am have we yeah we have every what it’s very like this I may not share fucking joking anyway these these were
really good I understand why they’re still popular weekend watch me mini
bottle sprinkle your tongue with insider sherbert with this resealable mini
bottle of powdered candy receive one of three flavor strawberry cider or lemon
pretty sure we got cider I hope not hold on I got to rip his face off let me go
all the way down so I rip in Manhattan I’m totally kidding your means of the
baby you show them the baby he’s like huh because the stuff is coming out of
his head does that mean he’s losing brain cells right there like that that
good focusing now no told you a cider okay just try it did you like put it on
your tongue or did you let the you let liquid get back in there you weren’t
supposed to put so much on your tongue you’re supposed to dribble it on your
tongue but then it tasted fine it looks like packing peanuts that were ripped
apart oh my god this is so cute oh my god packing peanuts that’s adorable oh my god I want packing penis Austen
why didn’t you get me back in peanuts for peanuts you’re not even putting them
on properly keep my candy gatekeeper okay this one
these look like they’re pizza chips yes they are rich cheese pizza chips they
have a mental blue cheese camon Bert camembert camembert
Cayman Bert and cheddar hi my name is chemin Bert wait you didn’t read the
description I thought you were reading it I know you we’re literally just
making fun of me for bite into a tasty slice of cheese pizza with these chips
kalbi a prop popular brand in Japan gonna be a problem is there only one
yeah put it down for now the break is known for their savory snacks release
the seasonal exclusive chefs made with four different cheeses a mental blue
cheese camembert and cheddar oh my god I wish they did free cheese
instead of blue yeah they taste like cheese puffs yep that’s definitely
cheese you really tasted the cheddar yeah that’s pretty much it I don’t know a mental or k-member kiss like blue
cheese just tastes bad I know the Cameron bear is there because it’s
stinky yeah I was sonic that’s Mario yeah I know now he’s a penguin
it’s a soda gum I don’t think we can eat this right now when we’re eating
everything else hi soda gum what else is this what’s this
that is chocolate Oh Maeve Oh or delicious stick I
probably butchered that in Japanese is a popcorn snack that has been around since
1917 whoa available in many savory flavors from teriyaki burger to I’m not
even gonna try that word try this chocolate confection version to satisfy
a choco craving oh that’s so cute it tastes like oh I know this one yeah you
put a flavorless there’s like a pizza version if you put a flavorless cheese
puff yeah we had that in a huge box that’s where you remember it probably
from a choc little over your teeth yes it’s very very chocolatey it’s very rich
there chocolate I’ve noticed is it’s very different than ours and I don’t
know what it is it does it tastes a lot better and it tastes better than
American and Canadian like both you talking about standard like yeah like
the ones you would get like yeah that’s really good
but no I used to watch like holy copter and stuff and she would do like unboxing I’ve actually ordered these before it’s
a cake add just a chestnut thing I’ll let you try it I’m not a huge fan but I
you like this kind of stuff just when you open it let me see there we go and then when you look
inside idea that’s that’s why I didn’t understand that’s why I didn’t
understand why you didn’t notice it cuz I didn’t see it here well breed is that I think I might treat
myself to a little bit of Apple I love that they have all these different
flavors it might take a little tiny boy mom I think well you can tell it’s not
from here whoa do you have music play on your computer
no you sure I didn’t turn on music it tastes like green apple but it’s not
like as sour so it’s very very nice you drink it while I read it coca-cola Apple
enjoy coca-cola value enjoy coca-cola Japan’s latest seasonal release designed
to capture the taste of fall this drink just launched in Japan the addition of
Apple to the original Cola mix is said to create a rich luxurious taste perfect
for the colder months I agree yeah so what did you think of it don’t drink it
oh hold on I think we need to order more you could
bring them across the border Japan crate if you want to send us just what you get
the Sakura one yeah but Japan crate if you want I’m looking and bring it to the
camera they didn’t get to see it properly if you guys want to send us
like I don’t know a case of these I would pay for it just forever to get
mint herb nut mint what is this Adama Apple they say an apple a day
keeps the doctor away who does the same apply for when it’s made into a
deliciously sweet hard candy I love them so much I love them so much honestly
let’s see what it looks like so do we just looked at is it shaped like oh it’s
just a ball I’m sure they’re saying something can you repeat that no you would never
we’re just preparing okay yeah that was brief fooling around just Josh we should
be ready soon no no you’re good don’t all right we’ll
be right back so this candy um it tastes like do you feel like a fizz yeah yeah I
had to bite it though so what about the gummy bear I won’t say that come on
there’s 35 bears in this let’s go man what the hell is this why is he on why
is there there’s a dog oh my god what what are these random things okay
I only know if the Bears baracy see they’re just like these sticks and then
there’s dogs and what the hell is is anyway this is like cheesecake flavor
I think winter cheesecake koala March oh that’s what they’re called koala March
launched a limited release for the holidays featuring this hook Cory
Oh cor let me see Shh hooker a cheesecake homeboy is a hybrid
okay just wait till you’re done eating oh my god it tastes like jiggly
cheesecake it tastes like the cheesecake from uncle Ted’s who’s angel cafe whole
Korea is a hybrid squash with a deep green skin and a deep yellow flesh and
has a very sweet flavor enjoyed the traditional koala March biscuit with
this new sweet cream flavored filling another one please
yeah once we’re done no please that was so good they are really good I won’t I
won’t deny that it reminds me of uncle Tetsu
oh it’s wearing a dress this one’s oh look at this one it’s Hana clam okay
that’s fun soda gum right longer than your average piece of gum break off
piece by piece of this soda flavored gum as you need or chew it up chew it up all
at once no it tastes like ramen net I love for a
minute so we say that what is it
Super Mario Bros I showed them it I did show them it showed you guys it right it
was like this long string you’re just gonna swallow it thank you cuz you’re
gonna swallow it I don’t weigh your stomach to fuel fill with that was
cruising false Pierre is only proven it’s a me Mario me
depression and he’s sharing this come with you to chew on as you’re playing
the latest game of Super Mario Bros yeah the Super Mario Bros Wii it’s the latest
one this is Mario we come it’s the latest one nobody knows what the switch
or the we you know we won’t eat that one right now not just because it’s from
other we may be little pieces from the week and finally let’s open this no I
thought there was the sherbet grape oh we did the sugar grape right no we
didn’t I mean this yeah we didn’t do that one yeah I know I wanted to open
this though but that’s the grand finale okay fine
I’m gonna take off the tape though by the way they use we’re not doing the gum
why because no we’re doing the gum though yeah I’ll keep it as a collector
item no yes you you like it you dip it in tried
sherbert grape charger pans version of fun dip with this great treat featuring
a hard candy on a stick could dip into the tasty magic powder for a
mouth-watering taste and then it’s got a grape licking a lollipop and he’s
looking very creepy he looks very high what’s outing in Japan oh no no try it
no Chichibu no I you do that try this oh GG poo Chichibu yo Matsui December 2nd a
third day held at the shrine every year this night festival is considered one of
Japan’s top festivals to feature floats which are ornately decorated with
lanterns tapestries and gilded wood carvings they’re displayed in their
respective neighborhoods and at the shrine before being pulled through the
city the other main attraction is the
fireworks show that lasts nearly two and a half hours Oh a rare chance to see
fireworks in Japan during winter Japan goes hardcore the 47 Ronin Winter
Festival on the 14th held every year at sanic gak sendeku
temple the festival is a religious event to commemorate the forty-seven Ronin
samurai the ague the aku kishi who avenged their fault sorry I’m horrible
at pronunciation avenge their fallen master who was killed in tradition they
themselves committed ritual suicide it and their graves can still be viewed it
okay the Ronin yeah they’ve probably made a few movies the festival features
a graveside ceremony ritual tea ceremony and memorial service nice nice she did
not realize that included them all killing themselves I think he was the
Ronin and finally the bear is out it says something okay cute it is bear sounds great wait I read
it hey take it out while you read so I’m
taking it out no you can’t do both it’s a bit of 30 minute video already this
bear shape grape gummy is a quick treat for your tummy what’s it called
hmm what’s it called what the bear yeah didn’t you not check no I just read it
bears gummy grape oh yeah like half of it a little guy he’s beautiful isn’t he I said half right on the noise and now
the Martin no just wait what’s the drink he said we were to do that and another
thing oh this one’s for me unless you want him so we got a little little
thingy he’s not stupid so it’s a little squishy you could have yeah you pick out
one of those so you could have gotten any of these and we got him that
arranged I kind of wish we go baby fucked us over Bri so far breeze like
hopefully was a sham dokkum takara tomy arts i I wasn’t actually Beth I like to
go over all crazy squish him oh my god what was your favorite thing in the
crepe breathe all right squishy alright boys your favorite thing in the screen
it’s been 40 minutes once these Cheesecake fucking koala
bears they’re so cute and so tasty and he’s like jiggly cheesecake I personally
liked this and the chameleon oh also I really like this and you just knocked
over my candy anyway thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys
enjoyed this Hellfire be sure to LIKE comment my favorite thing was the Apple
come and subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video you need to grab
hold of the storage in here you don’t make any sense how much
clearer do you need me to make him for it you promised all that’s in your soul
okay now do it

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