Military Dog Is SO Happy To Finally Be Home With His Dad | The Dodo Reunited

All right, Bakk.
Let’s get you home. – Oh, good. He ready. That’s a good boy.
Good boy. Good. All right, let’s get you home, bubba.
All right. Today, Bakk and I are
gonna be reunited. It– the moment’s here.
I’m so ready. Hi, baby. We’re driving across San Francisco now, and we’re making our way. In January, Bakk started limping. And they took him to the vet
and found out that he had a torn
cruciate ligament, which is basically
a dog’s ACL. – Can you see the rainbow, Bakk? – Bakk, at that time, was
seven years old. He’s not a good
candidate for surgery. But he is a good candidate
for adoption. So I was like, “I can
take him home.” – You’re resting here in Reno. And you actually had to drive through a snowstorm
to get here. Dogs have always been a part
of my life. When I went to join
the Air Force, that’s the first thing I asked. What do I have to do to be
a military working dog handler? In 2017 I got orders to Osan Air Base in South Korea. And when I arrived on station there, they brought me to Bakk. Here was this little German shepherd,
that was just waiting patiently. He knew
that something was coming. It was an instant connection. We just — we clicked.
We were a team that — that absolutely were meant
to be together. Having Bakk, when I was
away from my family, was huge. I’m already away from my son,
who was one, kind of missing out
on some of the big milestones that people normally get to see
at that age. My son, Kristopher, wanted
to do some sports. I wasn’t there, like I normally
wanted to be. For me, Korea, I knew
was going to be a year-long assignment.
Knowing that, you don’t want to get
super-attached, because you know you’re
having to give this dog away, but at the same time, it’s
very hard not to get attached. I was ecstatic to return
to my family. I still felt bad that I had to
leave Bakk over there, But I just– I knew in my
mind that, don’t worry, he’s coming home. Not yet, but he
is coming home. You remember a guy named
Technical Sergeant Cain? Did he ever talk to you about
a place called Boise, Idaho? – We’ll be driving up from
Mountain Home Air Force Base, into downtown Boise. And the reunification with Bakk
will be happening down there, which is gonna be
an awesome setting. Today I have my wife, Stephanie,
and my son Henry. It was amazing to see
so much media attention, just capturing a moment of having a dog and a soldier
reunited together. – Let’s go see your Daddy! This is a moment that I’ve
been waiting for– well, honestly, for
about 11 months. I brought Bakk’s Kong. I also brought a rope toy,
which he absolutely loves. Let’s see who’s here. Who’s here? Who’s here? Bakk came through the door,
and then it clicked. It’s the 2K!
2K, what’s up, 2K? He was like, “Oh, wait.
I remember you!” – You could see
his eyes light up. He walked right over to my
wife, Stephanie, and my 3-year-old
son, Henry, and got a little bit of scratch
and love from everybody. Just right at home. I just want to give you a hug. Because, thank you so much
for bringing him home. On the car ride back, he took up the same
position he did when we were in the patrol car. He decided he’d just
kind of lay down, and look around for
a little bit. Just getting those moments back, and him wanting to be
around me, is awesome. Originally, I was
slightly apprehensive on how Bakk would do
around small children, But as soon as
he saw Henry, walked right up to him, with his Kong. He was like,
‘All right, this is kind of cool.” Same thing with Stephanie.
Stephanie put her arms around him, and he just immediately
accepted, “Well, this is somebody else
who’s gonna love me.” I don’t see any problems with my oldest son, Kristopher. I think they’re gonna get
along just fine. He spent seven years of his life working and jobbing
it out there, for hours on end, in all of the elements. He’s really deserved to
just be a couch dog. And kind of do what
he wants to do. And that’s exactly what
I want for him. I just want him to
live out his life being happy, and not
having to be stressed out or having to do anything. Just enjoy your time. I get it.
Come. Yeah. Bakk!

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100 Responses

  1. Sandy Oklahomatransient says:

    Love to see the K9s brought together with their handlers.

  2. Humanimal says:

    he was really keeping an eye on that little kid. protecc is still his MO!

  3. Stephan S says:

    We love you BAKK❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. ISAAC Lalnunzira says:

    why would you Americans kill your military dogs?? dont send them to kill shelters!! They did an honorable service to you fuckin people and the nation and you reward them by killing them???? EVERY ONE OF THEM SHOULD HAVE A RETIREMENT HOME, A FAMILY, THEY DESERVED IT MORE THAN THE MAJOR POPULATION OF THE COUNTRY

  5. nevy channel says:

    How do you not get attached to a dog that potentially saves your life and helps you hold onto your sanity?

  6. 22 Veterans A Day says:

    Come on bruh, dont call yourself a soldier. At least call yourself a Defender, or Airmen.

  7. Thu Lekovish says:

    Bless you, your family and the wonderful Bakk.

  8. Suzy Q says:

    Thank you both for your serving our country. God Bless

  9. Elia says:

    His wife’s hair style though. Lol.

  10. Dan Forster says:

    I worked in South Korea in the early 80s (private company) when I left in '85 I decided to bring my cat with me back to the US as there was no one I could leave him with. I walked onto the Korean Airlines flight with my cat in carrier and he sat on the floor during the flight to LAX. I then walked him through an Agricultural Customs section and took him home. He lived out his days in Northern California.

  11. Francoise Hembert says:

    Great ending!

  12. Tyrique Furr says:


  13. 4thetruthJC4ever says:

    Hey Dustin, loved the video! Do you know a SP named Johnathan Wagner he was recently stationed at Mountain Home AFB?  Just wondering, because I know him, I live in Tri Cities, WA. Johnathan attended the same church I do.

  14. Loretta Posey says:

    Thank you both for your services and we're so happy that you are home safe and sound to your family and friends

  15. Erivelton Santos says:


  16. Xenophagia says:

    I thank the both of you for your service.

  17. delcas74 says:

    Inquire about TPLO surgery for torn cal. My dog tore her ACL and was limping for a few weeks. We did the surgery and it gave me my dog back.

  18. Royal Hadrian says:

    It’s 1am and I’m over here crying happy tears ?❤️❤️?

  19. su57 f22 says:

    That is one serious dog 🙂

  20. Sam .P says:

    Let's go see his daddy?! The dog don't look nothing like his father, and don't have much emotion toward him. I don't think that's his real father.

  21. Linda Smith says:

    Thats wonderful dogs never forget the ones that love and take care of them.

  22. Oofy Poofy Art says:

    Wow ? my grandpa lived and grandma lives in Boise(my grandpa died so that’s why I said lived) I wonder if they have ever seen Bakk

  23. Tyler Durden says:

    FYI, 381 dislikes came from the cats…

  24. Crafts and More says:

    “You can see the country you have been defending” such emotional words. Brought tears to my eyes.

  25. SamIAm says:

    Didn;t seem to recognize him really but he will be a fab pet now.

  26. Minstrawberry0gurt ! says:

    I cried on a dogs way home and I cried on this
    One I’m so sensitive to dogs especially they
    Make me cry so hard it’s not funny ?

  27. Lex Riordan says:


  28. hind ali’s toe says:

    lady: you know what boise, idaho is, right?

    bakk: 뭐?

  29. Michele H says:

    What a happy reunion. A lovely story. Welcome to your new home buddy.

  30. Denis Dimick says:

    For once he doesn't have to "work" to get his toy..

  31. sainath steel says:


  32. sainath steel says:

    love you dog

  33. Cammie Pugs says:

    I love a dogs way home

  34. paved w good intentions progress not perfection says:

    Good on you Semper Fi

  35. james lakes says:

    No military dog should EVER be left overseas or put down because of not being adopted! We owe it to these loving loyal animals!

  36. Sgsgwg Hsheg says:

    God bless you .

  37. patrick dean says:

    he is handsome boy

  38. Janie Jones says:

    Beautiful story. Beautiful.

  39. albert speer says:

    391 haters thumb it down and counting!

  40. albert speer says:

    That 4 legged buddy has done alot more then this new "millennials"

  41. Enat P says:

    Oh he likes the little one. 🙂

  42. Chad Boyher says:

    Why aren't we doing this with stray dogs? Train the ones you can for what you can, put little dogs on bases for moral support and fast, loud, hard to hit alarms. I'm just saying, killing dogs seems a waste when one level of government already collects and processes them and another could use them. They really seem to help soldiers recover from war as well and most guys with PTSD have support animals. Cut the waiting and save a dog while helping a soldier during their struggle instead of after.

  43. Crown Commando says:

    Bakk will have fun with his little brother

  44. M. Asquino says:

    Beautiful, love seeing all the different types of working dogs in Afghanistan

  45. kyarilee says:

    why are people putting a negative sign for this video?

  46. Giraffe Girl says:

    I live in South Korea… I might not live in Osan but I live near it. (My school is in Humphrey’s)

  47. Anonymous Anonymous says:


  48. Derek Stynes says:

    The US Government should pay for the Vet Fee and Upkeep of these Dogs on Retirement from Service for all these Animals .

  49. john Bowler says:

    A salute to all the great people who make this happen. All these dogs have served our country. They have earned the right to be treated with respect. With all the money the military WASTES, the minuscule expenditure it takes to make this happen is a win-win across the board.

  50. Mod 66 says:

    Is nobody going to mention his wife's hairstyle wtf?Dog is so great and happy.

  51. tavia warner says:

    Wish humans were more like dogs

  52. Emilia TCG says:

    My dog wears a purple poppy tag… nice to see the dogs it goes to support! We are from the UK but me and pupperette are huge supporters of the military (not very common here) but I feel a lot of care and empathy and appreciation so I wanted to share that with pup.

  53. Texas2Step says:

    Of course I'm crying happy tears now. All the military dogs are trained here in San Antonio, on Lackland Air Force Base. When I retired, I wanted my husband and I to apply to foster a pup, something qualified locals can do until the dog is the right age to enter full training. (Sadly, my arthritis is too severe.) We are happy that retiring dogs can now be adopted by their handlers, or others. It made no sense to kill them, as was done until recently, and still is done, in some cases. These wonderful animals have served this nation well, and have earned retirement in loving homes.

  54. Jeannie Griffin says:

    So sweet ❤️ Energy ?vibration? frequency ?

  55. Gia West says:

    Sweet story

  56. sfqu1 says:

    Damn, I just can't stop the tears running down. Thank you for sharing such a great story. Thank you for taking care of your four legs boddy. Thank you for your service.

  57. Taj Gahru says:

    Thank you for your service bakk

  58. Dulce Wilcox says:

    The country you have been defending? Lol…people in the United States of America are truly DELUSIONAL.

  59. JacobsParry says:

    He spent halfed his life serving his country and he should geted to haved veteran medical benefits to fixed his leg.

  60. Helen Stanford says:

    He's guarding Henry because he knows Henry is a youngster in the pack and needs his protection! Our St Bernard used to do the same thing with my newborn niece, standing guard over her. This is so awesome! I'm glad Bakk can now enjoy life as a family dog.

  61. David Sherbert says:

    From experience, I know that dog will protect that family at all times……Semper Fi, Airman and family!!!

  62. Brenda Morris says:

    TY Dr, Staubus, for getting this soldier Bakk to his rightful owner, the other buddy, TSgt Cain. This brings me to tears. Thank you Bakk & TSgt for your service. I salute you both. All service dogs should get to come home with their handler and br treated as veterans. There should be a special Vet veternarian hospital, just like for our Vets, free of charge for medical treatments.

  63. OceanArk7 7 says:

    This is beautiful! Thank you Bakkk

  64. David Y says:

    BAKK is a bad ass name!

  65. lane owen says:

    God bless all the men, women and dog's that serve this great country.

  66. No Name says:

    Excellent story ?! My pup is a member of my family and would protect all of us as we would him ! God blessed us again with him !

  67. Zak Thanos says:

    I love God. Love my country but mostly I love dogs. Omg Cuteness, loyal, brave, loving, intelligence overload?????

  68. Jay Winters says:

    That’s a blessing

  69. Gabriel Heart says:

    I've watched so MANY videos of dogs RETURNING into the arms of their military owners and they're so EXCITED, barking, JUMPING and they OBVIOUSLY are EXCITED to see their owner BUT, This dog, SHOWED NO EXCITEMENT OR ENTHUSIASM WHATSOEVER? It's hard to believe this is this guy's dog?

  70. Meg Williams says:

    What a beautiful story. Life really is better with a pup in your house. I’m sure that Bakk will live out his golden years in peace and comfort with his family.

  71. Curtis Tisberger says:

    Lol cute doggo but the military are just joo pawns protecting THEIR interests not the common American and I'm a disabled veteran

  72. blackfeather dog says:

    I'm glad he's home……..

  73. Carolynska S says:

    I didn't realize that these dogs have to finish military duty.

  74. salvacion vacunawa says:

    Yess all military K9 should, be, coming with there handlers
    And I hope man, you will love them
    For saving your life
    He deserves love and care
    God bless you both man and your family

  75. Larry Mitchell says:

    All military K9’s have saved countless lives of our Soldiers now it’s time for us to save them!!!!!!

  76. Anne Phair says:

    Nothing like a dog so faithfully. Unconditional love. They don’t care if your poor if you have no home. You are their god. Xx

  77. david truchanowicz says:

    He deserves a good like after serving 7 years.

  78. k frye says:


  79. Joe Valdrighi says:


  80. tj Potoi says:

    I like how worried the dog looked when the kid was on edge of a snow step. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  81. Irenita Oreta says:

    I love your story,

  82. Scarecrow Love says:

    Aww now i have a reason to be proud of boise!

  83. Andy Smith says:

    from 1 air force cop to to another. he protected our nation now he protects your family. what a great way to retire as a dog.

  84. Jim Archibald says:

    How can anyone with a heart give this a thumbs down?

  85. Florence Linderman says:

    I am so very happy for you!!

  86. James Kang says:

    Thank the dog for his service!

  87. Mike Badua says:

    SFC JOHN DIXON I wish could have had Mika but that douch Paul Leslie and his wife scrum. Congrats bro for having bakk back

  88. JTR VLOGS says:


  89. t75kab11 says:

    AWESOME!! THANK YOU for giving him a loving home.

  90. Ernie Stevenson says:

    Awesome it's really nice that you adopted him and brought him to your home to share with your wife and your boys awesome job I am a marine so Semper Fi

  91. Adam Abele says:

    German Shepards are work dogs. They are not meant to spend their life on the couch. So give your dogs some tasks: guarding, sniffing out things, take care of animals, protecting, what ever. German Shepards without some tasks tend to get difficult or even crazy. German Shepards are happy with some work.

  92. Billyg215 says:

    BRILLIANT well done to you for adopting him.

  93. No worries Mate says:

    No not LA! He deserves far better!
    Oh cool not LA!
    Thank both of you!

  94. HellsScoutAct says:

    Great story, thanks from another blue Beret.

  95. Kathy McInnis says:

    Thank you to the lady who reunited this dog with his owner. If only we had more people like you in this world!!!! God Bless You!!

  96. Mr Big says:

    I’m glad they reunited but I don’t think the dog remember him at all because I was sent on a job that was too far to travel back and forth everyday so we spent two weeks away from home so I left him with my mom what was a mistake because she fell in love with my dog and ended up with partial custody making me drop the dog off
    on my way to work and after awhile I didn’t have the heart to take her away from my mom who was so happy when the dog was around and really kept her company when my dad was at work I still saw her everyday until I moved out of the area then it was only a few times a month but when I came over she new the sound of my truck and it didn’t matter if she was sound asleep her little alarm went off and she would fly off of her pink chair and jump from 15 feet away onto my chest and hold on like a baby licking my face. That’s why I never got another dog after she died because it wouldn’t be fair to any other dog that I might of gotten later because I would compare the two and she was the greatest boxer dog in the world.

  97. gaurang Khonde says:

    We humans have a lot to learn from animals ??❤❤❤

  98. J B says:

    Looked like he sensed/sniffed 'something was up' when he circled back around the wife and kid when he walked in 🙂 New tasking: take care of and cuddle family – Great story!

  99. neilsthepoet says:


  100. V T says:

    Please do something for those who are in the middle eastern countries. They are dying and those people have a very bad tradition about dogs. Please…

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