Mini-poodle stolen from Channelview home

now at 6 o’clock the search for a dog thief after a man is seen inside a home moments before driving off with a mini poodle puppy the owner of the dog now talking to Channel two good evening I’m done winning socks I’m gold my answer thank you for joining us the owner offering some information on the suspect and how he got away our Jonathan Martinez joining us live in Channel view with what the owner had to say Jonathan yeah bill and Dominique anyone who owns a dog knows that special connection and bond that you have between you you and that animal but tonight this dog’s owner says that he’s missing a really big part of his life after one of his dogs was stolen Wayne less than 5 pounds in all golden curls Watson the miniature poodle is like Isaac Perez’s baby along with his brother Bentley but as of Tuesday morning this little guy is now missing the window was busted open the glass was all over the place and right away I knew you know they stole Watson the theft happened while Perez was at work and it was all caught on home surveillance after breaking into the home that the vid works to corral Watson for a few minutes all the while leaving Bentley behind whenever I got here I just broke down I grabbed Bentley and I started crying to him cameras from nearby neighbors catching the moments after the thief tosses Watson over the fence before picking him back up again and taking off in his SUV Perez is now making the rounds at his neighborhood with pictures of the suspects vehicle and the surveillance video of the theft when I hear when I play for the people that I’ve been walking around showing it to it makes me cry it just makes a that’s hero and yeah I get emotional despite the heartbreak of having his dog stolen Perez is praying the thief will have a change of heart and bring Watson back home you I forgive you you know I just want my dog back I’m not trying to get you in trouble I just want my dog back if you recognize that suspect or that suspect vehicle you’re urged to contact police but again as that dog owner mentioned in that piece if you bring his dog back well no questions will be asked we are reporting live tonight from channel view i’m jonathan martinez KPRC Channel 2 News Thank You Jonathan

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3 Responses

  1. Janet Diaz De Valentin says:

    Hope they find the doggie..

  2. Steven Gilbert says:

    Wow! Who steals a dog? Charge that monster with with kidnapping, breaking and entering, and destruction of private property!

  3. TheManicHispanic HTX says:

    I think they stole his balls too lmao

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