Miniature Schnauzer dog breed guide

There isn’t any of the dogs in the world
except Miniature Schnauzers – I’m sorry … Sorry to all these other people here. But they’ve all made a mistake. We haven’t! Over the years I’ve probably had – in 40
years -probably about ten or eleven They’re clean, healthy, robust and they
don’t moult. And that is why I fell in love with them. The Miniature Schnauzer is the dog that
resembles some of the old British terriers but is in fact a German breed. These dogs are a watch dog and not guard dog. They can hear a pin drop And they’ll let you know if there’s someone around. And they’ll make the noise. They’ve increased in popularity and actually are very compact, active dogs so suit many lifestyles They will do as much or as little as you want to do they’re just as happy curled up on a settee as they are going our for long walks. The true character of a Miniature Schnauzer is it will introduce itself to you. A little bit standoffish at first – should be – but then they’ll introduce themselves to you and
you’ve got a friend for life. When my son was at university he would bring girlfriends home and if the dog didn’t take to them – my wife would say that one
won’t be coming back. A good selector of people and friends. They do seem to come in different types. We’ve got ones that are almost like a terrier that come into class or bustly – and woof woof woof. And then the ones that are quite serious that seems to go with the eyebrows. So before you do buy it, think about your breed lines go and check your breeder out and see what sort of you’re going to get and then think about
being fun but using lots of positive reinforcement because it’s got a short
attention span and if you are not interesting it’s going to go wander off
and do something else having said that you switch it on it’s a fabulous little
dog people had tried to buy Miniature
Schnauzers that live forced always having a block of flats and for now they
have medium exercise levels so they don’t need the excessive amounts of say
you’re working types but they do enjoy a really good walk
they don’t mult so they need regular grooming so we would potentially rehome
one to somebody who are dowager’s something like that so they can make
great friends the beard and the eyebrows and the furnishings are what attracts
most people to the table the beard was for protection when they work when they
were evolved in Austria and Germany and places or at where there’s lots of snow
that was big the eyebrows would stop the snow going into the eyes they loved to
be groomed as soon as you get a puppy within days on a soluble and brush it
for about 14 hour 20 minutes every day that will keep him clean and healthy it
will get him used to being handled ie when he goes to the vet it takes the
furnishings the beard and the legs and young from getting tangled they have to
be stripped out probably three perhaps four times a year and if you’re not
going to do it yourself then you’ve got to go to the groomer to have it done and
that will keep that goal group in small older time
anyone that has an allergy to not nearly everyone can own a miniature schnauzer
because there further does not affect allergies
I would say that if you’re looking at the size of a miniature schnauzer not to
being misled by it because there’s a big bulk in there trying to get out and it’s
a nice temperament is the same its fearless really and they lovely
they really are

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42 Responses

  1. pvfa39 says:

    Hi great vid. Q: Can you get golden coloured ones as I got sold a MS and he has turned completely golden.
    Thank you

  2. simonton piland says:

    great stuff

  3. Adriana Kuzmikova says:

    0:31 miniature schnauzer is robust? what are you talking about? 😀 and whether a dog is clean and healthy depends on how well you take care of it. btw you have a mistake in the title and also in the description. dog breed is called miniature schnauzer NOT shnauzer or shauzer…

  4. The Gaming stadium says:

    Do dogs turn mad most people say that

  5. Will Games 30 says:

    Was not evolved

  6. Will Games 30 says:

    Was bread

  7. Lainey Quinn says:

    I have a miniature schnauzer, I’ve never watched and videos about them, and these are popping up in my recommendations….fBi OpEn Up! gOoGlE iS wAtChInG

  8. Satins Mirage says:

    I love mini Schnauzer!! My other favorite was my Bouvier. I had one and I loved her she was my best friend!! I think when they say robust they mean when are like a wine! Full of flavor and surprises! And when they say clean I think it's because they are allergy friendly and don't shed everywhere. I have HORRIBLE allergies Andy I'm always to dogs but my mini was the easiest on my allergies.

  9. Kaeldi K says:

    Did you know that along with salt and pepper miniature schnauzers you also get white ones?
    I have a miniature schnauzer and he is pure white and sooo cute!

  10. DEdens1525 says:

    I've had two, wonderful dogs.

  11. Roar For The Lion says:

    Don't train them
    Just cuddle them!!!

  12. J Cherry says:

    Best dogs ever! Obedient, loving, trainable, and very smart, etc.

  13. Emblem V says:

    How often should I groom mine so she's used to it ? She does not enjoy grooming… also what is that he mentions "strip out"?????

  14. mpatton4re says:

    I agree… best dogs EVER!

  15. Kertina Kimbrough says:

    As I watched this video, I found myself nodding and smiling about almost every comment. My beautiful puppy daughter transitioned 10/1/16 and she was with our family from 8wks to over 12yrs. My heart is still broken. But I would recommend welcoming a miniature schnauzer into any home. My life has been awesome due to my Mademoiselle Sweet Sasha Kimbrough. RIH sweet girl!!

  16. Meagan Wallwork says:

    I love my mini schnauzer frankie. He definitely thinks he's a guard dog.

  17. Lorena Zampini says:

    Bearded little cuties 😍

  18. BlackAnvil47 says:

    My Mini Schnauzer was a clown, but died at 9 years old of Melanoma Cancer. I am looking for another, but the exorbitant prices for one is ridiculous. $2- 300 dollars is within reason, but $1-5000.00 is crazy

  19. xr6lad says:

    Disagree about the not having one in an apartment. I have had one for 10+ years (and the second for 5 years) and never had an issue – in fact they are ideal for apartments. What is the defining factor whether you live in a house or an apartment; is exercise. We take ours (yes we have 2 in a 2 bedroom apartment and they own our bed at night) on 3 walks a day. One before work in the morning, one straight when we get home and one around 8-9pm at night – for exercise and for them to do their business. And they don't foul the apartment when we are at work either.

  20. Designer Window Fashions says:

    most amazing little dogs….I love them….I had one in two different apartments. As they are such good watch dogs, I was afraid she would annoy the other tenants with barking. This didn't happen. She actually knew who belonged ( lived) in the building and who didn't even though she never personally met some of them. ( we started out in a single dwelling, not an apartment. ) I will always want a miniature schnauzer in my life….too wonderful to miss.

  21. marifer m says:

    They are honestly the most amazing dogs ever!!! Ours lived up to 22 years old, never a boring day with him. He was such a drama queen if we had something blocking his way he would not stop barking until we moved it. He would try to get our other dog in trouble all the time hahaha. if you had a fluffy blanket best believe he wanted it.

  22. Gloria Ladow says:

    I first "fell in love" while living in Germany. That boy was loved by everyone and lived 2 months shy of 20 years. Since returning to the U.S. i have owned 3 more boys. Currently i have a sweet female.
    I have loved the different personality of each dog and trained each one according to their interest. My female loves jumping through hoops. Two boys loved obstacles. One loved tricks. My first wanted to do it all. He loved adventures and learning.
    The Best is the one i bought in Germany! Healthier, smarter and the longevity can't be beat!!

  23. Bryan Coulter says:

    Today we had to say goodbye to our baby boy. We had 8 and half wonderful years of unconditional love. He was so brave to the end despite suffering from diabetes and going blind for the past 18 months. If you have a schnauzer have their blood sugars checked regularly. We never knew that this breed is susceptible to diabetes. Schnauzers should never have fatty diets, carbs or bones. Always make sure they get the right diet. There is only one thing that can plug the hole in our hearts and that's to get another schnauzer child.

  24. Anamarie D says:

    My fave dog breeds are the miniature schnauzer or the Welsh Terrier..
    Similar in size, just different colours..

  25. Cedar Poplar says:

    Another breed that I likened to the miniature snautcer is the Glenn of imaal.

  26. Mary Reynolds says:

    I love my miniature schnauzer! 💗 They have such personalities, and are great couch snugglers.

  27. Itzpayday 123 says:

    I love my little girl Evvy

  28. Wow ! says:

    I have a mini schnauzer/terrior mix and he is AWESOME…. I would say he is 75% mini schnauzer…Rocky is AWESOM! He looks like a mini schnauzer in every way except for his ears… they are straight up like a terrier…. he loves to chase rodents, he walks with me sometimes up to 4 miles a day and still wants to play when we get home…. LOVE MY LITTLE DOGGIE!

  29. Marshae Hill says:

    I love my mini schnauzer Molly 💓💓

  30. Sue Clark says:

    We have 2 minis who are 5 months old today. 7-7-19. They keep me laughing, but boy are they stubborn. Trying to train them to come…we live on 7 acres & I want them to come when they're called. Huge personalities & I'm the ring leader, they love me enormously.

  31. Tony B says:

    I have 2, a black and silver girl and a pepper and salt boy. I can honestly say that having 2 or more (if you are feeling brave), is an excellent idea, they just love company, be it human or another Schnauzer. They will let you know if they are not overkeen on something and can be very stubborn at times, enjoy short or long walks and curl up next to you in bed, having hinted several times that its bed time and you should drop everything and go there. Love both of mine, great breed 🙂

  32. iris shalurhad says:

    I feel the same way as the first man! I have a 3 year old white miniature schnauzer named Emma, and she is the best dog in the world as far as I’m concerned.

  33. Anonymous Neo says:

    They're so cute! <<3

  34. Caroline Marshall says:

    Love my miniature schnauzer. Heidi is five years old. Love her so much.

  35. Gail Doss says:

    Best little dog. We love our Reggie.

  36. Casey Thomas says:

    Best little dogs ever. I love my little Bruce great with kids and other dogs and just all round great dogs.

  37. Bell Iron Fist says:

    I love my mini. She’s my best pal I’ve had her since I was 6 or 7. She’s almost 9 years old but she still acts young. I have a standard and a giant too

  38. Dan Jones says:

    I’m happy to say that I am owned by a Miniature Schnauzer.

  39. Lavanya Visvanatha says:

    I have one she’s behaved sometime’s

  40. Darleen Pauley says:

    I have a rescue that is a joker, plays sleeping till he smells food

  41. Oscar Solorzano says:

    I couldn’t have another breed! Love my standard. 🙂

  42. Marcin Aniolkowski says:

    Best dog ever💓❤️🥰

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