Miniature Schnauzer vs Border Terrier Which is Better? Dog vs Dog

You’re Watching Animal Facts! The Miniature Schnauzer and the Border Terrier. When glancing at these two wiry little terriers,
it’s pretty easy to tell the two apart, but they do have a lot in common and a few
differences. Let’s compare these the Miniature Schnauzer
and the Border Terrier in our on-going series, Dog vs. Dog. Let’s get started, but before we start,
make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell icon to become part of our
notification squad. History Touted as among the oldest of the British
terriers, the Border Terrier was developed near the Cheviot Hills between England and
Scotland. Originally, the dog was bred to chase and
kill foxes that caused trouble for farmers and later to accompany Border Foxhounds on
fox hunts. The Border Terrier, which was the smallest
among long-legged terriers, had to be very fast to match a horse’s pace and yet be
of small enough to dig out or follow a fox into its burrow. The first record of this breed dates back
to the 18th century; its ancestors were said to be associated with the Dandie Dinmont Terrier. The development of the Miniature Schnauzer
isn’t as well documented. There aren’t any records on how the Miniature
Schnauzer was developed, but the intent, or perhaps by accident, was to create a smaller
version of the well-established much larger Standard Schnauzer to work as a small ratter,
a job which the breed excels at. The earliest record of a Miniature Schnauzer
was a black female named Findel, born in 1888. In 1895, the first breed club was formed in
Cologne, Germany. The Miniature Schnauzer was developed in Germany
by crossbreeding the Standard Schnauzer with smaller breeds, such as the Miniature Pinscher,
Affenpinscher, and Poodle. In Germany, the Miniature Schnauzer is known
as the Zwergschnauzer. Zwerg means “dwarf”. According to the AKC, unlike all the other
Terriers, the Miniature Schnauzer has no English bloodlines. This explains that though the Mini was bred
to do the traditional work of small terriers, his personality is quite different, as we’ll
see in a bit. Size These two small, but sturdy terrier breeds
are close in size. The Miniature Schnauzer can be slightly heavier
at 11 to 20 pounds, compared to the Border at 11 – 16 pounds. But the Border can be a bit taller at 10 -16
inches tall compared to the Mini Schnauzer at 12 – 14 inches tall. Appearance The Border Terrier is a small dog with a compact
body. Their ears are typically folded over the forehead
and their bushy eyebrows give the impression that they are always thinking. The Border Terrier’s wiry coat can be red,
grizzle and tan, blue and tan or wheaten. This small square Miniature Schnauzer has
a wiry coat and profuse furnishings on the legs, a distinctive beard, and bushy eyebrows,
much like its larger Standard Schnauzer brother. The coat color is pepper and salt (greyish),
black or a striking black and silver. Personalities The Border Terrier has a distinctive temperament
to go along with its distinctive looks. When it comes to vermin, the Border has the
Terrier fire, but the Border is also more flexible than most other terrier breeds. This is a very friendly breed. The Border Terrier is good with kids, families,
strangers and even other pets, for the most part. With its family, it’s affectionate but self-reliant. The Border loves to cuddle, but also has no
trouble keeping itself entertained. A note of caution, the Border has an incredible
wanderlust and can be an escape artist! A Miniature Schnauzer is full of life. An extrovert, this breed loves to be in the
middle of any family action. The Mini wants to touch you and be next to
you all the time, and you can bet it’ll demand to sleep in your bed. The Miniature Schnauzer isn’t as kid or
stranger friendly as the Border Terrier, but with early socialization, this can be overcome. Trainability Though both breeds are of high intelligence,
don’t assume they are easy to train. Both dogs share a typical terrier stubbornness
and neither is focused or patient with training. But, both breeds are eager to please and are
highly trainable. You just have to put in the work and not fall
more their manipulation. Activity Levels
The Border Terrier is a highly energetic spunky little dog born to run. Thankfully because of its small size and medium
exercise needs you can get away with a good long walk a day and a game of fetch or two
in the house or yard. Miniature Schnauzers are versatile dogs who
can live in the city or the country. They need daily walks and time to run every
week, but they can be just as happy living in an apartment as a farm. The Schnauzer’s yard should always be fenced
in because these terriers will take off like a shot if they catch a glimpse of a cat, rabbit,
bird or squirrel. Both breeds need to chase and dig which can
be channeled productively by enrolling your pooch into earthdog activities, or agility
training. These activities can keep you Schnauzer’s
mind and body active, and it’ll love the bonding time spend with its favorite person. Health and Lifespan The Border Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer
have similar lifespans with the Border Terrier typically living between 12 to 15 years and
the Schnauzer between 12 and 14. Both breeds are generally healthy dogs, although
the Miniature Schnauzer may have an advantage when it comes healthiness. The Border Terrier can be prone to heart murmurs,
hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and seizures. The Mini Schnauzer can suffer from vision
problems including cataracts and retinal atrophy, usually both associated with old age, as well
as a chronic lung condition called Mycobacterium Avium Infection. Both dogs can be prone to overeating and without
proper exercise can become obese, risking other weight-related complications. So, which of these tough little terriers do
you pick? Let us know in the comments. If there are other breeds you’d like us
to compare, shout them out, we’ll give them a look. If you like this video, check out some of
our other videos here. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification
bell for more cute, cuddly canines. And as always, catch ya next time.

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44 Responses

  1. Animal Facts says:

    What do you think about these two breeds?

  2. The Lyon And the Ox says:

    The border terrier is more adaptable and useful, plus less hair!

  3. Cruz TheRipper says:

    I have had up to 5 of them mini Schnauzer the only two females aren't with me no more and i recently got a female puppy i love these dogs

  4. Gar Whittaker says:

    The Border terrier is a little warrior who runs with hounds and takes on Foxes The Min Schnauzer takes rats on in a backyard ….give up The Border wins hands down .

  5. Mia Pett says:

    I say the mini schnauzer is better because I have one

  6. emo gmr Jack says:

    I'm getting a dog for my birthday next month, which one should i get?

  7. Shawn Houston says:

    Mini schnauzer… Mine lived 17 years and was awesome!

  8. Nathalie Grieves says:

    Miniature schnauzers

  9. Nathalie Grieves says:

    Miniature schnauzer is it a terrier utility dog

  10. Alfonso Gonzalez says:

    Heres the thing..people in general will lean more towards a good looking dog a dog that will grab attention i think its not about that i adopted a border terrier and god am i glad she was so sad and skinny but turns out shes an amazing little thing it feels great getting home fron work and shes jumping of happines she runs towards me and jumps super high to lick my face i mean border terriers are the best

  11. Roberta Lee says:


  12. Signe Weilander says:

    Border terrier is the best

  13. emmahayhay says:

    uhh all the comments are mini schnauzer but that is only cuz border terriers are not quite as popular. I have a border terrier (one of only like 2 thousand in the states) and he is the most athletic, smart and adorable dog In the world. Borders are one of the most used movie dogs because of these traits and they are a true family member.

  14. Liz says:

    Oh, so totally the Border Terrier!

  15. ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:

    Schnauzer is the winner!! ❤???

  16. Venus Andromeda says:

    i had a purebred pitch black mini schnauzer named Jack Black for almost 9 years… but lost him suddenly… but two years after, my boyfriend and i decided to adopt and the 2 year old female dog that we have, is definitely good portion border terrier, though she definitely is a mutt. this was such a cool video to run into because its the two breeds I've had!

  17. shadow814 says:

    Frankly, Schnauzers have to be the ugliest breed of dog i have ever seen. Secondly, borders are best. BORDERline perfect!(pun intended)! My little border terrier has the most human like expressions. She is human to me. I forget she is just a dog. She is the Einstein of the doggy world. When she is not busy being the best companion ever, she is running around on her long legs playing doggy tennis or going for a run. She is so adorable and loved, she even sleeps with me. And she is so loyal and dedicated and CUTE! She knows all sorts of words and can do so many tricks! I used to love all dogs, but i will never get anything but a border terrier ever again. Once you get one of these dogs, you wont stop having borders. I cant understand how schnauzers are more popular! Borders or nothing! BORDERS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?❤?❤??

  18. Bill Hunt Illustration says:

    How about Australian Cattle Dog vs Australian Shepherd or Border Collie?

  19. Samantha Brainard says:

    There are white schnauzers as well. 🙂 Sorry if you said that I just didn’t hear it!

  20. Zer o says:

    Border terrer i have one

  21. Levente AS says:

    Miniature Snauzer vs Gigant Snauzer

  22. sol m says:

    answer: there both good doggos

  23. Marcus Harding says:

    Had two schnauzer’s when I was growing up…. brilliant dogs however I have had a few different breeds and they all have their own personalities currently got a border cross pug and to be fair I couldn’t choose one

  24. Nadia Villareal says:

    i have a 3 yr old Grey & White Mini Schnauzer and a Wheaten 7 mth old Border Terrier

  25. Shane Holley says:

    Mini Schnauzers, not even close

  26. Anita Long says:

    Love my schnauzer!!

  27. Rhondda Murray says:


  28. Lisa Henderson says:

    Love my Schneider!

  29. k_TOOTELL 11 says:

    You suck

  30. Scott Bland says:

    My husband and I have a 19yo Border named Kenzo. He is mostly blind and deaf, and has cancer but is still going strong and we love him to death (literally?) even with all his issues, he is independent, fearless, sweet and always up for an adventure – but definitely will need his nap time after a spirited romp. I can’t really say he is a cuddler, he never has been, but he absolutely does love to be near his humans.

  31. Karl Humphreys says:

    There's a reason mini schnauzers are so popular. So much personality. Loyalty, love, humour, mischief. If you have a mini in your life you know how blessed you are.

  32. kellyoxlade says:

    Border terrier all the way! I have 2 myself ❤️

  33. marilyn morgan says:

    Border terrier now. Schnauzer 50 yrs. ago.

  34. Andrew Dawson says:

    Miniature Schauzer any day !!! Best dog breed ever

  35. GiraffeGirl Abby says:

    Definitely miniature schnauzer

  36. Gisela Rodriguez says:

    ?Miniature Schnauzer

  37. pinki slime star says:

    Minutare schnauzer best dogs rip mines f you if you mess around with my schnauzers

  38. Sharon Haan says:

    Prefer Border Terriers – had one for 16 years!

  39. hi says:

    Border Terrier is the best doggo??❤️

  40. Therapist Gus says:

    Look @ my profile pic lol #SCHNAUZERLIFE

  41. Patricia Cummings says:

    Border terrier all day long.

  42. Maxwell Roxy says:

    Schnauzers are my favorite. Have had a purebred and a schnoodle.

  43. Jewels Napier says:

    Minature Schnauzers are the absolute best dog ever!!

  44. Constance OBrien says:

    My Border Terrier, Fang, is my baby!

  45. Cheshire Homebrew says:

    Border terrier all day but that's probably because we have one.

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