Mission Impossible. Bottle Maze With Water For The Cat. 3 Levels

Level 1 * – Bottle of water Start. Exit Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Is this the end? Nooo!

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100 Responses

  1. CatPusic says:

    Which of the 3 levels did Pusic the cat like to go through? Write down your opinion in comments!

  2. Uciha sasuka 8bp says:


  3. Jeanna Kohlmüller says:


  4. Octa Ners says:

    That cat was cheating. No jump bro!

  5. Fernando Chauar says:

    Pusic lindo

  6. Wolf 5.0 says:

    Блин это минус ПРЫЖОК (JUMP)

  7. sonic fan bro says:

    Yay music

  8. Fiona Nguyen says:


  9. Василий Куралесов says:

    Кот просто перепрыгнет бутылки , умнейшее создание

  10. Player unkown says:

    Orang Indonesia Mana suara bar barnyaaaaa……

  11. Весёлый Хомячок says:

    Видео прикольное, но мне кажется, что второй уровень был легче первого!!!)))(*_*)♥♦

  12. Ehaanzz Skuy says:

    Orang Indonesia mana niii??

    Bantu subscribe channel ku yok. Gratis kook he he


  13. MultiTomcat67 says:

    Pusic cheated all 3 times.

  14. Aizal Kazuya says:

    so cute

  15. Казума Сато says:

    милый котик

  16. Yunita Prastika Dewi says:

    Miss pusic cat playing with your little boy daddy❤

  17. Anton JUST says:


  18. Anton JUST says:

    In level tree

  19. Глуханова Марина says:

    Смешной кот ?

  20. Vera Torop says:

    Очень рада знакомству с таким позитивным, сообразительным, очаровательным и пр. … котяшкой!

  21. Татьяна says:

    Ну вы замарочились

  22. Марина Борисова says:

    СПС, три уровня… Первый с нормальной нагрзкой, во втором уровне с психологическим перегрузом( давлением) и настрой мозга сместился ( дезориентировался) из-за этого третий легкий уровень он не захотел легко и быстро закончить и вернулся чтобы "выгрузить" – разгрузиться… СПС, еще раз. Очень полезно в 21 веке…

  23. Лина Малина says:

    Почему я это смотрела?))

  24. Danila Danila says:

    La gattina penserà educatamente : ma che ti dice la testa?

  25. Mantas Dainys says:

    All i want to say is that your cat is cheater.:D

  26. Natasha Natasha says:

    Какой красивый и умный котик!

  27. ComeGetUs YHWH says:

    That kitty doesn't mess around survival tactics ????????


    Dude… Get a girlfriend !

  29. Кецаль Коатль says:

    Перепрыгивать бутылки это читерство, бан коту.

  30. Joe Griego says:

    This cat is the spitting image of my tuxedo cat, Hobbes, that passed away early this year. I had him for 18 years and miss him so much. Watching these videos let's me pretend he is still around.

  31. Marina Styranevskaya says:

    Ой, я прямо вся изнераничалась… Барсик, разбомби всё нафиг и беги!!!

  32. Nina Pantyuhova says:

    Супер кот,

  33. Анатольевна 17 says:

    Зайчик такой)

  34. Анатольевна 17 says:

    Good boy)

  35. Светлана Дорощик says:

    Когда мужику делать нечего …

  36. clever clover says:

    This was awsome! I LOVE cats! Just subscribed

  37. Максим Ларченко says:

    На что человек способен когда опущенный и не дают феминистки,нет друзей ,в Росси некогда ерундой заниматься такой

  38. Nina Pollo says:

    Sweet at Exit Special Treat waiting

  39. TMS says:

    Cat: I live with an idiot with way too much time on his hands!

  40. SAPFIR says:

    Для котов нет преград.

  41. Nur Wahyudi says:

    Cheat wkwk

  42. nancy ketron says:

    I think Pusic liked the third one best

  43. Ian Newton says:

    Human: uses maze
    Cat: uses jump

  44. Peer X says:

    Cat is cheating a lots of times.

  45. bebé chirris says:

    Oye pinché loco pobre gato

  46. Fam E says:

    He soo cute )

  47. Sam Daniele says:

    He's a clever cat that one!!/
    He knew there was more fun to be had in there (on that 3rd one..)
    Thats why he went back!!
    He knew he finished it the 1st time so quickly that u had made it for him for a challenge,..
    So he didnt want it to be over so quik..
    So he went back to beginning to see what the challenge was…

    Clever little puss..
    Do u have anymore of these videos?

  48. Boss Rhoda says:

    This cat is just too smart love u

  49. Сергей Фастовец says:

    Кошка находит кратчайший путь до цели и это и так все знают

  50. Екатерина Лукьянчик says:

    Ой,а я его узнала,это же тот котик,что хозяин подрабатывал у него официантом,очень красивый и умный милашка.

  51. damsideau says:

    A cat in the catacombs trying to find the way out lolz

  52. Иван Иноземцев says:

    Спасите кошек https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ6xBYEfnMM

  53. Simple Video says:

    check out my latest video about crazy cat attacking people??

  54. Yulia_And says:

    Когда в отпуске нечем заняться…?

  55. miss miss says:

    Great cat

  56. Purry Furry says:

    How meow! ??

  57. Meow The Cat says:

    Wow sweet! ?

  58. karina ibacache says:

    Ami me gusto

  59. I have to wait 90 days to change my FREAKIN NAME says:

    Toooooooo easy

  60. I have to wait 90 days to change my FREAKIN NAME says:

    Impossible the cat jump over the bottles??????

  61. room s says:

    Like it so much. If difficulties then just jump over it. It's a big lesson for human. Don't afraid of any problem. Just jump over it. Hats off meow cat. So good looking cat. It's called beauty with brain. Well done catty

  62. Pamela Phipps says:

    i love cats

  63. Abby Ahmed says:

    Man she/he would like jump over bottle:hah pusic:jumps over bottle bottle:WAAAAAAAAAHH that would be like that

  64. windows xp says:

    2:07 где скачать песню?

  65. Laura Restrepo 2 says:


  66. Gillian Campbell says:

    Looks like he enjoyed 3 the most, he did it twice-ish. Level 2 was the easiest though.

  67. Noel Parayao says:

    The cheater cat

  68. Галина Мур says:

    Да это же самый чистый носик!!! Умничка!!!

  69. fishbone says:

    да вы заебали пиздеть тут на английском

  70. Lionblaze's Channel says:

    this made me think of the game cats are liquid.

    "the cat had been wandering through these maze-like rooms for what felt like forever."
    "Her owner started acting weirdly, and locked her in here."
    "He said she reminded her of someone."
    "She couldn't remember who."

  71. Love Roses says:

    1:06 "your videoing me again dude?"

  72. Алька-Алька says:


  73. Maria Rosa says:

    Q bueno trayner tour cat es genial. Porque en los estados unidos hace anos q hacen esto y en animal planeta me gustó el programa tour masnt love Cats y es q allá si q son fanáticos d olla Cats pero aquí en Latinoamérica no es así. Espero q algún día eso cambie ya q creo q los gatos son más populares q los perros en internet hay siempre más vídeos de gatos y además desde Cleopatra hasta ell millonario q era unfashionista el Karl langierfield le dejo unos millones a su gato y creo q el es el 2 o 3en el mundo en hacer esto son importantes en la historia

  74. subhrajyoti saha says:

    Three levels are not hard

  75. Aland Kurdi says:

    Hell no he/she is cheating

  76. I’m Yilin says:

    When the cat was doing level one I already found a way out

  77. Aleck Ross says:

    Cat Pusic: We have many bottles on the way. I 'll bomb it all now! He-he-he.

  78. Hafizik says:

    How much water bottles did you use?

    CatPusic: y e s

  79. Hekary says:

    you have a lot of water bottles, and free time

  80. Cece Pulcini says:

    My cat would run right through the bottles because shes not very smart… And then she would probably go and poop on the couch

  81. Jodie Stella says:

    2:39 target acquired

  82. The Crazy Hippie says:

    Absolutely beautiful cat!

  83. Golly gacha lover Gacha lover says:

    Cheater ?

  84. Golly gacha lover Gacha lover says:

    And your youtube should be called cat tastic

  85. The Mag Z Richie says:

    Everyone don't say just cat… His name is Pusic.

  86. Norbert Zdunek says:

    How hard levels was:

    LV 1: Hard
    Lv 2: Easy
    LV 3: Medium

  87. Zooming Eevee says:

    I'm both surprised and amazed at how careful Pusic was when he/she didn't knock any bottles over

  88. XXXShift says:

    Level 2 was easier than level 1 by a landslide

  89. XXXShift says:

    Level 1 was the hardest

  90. CuzGoldieCan says:

    You can never have too much water!

  91. Along Die says:

    Nice cat bro miuw

  92. Pragya K says:

    Why was this in my recommendation?

  93. Gacha meifwa says:

    u do alot for ur cat it shows how much u love him (by the way i sub cause i love how nice u are to ur cat and ur vids) ?

  94. Estou de Olho says:


  95. Super Leni says:

    I hate cats they would cheat or destroy everything or don't do it at all or or or…

  96. SPARTACUS- Fortnite says:

    XD Level 2 is dificult ???

  97. BLOXI COLA says:

    Bottles: we will win
    Cat: jump over bottles

  98. Marianne Florio says:


  99. Monkey Channel says:

    All those water bottles better be recycled when you finish them

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