Mittu (Dog) | Man’s Best Friend | MJ | (English Subs)

Shh!! Stay here Mom Oh! You reached! Mom What is it There is only both of us in this house right Yes. So what? Just come here what’s wrong? what are doing the first thing you came from school just come mom Mom! Mom! Please Mom! He too is alone Mom. Please mom Come! Come! lets go play !! Hey! You should not come to school Just stay here I am telling you right. Just stay here we can go play in the evening you can’t come to school what shall i name you? Yes!! Mittu Mittu, You can’t come to school OK! Stay here Bye! No one can understand the words you speak There is no relation like you anywhere There is no logic in this friendship between us Lets go buddy as sky is the only limit Stay with me always as my own Without learning, without hearing any words i hug u heartedly without missing a brother i have u as my own now from your love I will tell from my heart, my innocent bodyguard My friend My friend! lets go!! Hello!! Arjun!! I only have Arjun’s memories here so i am going to stay in my brother’s home for a while Mittu!! Mittu!! Mittu!! Aunty! How are you! i am fine its been so long. My brother’s daughters marriage so i came to meet kamala Ok aunty bye Mittu Are you still waiting for Arjun? He won’t come mittu Friend. Oh my friend in your love i lived my life you stole my heart you have changed my life My life and relation are you you just crossed my path My tears my smiles Everything is you

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