More Awesome Videos on ellentube!

– People are uploading all kinds
of things to ellentube, and today, I want to share
a few with you. These are some of my favorites
I’ve seen. This a little girl. She fell asleep
behind the wheel. [motor whirring] – Fell asleep
driving a car. [laughter] [laughs] – Ah. Tough day
at the playground and then falls asleep
driving home. I guess–that’s
a safe neighborhood, I suppose. That’s going in circles
in the street. Here’s a very
photogenic dog. – Scrap, do you want
to take a selfie? Ready?
Smile. [laughter and applause] – It’s not technically a selfie
’cause he wasn’t taking it, but I allow it. This is a very cute baby. [vacuum whirring] – [squealing] [laughter] – I don’t think you have
to really have the vacuum on. Just the baby
cleans up the floor by itself. And here is– this is
very frustrating for a while, but trust me,
it’s worth watching. This is a bulldog
trying to solve a problem. He has a bone. He’s very excited.
He wants to take it outside. And no. [laughter] Nope. “Please, I just want
to get outside. “Oh, I’m so excited
to take my bone outside. “Lady, can you help me?
Could you please– “No?
All right, I’ll do it myself. “Okay.
No. “Oh, gonna try
a different approach. “Maybe if I come
from the other way, “I can get it this way. “Okay, I got it.
No, no, no. “Come on.
Please. “I just want–
I just–Oh. “Help me.
I–No. “Oh, oh, almost. I got it!” [cheers and applause] Oh, it’s frustrating,
but then it makes you happy. Please keep posting your videos
on ellentube. I like watching them.

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