“Morning Dew” — a bad lip reading of Bruno Mars, feat. Lady Gaga and Jay-Z

That dope fiend wanted to strip naked and think Now she’s rolling like a pimp, yeah Drive a Mexican cab to the store Stink and sweat out the juice we got in there What it is, I’m a night trauma life guard Chicken never hurt me I’m a good flavor top dog See me on my float in my bronze tuxedo Stop me at the club, I’m Han, you’re Greedo You got a trophy when you won that thing Don’t freak if your XBOX ain’t a pay phone Tonight after wine I’ma knock you in the head, and then Knock that out If I had a furry pet monkey right here Keep wanting your morning dew You’re my pizza man, my pizza man I like spastic golden toys Keep wanting your morning dew This huge pizza’s made with cheese and broccoli I’ma teach y’all how to scrape out the sink drain [How to scrape out the sink drain] Stop the drama Before I get the sniffles Boom Bring me my shovel and make one wish Yeah, who wants to see me give a rock to a fish? Whoopsie daisy, someone’s in my backseat Eatin’ orange slices, think they took my coffee Went to the club, got a jawbreaker We about to party balls Cuz I’m a rainmaker Ay o, girl, you should try them chicken fingers instead of that pizza Mirror, mirror, on my floor Am I the prettiest at the store? Kick it Keep wanting your morning dew You’re my pizza man, my pizza man I like spastic golden toys Keep wanting your morning dew This huge pizza’s made with cheese and broccoli I’ll knock you out Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I got ten pounds of peanut brittle And the little poodle got it’s coat on Mirror, mirror, on my floor Am I the prettiest at the store? Is this Idaho? Because I will NOT limbo in Idaho.

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100 Responses

  1. Greg Casillas says:

    This is just so phenomenal in so many ways.

  2. The Pursuit of Happiness says:

    pizza pizza everywhere and we all know what it means now…. right?

  3. Francisco A. Picado says:

    This song has since replaced my expected reaction to the Bruno Mars videoclip.

  4. Victory Valladares says:

    It's true, don't ever make a child thick toast. You know hard it is to down it?

  5. Rye Raze says:

    Grande taco!

  6. SteveAAF says:


  7. marshall acosta says:

    I’m not lying when I say this but I get sad listening to this

  8. robuk1981 says:

    Lady GaGa stole Peter Dinklage's Porsche 🙁

  9. Ja Rod says:

    I, too, like spastic golden toys.

  10. Albrecht Weyrother says:


    Nearly brilliant 21 seconds.

  11. kaitlyn cooper says:

    Now this…

    Is quality content👌 army approved!

    (Plz like my comment 😐)

  12. tom jonson says:

    guy's you are awesome! get out of your hole to the top of billboard 100… love it.

  13. Michael Anas says:

    Why is this so good???????????
    BLR songs are amazing!

  14. 653477 says:

    Who is watching in 2019. This is just pure Gold !!

  15. Purple Noodles says:

    Who is here in 2019?! Revisiting my childhood lmao

  16. Arcal says:

    I like spastic golden toys.

  17. Incy Vortex says:

    This is probably one of my favorites.

  18. An Huynh says:

    This pizza's made from cheese and broccoli

  19. TH00PERMAN ow says:


  20. dear boss says:

    why does jayz insist on saying sniffwls?

  21. Blurryface011607 says:


  22. placidandy says:

    Stop me at the club, I'm Han you're Greedo. Daaaaaaaaaaammnnn

  23. naju Al-saqer says:

    I come back to this song every year . So good 👍🏼

  24. China Raven says:

    This is actually a brilliant stand-alone track.

  25. Joseph Taylor says:

    Listening to it on 1.25 speed you’ll thank me later

  26. capone says:

    I'm Han you're Greedo that bar actually hard as fuck

  27. Rick Harrison says:

    the bruno parts are so spot on it’s scary.

  28. Pál Laurinyecz says:

    The golden age of BLR.

  29. MadMullo01 says:

    This is a pretty awesome beat and the Jay z rap has so cool rhymes well done mix.

  30. Elephant Shoes says:

    I came back to put this on my workout playlist. Who's weird Al again?

  31. bigbiff38 says:

    Ya know… I WOULD like to see him give a rock to a fish. I think that would be awesome.

  32. Meizar Farizky says:

    …thats not how you spell porsche

  33. Rasmus Herold says:

    879 limbo lovers from Idaho swung by

  34. Nicole C says:

    now THIS was entertainment

  35. Amelia Mae says:

    Lol love it so much

  36. Thomas Kinkade says:

    She's extremely white in this video. I thought she was Die Antwoord.

  37. Julia Brown says:

    I can't wait until twenty years from now, when we can actually find out who The Bad Lip Reader is, and get the full story. These creations are genius,

  38. MrGrantgregory says:

    Most Underrated BLR music video ever

  39. Franz Pattison says:

    Man the song doesn't improve the shitty video

  40. Stephanie Wagner says:

    Is this Idaho…’cause I wouldn’t limo in Idaho…

  41. Violet Woodley says:

    Three COMPLETELY different songs+Bad lip reading=better more awesome amazing song!
    Honestly, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z should be jealous.
    And HONORED.

  42. Violet Woodley says:

    Like, even the DANCING it in sync, and you don't have control over that!

  43. Ember Glo The Undead Vampyress says:

    Stop the drama before I get the sniffles!!!

  44. Megan Moz says:


  45. Buck Dog says:

    “I’m Han, you’re Greedo,” is actually a great lyric.

  46. Multi fandom Trash ;-; says:

    Mirror, mirror, on the floor

    Am I the prettiest at the store?

    Mom: Of course, hun 🙂

  47. Ember Glo The Undead Vampyress says:

    Best song by Lady Gaga ever.

  48. wacpj19 says:

    Whoopsie-daisy, someone's in my back seat eating orange slices. Think they took my coffee.

  49. Nicholas Lienandjaja says:

    Pizza with cheese and broccoli = San Francisco pizza (Lady Gaga apparently loves the pizza that Anger hates in Inside Out)

  50. Phone Without Question says:


  51. Cow Lover Williams says:

    what the heck… lol makes no sense but is great

  52. Tina MacLeod says:

    I love it

  53. Jacob Francis says:


  54. xd Ranga06 says:

    Lol 😂 this is actually really funny !!

    Lady Gaga: “I like spastic golden toys” 😂

  55. Mister Butterfly says:

    Awesome sauce but make a tron version or

  56. Matthew Brumley says:

    I jam to this music regularly, doesn’t matter if it’s comedy or not. It gets the blood moving.

  57. Abbie Rae says:

    Yes. Aunt Sharona Hates A Puppet.

  58. Purple Midknight says:

    Man, I love this still lol. I remember when i found that "Grande Taco" part to be the funniest shit in the world at the time. lmfao

  59. Lynsey Jayne says:

    This is a great song !!!!!

  60. ManOnHorizon says:

    I always crack when Bruno's so happy about being able to knock me out with his crown 🙂

  61. Ramad Jones says:

    "See me on my flow, in my bronze tuxedo, stop me at the club – I'm Han, you're Greedo" DUDE. That line shouldn't be in a parody video. That was legit fire.

  62. Michael Chevrefils says:

    I stop listening to all these songs over and over again. Better then my metal playlist

  63. King MultiGenre says:

    Makin happy on my floor, got a stiffle. Boom. Who wants to see me give a rock to a fish? -Jay-Z

  64. Michael Chevrefils says:

    6.1 million views. That's me watching over and over again….

  65. RanMouri82 says:

    I'll make sure never to make a sick child thick toast.

  66. Nicole Jen says:

    I miss this omg!! It been so long since I seen this

  67. Wow Poops says:

    What is the original Jay Z video?

  68. Meme Graveyard says:

    Imagine almost 10 years of getting salty because some shlub made a better song as a parody.

  69. Connor Lytle says:

    I was the guy in the back eating orange slices and drinking his coffee.

  70. Kathleen Martawan says:

    Going on a YouTube nostalgia tour. Man I still remember ALL the words! Frick old YouTube will always hold a special place in my heart

  71. Fabiana Trindade says:

    Who's the prettiest at the store? It's yu. Yeaash yu are! 💕

  72. Veggie Whxre says:

    If I had a furry pet monkey right here then I’d take him out to shady pine and get a cold beer!

  73. KickyFut says:

    I also wouldn't limbo in Idaho!

  74. Cleison Barbosa says:

    Boto fé

  75. Michael Chevrefils says:

    Wtf. Original song or what. Sounds awesome anyway

  76. AshAsh Saphirez says:

    This should be on the radio

  77. Jen Sulak says:

    Pizzzzza mannnnnnn

  78. Melinda Burge says:

    I won't limbo in Idaho either, Jay-Z. And to me, broccoli and cheese pizza sounds doable. But why can't Gaga take both eye pieces away from her face at the same time, huh?

  79. Oscar Silver says:

    Just when I think they are out there, they fly over the moon. Wow. Amazing job guys

  80. Mike says:

    Friend: So what kind of music do you listen to?
    Me: Yes

  81. Anne Munro says:

    891 people will not limbo in Idaho.

  82. Arthur Fields says:

    This one deserves to be at the top of the list. It's seriously a wonderful track!

  83. heather dawn pipke says:

    Top notch crew you have there

  84. fathima nihal says:

    Why are you demonitized?

  85. Migikun says:

    It’s been years, but is no one going to mention 0:44?

  86. M. H. says:

    can we appreciate that the rap lyrics to this song is better than rap lyrics nowadays???
    "eyo, girl. you should try them chicken fingers, instead of that pizza."
    like dude, i can take this and make it into a whole entire new beautiful metaphorical meaning

  87. Stable Condition says:

    celebs parodying they own jazz big props yo

  88. GhosTY-FR says:

    8 years later <3

  89. Mattjamco says:

    The production that goes into these is insane

  90. J4W4L L1N says:

    Still, the best video you've done

  91. Marie Garrett says:

    I too like spastic golden toys!

  92. victrola2007 says:

    Timeless classic

  93. Goldy m/ says:

    I like spastic golden toys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. Sure Thing says:

    still the best video on this channel

  95. Violet Woodley says:

    W H O W A N T S T O S E E M E G I V E A R A T T O A F I S H

  96. Yan Jose says:

    I just love BLR <3

  97. Magnus Damzog says:

    Do they still give awards for music videos?

  98. Gan Khef says:

    This editing is astonishing.

  99. Kari says:

    Lol. I love seeing/hearing Jay-Z Saying, "Whoopsie Daisy." Too awesome! Haha Haha!!!

  100. FANCYPANTS says:

    Where did the Goblin Cock version go?

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