Most EXPENSIVE Dogs In The World!

From the powerful Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
to the nearly extinct Lowchen, here are 10 of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. 10: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Most people know that modern day dogs are
closely related to the wild wolf, but it looks like the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is as close
as they can get. The relatively new breed looks almost exactly
like a wolf, and was made by combining German Shepherds and Carpathian Wolves. Priced at close to $1000 USD per pup, the
wolfdog is an amazing combination of powerful and trainable. The wolf dogs were actually used in Czech
Special Forces, and have also been used in hunting and rescue operations. Obedient and brave, they are known to defend
their masters but require special leadership from their owners, due to their inbred pack
mentality. They are mostly used as guard dogs, and are
very sturdy and large animals, able to survive many conditions. Despite their somewhat intimidating appearances,
many wolfdogs are good with children, despite their more reserved attitude around strangers,
but it is important they are familiar with humans from a young age. Regardless, the general rarity and the usefulness
of the breed are what make for a hefty price tag, but it’s still far from the most expensive. 9: Saluki Known as the Persian Greyhound, the Saluki
is an ancient dog breed from old Egypt, Mesopotamia and the surrounding area. Even in the times of the pharaohs, tribes
used to use the vision and hunting skills of Salukis to kill prey in the desert. They have long legs and a big chest, and they
usually hunt prey by running it down. Even though the greyhound is one of the fastest
dog breeds, Salukis are actually faster over longer distance. They are able to clock in close to 42 miles
per hour, and are known for their stamina. Not normally playful, they are sensitive dogs
and are not easily trainable. (Kind of like cats!) However in ancient times, they were able to
coordinate with hawks and camels to bring down prey for their masters. They should normally remain leashed in public
spaces and are not known to be a good breed to be left alone. These graceful breeds are worth close to $2,500
for their amazing and ancient pedigree. 8: Peruvian Inca Orchid With origins from before even the ancient
Incas, comes the Peruvian Inca Orchid, one of the least dog-looking dogs out there. The most noticeable part of the dog is it’s
almost completely hairless, with chocolate or elephant grey colouring. Fast and loyal, the Orchid is hardy and can
survive in almost any climate that we can! Very smart, they are easy to train and will
understand boundaries and commands. They are considered somewhat hypoallergenic
due to their lack of hair and they can almost also be considered tick and flea resistant
because of it. One of the few dog-breeds colonizers found
living in the Inca-empire, they are very used to humans and make great pets. They nearly went extinct after Spanish forces
invaded modern day Peru, but local superstitions that the dogs were magical helped them survive. Not cheap, the Peruvian Inca Orchid can fetch
close to $3000 per dog. 7: Azawakh Another ancient and greyhound-looking, long
legged beauty is the African Azawakh. It was mostly used as a hunting dog for different
tribes in modern day Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. Almost cat-like in the way it moves, the Azawakh
is known for its speed and graceful presence. They are known to be extremely close and affectionate
with their owners, while more guarded around strangers, making them a great protector dog. Being from warm climates, they are very well
adapted to the heat and have been known to run in over 100-degree weather! (Fahrenheit that is). They are one of the few dog breeds which are
able to hunt gazelle and other speedy prey by running at over 40 miles per hour! They are loyal and independent, and while
unpopular in North America, they are beginning to get a following of breeders. These runners are also pretty expensive, often
costing over $3000 each, still most owners find it more than worth it. 6: Akita Akitas are one of the internet’s favorite
canine pals. These fluffy Japanese dogs are well known
and largely sought after by many North American dog owners. They were originally used in feudal Japan
as protectors of noble families and are still known for their proud demeanor. They are fearless and have even been used
to hunt animals as large as a bear. Their large heads and powerful bodies are
trademarks of the dogs and while they do pretty well with strangers, they are known to be
completely loyal to family members. Many call the breed stubborn and say that
the Akita likes to follow owners from room to room and seems to almost try to communicate
with them. They love to use their mouths and can be easily
trained to retrieve newspapers or slippers. Akitas also have some distinctly feline features
despite there over 100 pound muscular bodies. They clean themselves by licking just like
cats and even stalk their prey in the same way. They need proper training in order to bond
with their owners and normally shouldn’t have a third party trainer. Intelligent and willful, the Akita is an amazing
dog breed, but the pricetag of over $4500, can make it hard for dog lovers to get one
of their own. 5: Rottweiler The loyal and intimidating Rottweiler, is
well known for its power. They were bred to pull old carts for butchers
and were even used to herd cattle. This intelligent animal is originally from
Germany, and is very protective of its owners. Despite their fearsome and aggressive reputation,
most Rottweiler owners actually say the breed is somewhat more relaxed and even gentle with
family members. They require lots of training in order to
find their place within the pack and are therefore not recommended for beginner dog owners. They also have to be properly exposed to others
and trained to be social so that they don’t become overly protective. In fact, this has lead some cities to ban
the dog altogether due to some incidents involving the breed. Despite this, Rottweilers are social animals
and love to be a part of the family. In fact, their loyalty and obedience made
them one of the earliest police and military dogs. That loyalty has a hefty price, and while
it fluctuates wildly between bloodlines, some can cost over $6000! 4: Pharaoh Hound Another ancient breed is the luxurious Pharaoh
Hound, the national hound of Malta. It is said that in ancient times the breed
could be seen hunting gazelles alongside ancient Pharaohs, giving the breed it’s name. Very intelligent and affectionate, the Pharaoh
hound is normally an easygoing breed that is very friendly to any who have the pleasure
of meeting one. Somewhat independent, these dogs still love
attention from their owners and are great at playing with other dogs and children. The most adorable part of the breed is that
it is actually able to blush, and their cheeks and ears will be bright red when excited or
happy. One of the most loving dogs on the planet,
they can even be taught to smile! They are pretty vocal and known as barkers
but mostly bark when left alone. This happy go-lucky animal is used to hunting
prey by its owner’s side and is comfortable meeting new people and exploring new areas. This regal sunshine dog can be worth up to
$6,500…and that’s something that only the dog can smile about. 3: Tibetan Mastiff The huge and powerful Tibetan Mastiff is as
expensive as it is devoted. Normally a guard dog, this breed is known
for being a hard worker. For centuries, they have worked side by side
with people in the mountains of Tibet and are very used to human interaction. A quiet and stubborn dog, they will usually
listen to their owners, but when they believe they are right, there is no arguing with a
Tibetan Mastiff. They are extremely protective and can sometimes
be a little territorial. They will normally not allow many visitors
in their house, however if they are trained to be social from a young age, this shouldn’t
be a terrible issue. While more than a little assertive, they are
unflinchingly loyal and beautiful pets that care deeply for their owners. This massive breed can grow to be 160 pounds! Good thing too because it needs this size
to protect the livestock it guards from predators, like tigers. No joke. The Tibetan Mastiff can cost up to $7000 but
it’s still cheaper than a human bodyguard. 2: Samoyed The fluffy and white Samoyed is the Siberian
ball of adorableness, popular for their distinct appearance. They are actually used in many northern countries
to pull sleds and even hunt reindeer. The Samoyed’s furry coat helps keep it warm,
and it will even share its warmth with cold owners by laying on top of them on chilly
nights. Friendly and dignified, the breed is very
comfortable around humans and can even be seen to smile when excited. A social animal, it is pretty friendly around
new people, though it can sometimes be more than a little talkative. The fluffy coat is beautiful but prone to
shedding, so don’t wear your nice, static-y black sweater around them. However some weavers can use the fur to create
amazingly warm and beautiful jackets and scarves. Companion, heater, friend, and sweater all
rolled into one! All this comes for a price as the Samoyed
is as expensive as it looks at around $8000. 1: Lowchens The rare and royal Lowchen is the pinnacle
of prices. In fact, some bloodlines can cost around $10,000! Known as “little lions”, they are tiny
dogs that were very popular with European nobility around 400 years ago. They were groomed to look like little lions
on purpose and it was often used as a foot warmer for the ladies! Many of these prestigious pooches can be found
in paintings as far back as the renaissance, living in beautiful and luxurious conditions. Social and easily trained, these dogs almost
always place high in dog competitions. They get along with other pets and are great
at adapting to different lifestyles. It sheds little to no hair so they are great
for people who have allergies, so that’s definitely a plus! While at one point they had the title for
rarest breed in the Guinness Book of World Records in the early 1960’s, that title
has been taken away by the Glen of Imaal Terrier, or something like that, although they are
still considered rare. Interesting fact, there are more Giant Pandas
in the world than the Glen of Imaal Terrier! A friendly breed, most owners consider their
playful and loving attitude more than worth the high price tag that comes along with the
breed due to it’s rarity. Thanks for watching…Do you have any of these
dogs? We’d love to hear about your pets in the
comments! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!!!

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100 Responses

  1. Jim Stogey says:

    My Dalmatian would smile and sneeze repeatedly whenever she greeted you. EVERYTIME WITHOUT FAIL. god i miss her so much.

  2. Jim Stogey says:

    Tortuous are better.

  3. kentheking89 says:

    Those are Shiba, not Akita that you show

  4. porter wade says:

    so much misinformation, and also lacking important cautions regarding some of these breeds. DO NOT rely on this to help in choosing a pet. do your own homework !!!

  5. Olia Vilchynska says:

    These prices aren't true. I'm getting a samoyed from a good breeder for usd1500. No close to 8000

  6. Dave says:

    Thumbs down for the clickbait thumbnail.

  7. 19grand says:

    No, Snoop Dogg? He's No.1 $50M?

  8. Aldranza M says:

    I had an akita/husky mix that I found in the street, one day under the rain. She was beautiful…I miss her

  9. Kendra Curtis says:

    Heckin expensive boyes.

  10. Kyan Freke says:

    RottWeilers arent that expensive.

  11. Deborah Cadman says:

    I have a lowchen. She cost less than the crossbreed Cavapoo that I also have. Not all the dogs featured in this video as Lowchens are actually Lowchens. There's a photo of a lasa apso in there. Lowchens have longer legs than Lasas.

  12. freeze96316 says:

    Well I'm getting two Samoyeds…. but I'm going to be rescuing.

  13. Christine Weissenfluh says:

    I have a chow chow

  14. Synia Carter says:

    can a silver lab be good for traning and fighting

  15. courag1 says:

    Samoyeds are not so expensive. We bought a Sammy without papers for $150.00 after having been given a male years earlier. The male was incredibly bright, the female we bought when the male was 13 years old to ease our children's grief as we knew he has old, he'd gone deaf and was losing his eye sight. We loved them both very much, the female lived till 13, also went blind and deaf. Since then we had a Siberian Husky who also died of old age and we now have a 8 yr. old female German Shepherd we've had since a pup. Of all the dogs, the current one is the most intelligent. All great dogs, all very loving. The best thing to keep blood pressure normal for my husband, is having a dog to snuggle with as he watches TV.

  16. KostasSiderisBarista says:

    I paid 3k for my gamebred pitbull

  17. Hiep Nguyen says:

    Phu quoc dog breed 10.000£

  18. Kathi T says:

    Where are you getting your prices??? They are way off.

  19. Danielle V says:

    I have a blue heeler lab mix. Even though be doesn't blush he does smile 🙂

  20. Spock the Dog says:

    bull shit for idiots… wake up.

  21. Jessinya says:

    They are VERY cute buuut

    I’ll just go with animal shelter dogs

  22. Kani Fuker says:

    British Bulldogs will set you back more money than 9 of these breeds but as for most expensive dogs look no further than a Greyhound. Do i need to explain?. NO.

  23. Jay Zhou says:

    how is a lowchen that look like a mop remotely look like a lion?

  24. lovelines Ghemz says:

    i have a Rottweiler dog…

  25. Hey_itz_jordyn says:

    Wolf dog serials it's a husky

  26. Nate and Isaac says:

    I love dogs

  27. Aurora says:

    I have a labrador. Bet none of you have ever heard of those.

  28. kim_ch says:

    My rottie was only like $1500 CAD, and he’s a pedigree dog… they’re pricey but not that pricey LOL

  29. josiane ngalibali says:

    I have a chow chow

  30. ins4ne says:

    Arnt allllllllllllllllllllllllllll Dog'+ Cat's +Kitten's+Puppies EXPENSIVE!

  31. ins4ne says:

    I have 2 hamter's name Mocha And pastashio

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  33. Tiga DaSavage says:

    I am tibetan

  34. Equestrian life I says:

    Uh greyhounds are the fastest dogs sorry to say

  35. Don Romeo says:

    My dad and stepmother have a Samoyed! Or I thought so until I saw the pricetag! Perfectly relaxed with people, gorgeous, but entirely self-interested, at least when older. Spends his life looking for a lucky break (usually food) with his family, and lying on the floor. Most of his day goes: lie down anywhere, think of getting up, get up, walk 12 ft, lie down again. Adorable smile though! And amazing coat.

  36. Juliana Castrogiovanni says:

    They didn’t say the price of the most expensive dog

  37. Jessica Cooke says:

    no I want the Tiberian Mastiff

  38. Emilio Gaviria says:

    Where is the snoop dogg ?

  39. John Lamp says:

    stop using thumbnails that have nothing to do with the fucking video

  40. faffaga jdjjdjd says:

    Lol i have Samoyed and got it for 200$ so not that much

  41. Issrat Rahman says:

    I have one Lowchen.. I got her as a gift.. But didn't know that it's that much expensive…

  42. Scotia McCombie says:

    You cant find a purebred Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Czechoslovakian Vlcak) for $1000 in Europe or UK. Plus, this information is somewhat incorrect – they do not make good guard dogs due to their breeding, which incidently is not "new" – but termed as "modern" (1955). Wolves, by nature are timid & will take flight to avoid conflict with humans wherever possible, CSV are driven & intelligent dogs who also tend not to bark – preferring howls & other vocal expressions. The CSV is an exceptionally intelligent dog, with specific requirements BUT! It is NOT a wolf or wolf hybrid. Misrepresentation of these dogs lands countless puppies in rescues – they are a fantastic breed in the right hands, but not for the faint hearted.

  43. Shelley Greenfield says:

    My little cocker spaniel was a rescue dog who was sooo cheap she was 77 dollars 💵 what bargain price ever since she’s been my best friend and little sidekick to

  44. Allison Vo says:

    These are legit the cheapest dogs ever were I live their only 500-3500 dollars

  45. Bram Curtis says:

    My long haired German shepherd was 2500$

  46. Kathy Oubre says:

    Yes a I have a Rottweiler and he has a very long pedigree, however I can’t read it because it’s all in German. His mom and dad each cost $50,000. But I was very fortunate to pay only $1,800.00 for him. He is almost 10 now but has no gray hair anywhere. He is a magnificent dog and my best friend.

  47. Tarhata Hernandez says:


  48. Jay Bee says:

    5:09 That has got to be the ugliest Rottweiler I've ever seen it. It looks like it's half Golden Retriever.

  49. Uchiba Uki says:

    The most expensive dog breed is samoyed !

  50. Gregg Minkoff says:

    Fake prices.

  51. Cely says:

    i have one rottiewire and 1 tibeten massiff

  52. babypooh mejia says:

    I gave a rottweiler and it wasnt that much money all a lie

  53. Tan ia says:

    What about the Cavalier Spaniel? I was about to pay $4000 last month..

  54. Marcell G says:

    What a complete click bate thumbnail. No respect for this channel anymore.

  55. Frenzy Carl says:

    I have Tibetian mastiff it's pretty stubborn but kind

  56. Asmerelda Smith says:


  57. Lag says:

    Please do some research next time Samoyeds are only around $600 to $1500

  58. Lil’ForestWitch Raven says:

    The Akita is the Doge

  59. Lil’ForestWitch Raven says:

    The Lowchens looks like my dog Dasie’s Dad if so I got a lucky deal for her because i got her for the little of no money!

  60. Its Jaime123 says:

    My future dog is an Akita or an rottie

  61. Its Jaime123 says:

    My future dog is an Akita or an rottie

  62. Its Jaime123 says:

    I have a miniature pincher

  63. CHANTY xoxo says:


  64. Heather Berg says:

    Sa-moy–Ed… not how she pronounced it… poor doggos

  65. bunfun says:

    Part of the expense is the health bill that come with serious inbreeding deficiencies – what fun.

  66. Kellerman Christian says:

    This list is very wrong

  67. Joshua Church says:

    Rottweilers are very loyal to the family.

  68. S says:

    Azawakh dog is so ugly

  69. LIGHTNING BOLT says:

    I now that moivie I was cryong

  70. LIGHTNING BOLT says:

    Oh wrong one

  71. Katzztar says:

    I used to be a dog bather as a teen. While in that job, I experienced a lot of different breeds in that year, though only the Rottweiler was the only one on this list that I experienced. I actually encountered 3 Rotties, and they were the most well behaved dogs I had to deal with. Very well trained and socialized. One I didn't have to bathe, just trim his nails. I accidentally 'quicked' him, cutting the nail too far back and made it bleed. I was expecting this fully grown hulk to act like most other dogs I've seen when that happened; snap at  the groomer/bather. All he did was a quick lift of the lip as if to say 'ouch' then quickly resumed a serene expression. Not once did this rottie jump, snap or try to pull his paw out of my hand. I was impressed with his self control, and respected this big, powerful but peaceful dog. The others I encountered I actually had to bathe. Of course they were full grown and I couldn't lift them into the tub, I had to lead them up into the tub to bathe.  They were easy to lead and didn't fight or disagree …. unlike the trouble I had with most of cocker spaniels or yorkies.Of course Rotties can be excitable and aggressive if not well trained and properly socialized. My sister had one boyfriend that got a rottie puppy and he didn't train it, instead being rough with the poor pup. The idiot wanted the rottie pup to grow up aggressive .Grrr …

  72. friendly Killer says:

    The Chow chow is $3000 – $8500

  73. Jamielyn Gegner says:

    I have an Akita and she’s my little baby

  74. iljaky says:

    I have 4 akitas and they where only 1500 for 1

  75. Sunray 03 says:

    i have a fat bird

  76. #Max says:

    I love dog meat . yum

  77. B Selvaraj says:

    You guys are idiots. I don’t know were you get your facts from. In Australia you can get a Lowchen for $200- 2000 ,Rottweilers for $1500-2000

  78. switchbladekid says:

    $1,000 for a Wolfdog is nothing. Most purebreds in the L.A. area are at least that, and more likely to be $1,500 – $2,500.

  79. switchbladekid says:

    Okay, $4,000 for a Rottie and $8,000 for a Samoyed are bullshit, unless you're importing a champion show dog.

  80. Probably Not Angel says:

    Believe it or not we actually have a Samoyen….

  81. Blitzy Dragon says:

    Tibetan mastiff is not expensive in Mongolia

  82. Grace Brunstrom says:

    There was a red Tibetan mastiff that went for $1.9 million in China

  83. Animals Are Cute says:

    My best friend has a Samoyed and she is sooooo cute

  84. Wowflunky says:

    Not sure if the creator of this channel realizes this, but I think several of those photos for the Tibetan Mastiff were actually Caucasian shepherd (Ovcharka). Not easy to catch, and even now I'm not entirely sure because of how similar they are but the only reason I noticed was because of one photo and the fact I was looking into getting an Ovcharka at one time. Ovcharkas are like 5-6 grand and that's not including shipping to get them from Russia to anywhere, they were originally bred to fight off while bears in Russia iirc.

  85. Gacha Unicorn says:


  86. Boy Namdol says:

    I am Tibetan

  87. Evil Bikram says:

    5 german Shepard 1 malamute and 3 Rottweiler

  88. Roger Wee says:

    Most expensive Tibet Mastiff sold in China, USD$2 Million. Good bloodline pups are selling around USD$20,000

  89. vlog singapore says:

    1 dog in my country usually costs $3k and above

  90. Phu Vu says:

    akita has wolf eyes

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    I have a pitbull and Tibetan Mastiff

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    A samoyed does not cost 8k.

  96. Mozzarella_ says:

    Or you adopt for free

  97. FaZe Varieties says:

    My dog 2,509 and she just a POODLE MIXED lawchen

  98. Ana Miranda says:

    I had a possible Rottwiler mix, she was nice and friendly. I'm sure that she would have been protective, and teritoreal, if she had needed to be.

  99. Its Remoel gamer says:

    in Philippines we have many bisaya dog and the biggist flying Human is the manananggal

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