Mother French Bulldog Wants To Fight Her Own Puppy?! (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Don’t judge I didn’t want to wear this.. A dog fight? Bring it on! Let me go! She’s alright You got hurt again! Come here Mom : There’s a hole inside.. See! Look, there’s a hole! Sigh.. *Shivers* Dog that gets hit,
Geumsoon Daughter : Geumja is the mother, and Geumsoon is the daughter They always fight Gets angry just by looking at her daughter’s face.. Geumja, meat! Meat…?! I need no meat Need to scold my daughter first! I gotta teach her a lesson! Even tries to bite the owner Daughter : How dare you try to bite your own mother! PD : Man.. it’s no joke I’m sweating They fought once And got bitten, so I called 911 and took them to the ER It’s scary… They don’t even recognize the owner when they fight We prepared this for you guys who don’t recognize your owner Puts a stocking on Geumja’s head ??? Mom : It’s tight so she can’t open her mouth and bark Who am I… And why am I wearing this… Imma take this off man Here I go Again!! Glass.. Thanks for stopping their fight.. Time to spray Mom : It doesn’t work..? Useless Google said spraying lemon juice would work.. Huh? What’s this smell? She licks a lemon And eats it well.. Mom : I learned that dogs hate lemon But.. She’s even chewing on a sour lemon PD : When did this war start? Mom : It’s been a year Geumja brought up her daughter like the apple of her eye She didn’t even let us touch her daughter But ever since the precious daughter, Geumsoon Was sent for adoption, and came back The war started The daughter dog always barks when there’s strangers outside So Geumja bit her to tell her to stop barking But now that Geumsoon is big and strong.. She may have thought that she needs to protect herself from her mom As they fight.. Their hurt grows bigger What if they’re with other dogs? Geumja is normal Even has no interest in Geumsoon With this freedom, Geumsoon tries to play with the ball.. The war starts again Mom : Grab the leash!!! No! She’s hurting again! The fight gets worse.. They finally get separated Mom : Oh my god I don’t know what to do.. Geumsoon doesn’t even budge.. What happened to Geumsoon? Stay tuned for part 2!

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