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Hey you haven’t put the flowers, decorate the whole area with flowers. Dr. Jhatka is getting married and its not a joke, decorate the whole house like a bride. Why decorate like a bride, this house belongs to the groom and it has to be decorated like a groom. Oh my god, decorate like a bride, is just a proverb. Decide fast, should I decorate like a bride or a groom. Don’t put me off, decorate fast, I am the only one who is doing all the work. I don’t have any clue about you or Motu. I went to get a horse for Dr Jhatka. He will be sitting on that horse and go for the wedding. Oh my lord! Isn’t Dr Jhatka too old to sit on the horse? When he can marry in this age then why can’t he sit on a horse. All right, you decorate, let me see if Dr.Jhatka is ready or not. You look good, but where is Dr.Jhatka and who are you? I am Dr Jhatka, you did not recognize me? You, what have you put on your head, looks like a nest? Patlu where is Jhatka? Why has he not come down yet? Dr Jhatka is standing right in front of you, oh my lord! Hey, why do you look so scary? The bride will run away as soon as she sees you. Motu my brother how are you? All right, tell me how do I look? Brother you are looking very good, but who are you? You don’t look from the groom’s side, are you from the brides side? We are holding you so that you also don’t fly up like the way we had, this man you are talking to, is Dr Jhatka. What? Take it, hope all satisfied, now I look like Dr Jhatka. I swear on my patients this horse is very tall. I can’t sit on this horse than how will I reach the destination. And if I do not leave form here, how will I get married. Hurry up, wedding time is running out. May all bitter goes in your mouth. My wait has factured. Motu do something, how can the procession leave from here? We have to take Dr jhatka to the hospital. What I do, my mind doesn’t work while I am hungry, you just think. Idea! Hey, what are you doing? Stop! Stop! get me down. Just a moment, I can’t stop this, how do I control this? Give it to me I will do it. Sorry big brother. Hey somebody take that remote control from Motu. Hey are you taking me to get married or sending me to the heaven? Hey stop my dear brother, I am not going to take part in a race, I am going for my wedding. Motu Patlu get my horse back or else I won’t leave you. Let the horse go, we will take our groom in the car. No! It is not possible, once the groom leaves the house in a horse then he has to reach at brides place in a horse If he goes in a car then it will be an auspicious. After so many years I am getting married and everything is going wrong because of Motu. I won’t leave Motu, big brother don’t get angry, I will get that horse right now. Let us go and catch him from the backside. What is this sound? I am hungry my stomach is growling. Look at the horse, he is eating grass, can’t we have a samosa? Just keep quite and come with me or else Dr Jhatka will kill us. I felt like horse was laughing, Keep quite, horses do not laugh. Help! Oh! Aah! Ouch! Motu do something quickly, or else we will not be able to catch this horse. What can I do, my mind does not work while I am hungry, you just think. Idea! Here we have to think before we do something, let us go and climb on that mango tree. Yeah, I am also hungry, let us eat some mangoes. We are not going to eat mangoes, we have to catch that horse. We can only catch the horse when he climbs up on the tree, and how will he climb up the tree? Just keep quit and come with me. Hey!! Stop! Help! Somebody help, brother horse we have to take the groom. We are not the groom, it is somebody else, stop and listen Somebody hear us? Got saved. Oh my god! Oh stop in the name of law. Chingum sir where is your head? Swear in the name of law, swear in the name of mother India I won’t leave that horse. Stop. Oh my lord! Twenty year of my experience first time I am driving a rickshaw. Sir please drive the rickshaw fast, wedding time is running out. We have to search that horse soon. Swear on my patients, once I get married and then I won’t leave this Motu. fast more fast Ghasita I have to get married today. Oh my lord! Why did you put me in this situation? Mummy help. Hey dear horse, please stop, let my friend get married and then you can go wherever you want. Stop in the name of law, swear you on India, swear on mother of India. Oh my god! Chingum sir where are you? Come out fast. Help! Hey, from where did you come? Sorry big brother we have come from up and now we want to go down. Sorry we have to go up and not down. Stop. Help! hey why are you pulling my pants? what harm have I done to you? Hey horse please forgive us, let us goo yeah! Oh! Aah! Ouch! Samosa! Hey now wait and watch, you have troubled us a lot. Very good Motu don’t leave him, it’s question of my wedding. Very good motu, only you can control him. Come big brother, sit on this horse and let us go for the wedding. Very good Motu. Hey horse brother, this is the groom who is sitting you, because of him we were catching you. Forget everything and now take this groom to his destination. Help!

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