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Dr. Jhatka, are you going to open a saloon? No, I am doing an experiment on hairs. Patlu, look at me, how am I looking? Like a hero right? You are good the way you are. If I had good hair then even I would have looked more handsome, right Patlu? It is such a small matter, drink this medicine and get some good flowing hair. Hey Motu! What have you done? You drank the whole medicine, you just had to drink a small portion. You should have told about it before, you always give me half instructions. No worries, you will get a little more hair, get them cut then. Ok Dr. Jhatka now we are leaving. Good Morning sister, your hairs are beautiful. I have seen you somewhere, but your mustache is exactly like mine. A Mustache? How can sister have a mustache? Patlu!! What happened? Look here! So finally, you got, long thick flowing hair. You are laughing? Then what else should I do? Go and drink more medicine, now face it. Patlu, please do something, my mind doesn’t work on empty stomach. OK! Let me first tie your long flowing hair. Come on now let’s go to big brother. Hey sister, please tell me the secret of your long hair, I want to suggest it to my wife. Sorry sister, please tell me the name of that oil which you use? One minute! You are Motu, what is this new fashion? Are they real or artificial? Huh! They are real. But tell me how did this happen? Boxer brother, my mind is not ok right now, let me go. You refused me? So you have gained guts along with your hair? I will show you right now. Tea vendor bro, please give me few samosas fast. Come down if you want to have samosa. Motu! Motu takecare of your hair! How should I? Hey! Catch that lady, these accidents are taking place because of her hair. He is not a lady but a man and his name is Motu!! Chingam sir, come here fast, many accidents are happening because of Motu. Motu, stop in the name of law. What is this Motu? Tell me fast, you are under the swear of law. Madam stop! I mean Motu stop! I swear you in the name of law. Chingam sir, stop laughing and listen to me, Dr. Jhatka’s medicine. I don’t know anything about that. What all I know, so many accidents took place in just one minute because of Motu. Motu can’t roam around openly. Patlu, I am very hungry, please get some samosa for me. But how will the samosa reach you? You just get the samosa, I will tell you how to come up? Now it’s enough! Let’s go to Dr. Jhatka right now. Help!! Help!! My father has fallen in the well, please get him out. Help!! Don’t worry, catch this and come up. Thank you Motu brother, you saved my life, but what happened to your hair? Someone please do something. A bridge has collapsed over there, many people are stuck, how can we remove them? Come on Patlu. Don’t worry brothers. Come on, very good. Is anyone else left? Long live!! Motu brother, if you would not have come today then I guess we would all have never come back. Yes Motu brother, you came as an angel, Motu’s hairs are valuable. Motu, my brother, take this anti-dote and drink it fast, your hair will become normal. No, Motu’s hair will remain the same, they have been so helpful to all. Hey, Motu looks handsome in them. Leave the benefits alone, give me the medicine fast big brother. No!! My medicine!! My medicine!! Oh my lord! What’s this? Chingam sir, you have become bald after coming out of water. Before laughing at me look at your own hair Ghasitaram. Mummy!! I haven’t kept this hair style in my twenty years of experience. No problem Chingam sir, it’s just hair, they will grow again. Boxer brother, please check this mirror. Hey! What is this? Hey, I guess the anti-dote got mixed with the water, It started showing its effects. Motu’s long hair has come back to normal. You all must have swallowed the medicine by mistake, that’s the reason why you lost hairs. It is fun, now you see how it feels when you all were laughing at me? Motu, your escape was as fine as hair.

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100 Responses

  1. neha kacha says:

    Tere ball ache he.

  2. Hadia Jamal says:

    Love motu patlu❤

  3. Street Vynz says:

    Ccvvvvfggbh hello

  4. sujon মাঝি says:


  5. Aiman Jeeya says:

    Kitna pyara lag raha hai motu lambe baloo me

  6. mix movies says:


  7. Ghazala Nadeem says:

    Amazing like if you agree

  8. shaheer muhammad says:

    at 10:35 Dr jhatka hair was appeared

  9. Rameez Tasawer says:


  10. M amir Mohd amir says:

    Motu ka baal HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

  11. R Bholah says:


  12. Raj Kumar says:

    Hey totally

  13. Syed Ejaz says:

    Motu nice

  14. Motte Gaunder says:

    love it

  15. Sohail i love this naat shrif says:

    ha hahahahahaha ??????'?

  16. Sunbal Batool says:

    Hahahahahahahahahhaah I love Motu


    Thanks for the post

  18. Ali Raza says:

    Very nyc episode

  19. Maryam Muniba says:

    nice cartoon

  20. Sajid Afridi says:

    So funny cartoon hahahaha

  21. Muhammad Ramzan says:

    So funny

  22. shoaib sarwar says:


  23. Gul Khan says:

    moto patlo ki new part

  24. hube islam al ruqyah al shariah says:

    dr jhatka ki koi bhi chez kamal ki nhi hoti hhhahahahas mazah aageya

    i like muto g patlu


  25. sweet heart jaben says:

    So funny

  26. Roshni Rosh says:


  27. Soy Loca says:

    Its so funny

  28. Babar Ali says:

    Motu balo may bohat hobasorat dehketa hai.hahahahah ?????????????????

  29. Umm e Hamza says:

    Motu is my super hero

  30. anumta khan says:

    Wow kids's cartoons =Motu patlu,Vir the robot boy,Chacha bhatija!are the most entertaining and interesting cartoons ??#my small sisters are always copying their dialogues.

  31. Anas Abbasi says:

    Hahah motu ka ball

  32. Shammas Danish says:


  33. amna Khan says:

    no 1carton

  34. Gul Muhmmad says:

    G by IP

  35. gaming 341 says:

    Hahaha behen gi

  36. Idrees Ali says:

    Motu to bilkul repaunzel lag raha ha

  37. Subhan Fazal says:

    Nice cartoon very very very very very……

  38. Ibrar Khan says:

    very good

  39. the gameing master says:

    Ilove motu hair

  40. Mobile tecnical says:

    motu patlo is my favourite cartoon

  41. M Ali says:

    Ha ha ha

  42. Mohammad Haroon says:

    I love samosas and motu also and I like motu patlu and motu is really funny in this episode

  43. Fakhar Abbas says:

    nice cartoon

  44. King Gamer says:

    motu paltu party

  45. King Gamer says:

    motu paltu party

  46. Mujahid Tech says:

    Very nice for moto patlo

  47. Adeel haider. says:


  48. Hafeez Sabir says:

    Bht achy cartoon hy motu patlu so beautiful g I like you

  49. Sheikh Awais says:

    Nice beautiful bht achy ha

  50. Junaid Ahmedkhan says:


  51. Arsalan Ali says:

    Motu or Patlu ki jodi

  52. Kinza Rani says:

    So nice ???

  53. Kinza Rani says:


  54. Basitawan Basitawan says:


  55. Kiran Haroon says:


  56. Noor Seher says:

    So funny ?????????????????????????motu is very nice good and cute lovely ??????????????????????????????

  57. Syed Anas says:

    Chimgan is over

  58. Saira Nadeem says:


  59. Saira Nadeem says:



    Kia baat hai

  61. Choudary Choudhary says:

    Inspacter Changum Is The Best Of

  62. Yaman Faizan says:

    Motu patlu is soooooooooooo funny??

  63. Tanveer Baloch says:


  64. muhammad younes says:

    Haha very funny cartoon motu patlu waooooo

  65. Motu Patlu says:


  66. Motu Patlu says:


  67. Hafiz Hamza says:

    Chingm to kanoon ki kasam hi deta rehta ha

  68. Malik Umar says:

    Motu ka Baal funny

  69. SAJJAD Khan says:


  70. M Asad says:


  71. shoaib shahzaib says:

    very nice

  72. Mewish Malik says:


  73. Shahzaib Khan says:


  74. AHAMAD RANA says:


  75. Adnan Haider says:


  76. Qasim Qasim says:

    Motu is brave

  77. Bijay Rai says:


  78. Muhammad Shehryar says:

    Motu Patlo best cartoon

  79. Atika Shaikh says:


  80. Ahmed Mughal says:

    Good motu patlu

  81. Zainu Butt says:

    Motu is my super boy

  82. Amir Bhatti Amir says:

    Super very funny

  83. Husnain Aabbas says:


  84. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    Motu patlu you are very funny ??

  85. Kailash Titi says:


  86. Nikhat Perveen says:

    MOTU and putlu is the best cartoon in wow kids good luck wow kids 😀

  87. Waleed Chohan says:


  88. danish hyder says:

    i love this cartoon and friendship of motu and patlu these are my favorite cartoon and motu ,s brave motu is brave boy

  89. Waseem Khan says:

    So funny motu patlu

  90. Qamar shahzad says:

    Nice mato patlu ????

  91. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara says:


  92. Masood Shah says:

    Funny cartoon

  93. Ayan cheema says:

    East and west motu patlu is best

  94. Muhammad RizwanS786 says:


  95. umar hoor says:

    Very nice all episodes amezing

  96. Ahtasham Jan says:

    I enjoy it

  97. Agha Raza says:

    My best cartoon Motu partlu

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