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Whose puppy is this? You have just left him on the road like this, what if he comes under a car or a truck? Hello! Whose puppy is this? Who are you shouting at? There is no one here. It looks like this puppy is an orphan. Oh! He is such a lovely puppy. He is not an orphan from today. He will stay with us. All right, we will name him Buzo. What is happening, big brother? I am making something which will be useful to you. This is a “Jumbo machine”. Put one samosa on the table it will become Jumbo size with the help of this. And you can eat a big samosa at the cost of a small one and fill your stomach. Long live!! This is great! I will buy a small samosa and make it big and eat it. Doctor Jhatka you are great. Doctor Jhatka this is a fantastic machine you have made. It can solve all food problems. Everyone’s stomachs will be full by eating just a little bit of food. Oh my lord! Food problems may get solved but what are you going to do about the problem that is growing there? Buzo!! Come down!! Motu, stop this Buzo. He is destroying my lab. Buzo!! Stop Buzo!! How did Buzo become so big, big brother? This machine was made for non living things. I didn’t know that it would make even live animals or human beings big under its rays. Let’s go and search for Buzo. Hey! My car!! Whose big dog is this? Oh! Brother boxer, sorry. Doctor Jhatka will buy you a new car. Hey! The dog is yours and I have to buy a new car for him, why? Because he became of this size due to your machine. Now the honorable minister will unveil his statue. Come, catch me here. Oh my god! Was this an elephant or a dog? That was our dog! But I will not pay for the damages to this statue. Catch that dog! He broke my statue. Till I don’t get a new car, all rights to that dog are mine. Stop! Stop in the name of the law! Chingam sir, we have to save Buzo. God knows what these people will do to him if they catch him. Please, we have to save him. Why fear when Inspector Chingam is here! Lets go. Dogs cannot climb trees but Buzo can break the tree. Why, what is the matter? You don’t want to run anymore? Sorry, friend, I made a mistake. I entangled with you without giving my own size a thought. Let’s be friends. Well, I was having fun chasing you but its ok, we can be friends now. I guess I’ll go back to my masters Motu and Patlu, bye bye. Bye, take care. Buzo, quickly get on to the truck. Lot of people are after you. Doctor Jhatka, big brother, drive the truck faster. There are people coming towards us. Stop this truck right now!! We have to send this dog to our scientists. Let them conduct research on his body. That is an order! Stop the truck! Patlu, my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Quick, do something! Idea!! Buzo, come! No!! Buzo, come here!! I will not let you get away with this. Just wait till I get my hands on you. Stop the truck and handover that dog to us. With me here you cannot do any such thing. I am warning you. I swear you to the law, swear you on mother India, turn back or else. I will count till three, if you’ll don’t surrender Buzo at the count of three then you all are finished. At three you fire and so will I. One!! Two!! No!!! Let us get finished but we will not surrender Buzo to you. Patlu, do something, quick. Idea!! Buzo, all anger can be calmed only with love. All hatred can be changed with love. They are upset with you, go and make them happy. Three!! Good boy Buzo. Patlu! What have you done? Stop him! Oh my god! I have never seen such an understanding dog! Wait, stop Buzo, I swear you to Motu and Patlu!! Haha!! This dog is smarter than all of you. He has won me over, he is too sweet. Ok, I understood. You don’t want me to separate you from Motu and Patlu. All right, I forgive you. We are friends from today. We will keep Buzo in theFurfuri town zoo, where he can meet everyone and he will be looked after properly.

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    I also love

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    i love very much moto patlu

  4. Kushal Shrestha says:

    the small animal is cat or rabit?

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    Bxdz. Dx v. Xdffd

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    very good

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    I don't like motu patlu

  14. magic base 21 says:

    I like buzo

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    i love this moyu patlu ki jodi

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    very nice all group I love u

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    Very nice

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    v.v.v. an

  26. Oliver Chapman says:

    It looks like3 It's cpol. effect place What's your opinion about that, guzs !!!

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    I like u

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    Very nice

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    I love it

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    at 5:12 the statue in covered !??!

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    i like it

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    also me I like matu patlu.😙👄❤❤❤

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    Lemnos m.

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    Motu patlu nice thanks for join motu putlo

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    very nice

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    It is so sweet episode

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    good motu

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  52. Imran Khan says:

    Published on Sep 5, 2015
    Motu Patlu’s adopted dog Buzo suddenly becomes bigger and bigger. One of Dr. Jhtaka's innovation is the reason behind this accident. Everyone wants fame with this unique dog, even the mayor wants to capture and send him over to the scientists. Watch how Motu Patlu and their friends save their dog.


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    Ginni to school

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    i love motu patlu ki jodi

  57. bint e zia says:

    i love also 🙆🙅🙇🙌👧hi i am uswa

  58. Abdullah Khalid says:

    I like motoo ka samoosa

  59. Syed Ali Javed says:

    i love motu patlu

  60. Javed Mushtaq says:

    I like to motto patio

  61. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    my puppy name is 😜buzo😜
    same name he he😁

  62. Mohsin Raza says:

    I love motu patlu

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    very nice

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  66. Orange CreemzTV says:

    Dam this stuff is pixar quality.

  67. Umer Saleem says:

    My bother best cartoon

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  69. azhar khan says:


  70. azhar khan says:

    Nice bro

  71. muhammad faisal says:

    The best

  72. Muhammadfarzain 194 says:

    this is nice

  73. EZ Girls says:

    Motu putlu you are the best but I am from Pakistan

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  75. Gaming BTW says:

    Hahahahha buzo! Is funny

  76. Ansar Javed says:

    Fazul ha

  77. Muhammad Akaml says:

    Good dog

  78. Amtanum chouhan says:

    I love motu and ghasitaram🌎🌍🌎🌍🌎🌍🌎🌍🌍🌍

  79. Jaspreet Johal says:

    Motu partly are the best cartoon ever

  80. secret tv says:

    I don't unlike motu patlu

  81. Sana Sardar says:

    Nice pro and bro

  82. Sana Sardar says:

    Nice buzo

  83. Sana Sardar says:

    Cat and dog friends

  84. N J N J says:

    I love john

  85. Annas Mohammed says:

    Gvvtv7Video 5f5

  86. Aisha Shafique says:

    I love motu patlu ki jodi

  87. Bushra Azeem says:

    Nice episode

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  89. A Hafeez Khan Khan says:

    Lanat kuty Ka name dekho

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