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Hey Ghasitey, science says that monkeys are our ancestors. After several centuries they became humans. Now watch, I am going to bring a new revolution in the world. Oh my lord! What kind of revolution? Monkeys love jaggery and chickpeas. I have mixed my medicine with the jaggery and chickpeas. And I will feed this to the monkeys. Then watch how soon monkeys change into human. Aroma! How are you big brother? I am good but don’t know what will happen to you. Go home and sleep if you find some change, call me. Every time I fall pray to your experiments, go upstairs take rest. Call once you come down. What did I do? Motu’s tail. What happened? You screamed like you saw something unique? It’s indeed unique, Motu turn around and see you have grown a tail now. Dr. Jhatka’s medicine, has made me a monkey. Please do something Patlu!! First of all put your tail inside your clothes if anyone spots it they will start laughing. It’s not ready to go inside. Motu, you were already funny enough, why did you put this tail? It looks so real? Hey, you slapped me with your tail, how dare you? Why are you asking for help? Everyday you send us up, then you enjoy all this. Help!! Wow, Patlu see how easily I can hang on the trees. Now I am not afraid of Boxer. Hey Boxer hit me if you can. I will hit Patlu. Come Boxer come, today even I am ready to fight, come hit. Hey, today I am in no mood to fight, I will see you later. Oh God, he is like us, what a wonderful fight he gave, Wait I will call all my friends. Inku, Pinku, Dinku, Dolly, Sholly, Trolly, Polly, come here fast. Don’t worry Patlu, catch Motu and bring him to me, I will give him a injection and he will be fine. Hi Motu, meet my friends, Inku, Pinku, Dinku, Dolly, Sholly, Trolly, Polly. And friends this is Motu, he was human till yesterday and now he is like us today, we are friends now. Yes, we are friends now, and together we will teach a lesson to boxer. Motu what are you saying? Leave them and come with me, we are going to Dr.Jhatka come. Hey friends, look this Patlu is taking our friend away from us, don’t let him go, let’s teach him a lesson. Patlu what are you doing? If you want sit, then sit at the back not front. Chingam sir please stop I don’t want to sit, Motu is surrounded by all the monkeys. We need to rescue him urgently please. Why fear when Chingam is here, come on let’s go. Look he is there. Hey Chingam sir, meet my friends, Inku, Pinku, Dinku, Dolly, Sholly, Trolly, Polly. They are not your friends they are your enemies, listen all monkeys carefully this is Chingam. And it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Leave Motu alone and run away otherwise. I will not leave you, now I will teach you a lesson. Chingam sir, let’s run from here. These monkeys have surrounded him from all the sides, how should I take Motu to Dr. Jhatka? Idea, I will enter from the terrace, grab Motu and fly away. I am stuck among these monkeys and because of them Patlu cannot come here. Please God above save me. Take it easy other monkeys will wake up. Yes easy. Who was it? Who spoke? I spoke. Who me? Hey it’s me Pappu, your small cute Pappu. Motu! Save me! Buddies, last night Paltu came to take Motu away, Motu is not safe here, let’s take him to the jungle. We will stay there. But I don’t want to go to the jungle, I want to stay here with my buddy Patlu. You are our friend now, you cannot do friendship with humans. Come on buddies, let’s take Motu to the jungle. Patlu, these monkeys are taking to take me to the jungle, hurry up come fast. You will not call anyone you belong to our community now and you will stay with us only. Hey leave my car. Babbu!! Look, there is the car, Motu don’t worry we are coming. Patlu hurry up, Come fast. Motu samosa are coming eat them and rescue yourself from those monkeys. I didn’t get a single samosa. Motu, my friend my dear, we are throwing dart of medicine. If you inject one also you will be cured. Motu I am here for you, where are you running? I got only one chance to escape, so I am running sorry. Motu your tail has disappeared, the dart has hit you. Where is our tail? It disappeared due to Dr.Jhatka’s medicine. Who is Dr. Jhatka? There, inside that car. Buddies attack, he has cut our tail, we will bite him until our tail comes back again. Hey, Ghasitey run.

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  1. Laxmi Rai says:

    motu patlu is best cartoon for children keep it up

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    plzzzz upload motu patlu new EPISODES

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    plzzz upload motu patlu new movie 36 ghante

  5. farya abbas says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee this carton

  6. Shabnam Shareef says:

    Nice,awesome , fantastic and amazing episode. I like this episode so much. it is the best episode.


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    so nice

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    samosa gun

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    super 😀😁

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    motu or patlu i love you

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    l love u

  21. Shiraz Philipshp757 says:

    hey man 8th

  22. Alisha Munib says:

    ya i like it moto patlo

  23. Aliza & TOTO says:

    wow kids is so awsome

  24. Ripon Khan says:

    nice wow good

  25. Abdul Ahad says:

    motu and patlu cartoon are very good cartoon

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    luv u motu patlu

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    I like it

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    motu patlu very nice

  32. Ch Waleed says:

    best cartoon



  34. Abdullah Ali says:

    This is good cartoon

  35. Muhammad Sohaib says:

    very nice for kids

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  38. HAMZA CHAUDARY says:

    Motu patlu very nice

  39. Ashir Zeeshen says:

    funny motu

  40. MERA School Lahore says:

    motu patlu wery nice

  41. Iram Asad says:

    hahaha nice and funny😂

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    I love motu patu

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    I love motu patlu

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    nice most beuitful

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    J J jjh J ji

  52. muntaha salsabil says:

    I love wow kidz

  53. Fahad Mansha says:

    Motu and patlu very nice

  54. shahidramzan shaadi says:

    Amaing cartoon

  55. Muhammad Nouman says:

    very nice episode

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    so nice

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    I like it muto

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    nice very nice

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    I like doctor jhatka in motu patlu cartoon

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    Cingam is best funny

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  77. Mukhtar Islam says:

    hallo g

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    Very nice

  79. Mohsin Khan says:

    Give us more episod

  80. Brandon Johnson says:

    Very very nice motu and patlu☺☺☺☺😃

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    Nice Hello Nice Hello

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    Ben 10 cartoons

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    I love you motu patlu

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