Mountain adventure with German Shepherd/Górska przygoda z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Beautiful Major where are you? Where’s our Major? The star’s running So hello Good Major Come on let’s go Last time in this forest at north-west we found a new path we didn’t know before We’re going to check where it leads We’re walking here for long time but we can still find interesting places Let’s go with Major What you hear Major? Come on Major Here Major He has to walk down there of course I see you Major, here Come on We’re going this path Major the scout always at front Oh right Let’s see where it’ll lead us The red trail Here’s a path which leads on the peak We go there We hadn’t been there yet, right Major? HEre Here Let’s check this place One, two Three Three paths, which one to choose? Come on We’ll go this one. I probably know where it’ll lead us Come on We’re going Come! Come! Good dog Don’t runaway! You’re not visible at film later Such a beautiful place Path leads there later high there There’s Major, a discoverer of new trails It’s high, right? Do you want to drink? Fresh mountain water An alpinist I’ll take you photo I see you Major No, we won’t go there We go this way & we’re returning to home Come on My mountain Shepherd Perfectly. We’ll arrive, before it’ll be dark Come! Come! Stubborn Shepherd It’s probably a bit too uphill for him Four paws drive So you can play this off-road running, right? Are you looking deers? Major, come on Interesting smells, what? We know this road by heart So we can slowly returning to home Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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14 Responses

  1. Peter Harper says:

    Keep these awesome adventure videos coming👍🍻😁

  2. Małgorzata Piątkowska says:

    Super film. Ale piękne widoki💗❤

  3. 1970apollo says:

    fajna muzyka , pasuje do filmu👍

  4. Marcin Marcino says:

    Czesc Łukasz jak zawsze świetny film. Powiedz co stosujesz na kleszcze dla Majora? Pozdrawiam

  5. Agnieszka Wojcicka says:

    Cudowne miejsce ❤️jak zawsze super filmik👍🏻

  6. Anna Posławska says:

    Słodziak z tego pana Puszystego😂❤️filmik jak zawsze super pozdrowionka 👍👏👌👋

  7. Sandra Routos says:

    That was an awesome video. The area was so beautiful. Major always looks happy but today he was extra happy. 😀 thanks for the good hike and we will see you tomorrow. Take care! 😘❤️

  8. yelowboxes yelowboxes says:

    Gdzie takie miejsce się znajduje???

  9. Nikolaos Aslanidis says:

    Hello Lukas how do you do? And yes the path and the road of the hart is the best choice because lead to a lovable home 🏡. Nice Video Lukas. As always. Bravo. 👍

  10. Małgorzata burak says:

    Major hyba jusz poczuł wiosnę

  11. Barbara Matuszczyk says:

    Przepiękny i mądry owczarek…cudowne widoki… Super Pan to nagrywa..

  12. Beata Kula says:

    Majorek super przyjaciel na każdy czas. Bezpieczne i radosne chwile relaksu. Wiadomo o co chodzi.😥

  13. Ayano Gacha says:

    Hej Łukasz super film,ładne widoki,Ale powiedz mi jakim szamponem myjesz Majora?

  14. Help pak says:

    Good .💞

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