Mountain hike with German Shepherd/Górska wędrówka z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Major, on the front as usual, right? We’re entering there Yes, Major peed – “I was here” Typical doggy SMSes Did you see roe-deer again? Good to live in mountains I can go on mountain hikes When I want to Go here What I have? Wait Do you go? But only with a stick, don’t you? Silence, peace & a lot of free area to play We’ll return by this path Here What you feel there? A boar? A rabbit? Or maybe the wolf If the wolf, then turn back & we’re returning Luckily, there are no wolves here Do you already tired? You protect this stick, what? Let’s go further What you see there? The path is leading there, right Major? Let’s check, what’s here Here! WOW, such a nice place Are we going down? Why am I asking? Let’s go What a nice place What a rock Yes Here people are extreme cycling I really have to climb there? Major takes care about my condition Uphill a little bit Major is somewhere up there I’m already going I’m not so off-road, like you are Hi Major is always on the front He’ll check the area Major, where are you? Oh, here You found water, as usual You’ll find it everywhere What I see here Good, that I didn’t step on it I can see you, you won’t hide Good, leave the lizard in peace And other inhabitants of forest What’s up? Good, that you didn’t see this lizard Paws up for Mountain hikes with dog Who’ll enter everywhere Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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11 Responses

  1. Peter Harper says:

    Mountain hiking sounds cool my friend, I hope you and Major enjoy yourselves.

  2. Dominik Domagala says:

    Wajny pies taki sam jak mój

  3. German Shepherd Kaylon And łobuz Mailo says:

    Oj góry są wspaniałe 😍
    Major ma tereny 💪💪

  4. BG 620 says:

    Major poszukiwacz ścieżek

  5. Tomasz Papierniak says:


  6. Marlis Stelter says:

    Just so beautiful!!!!!!!!

  7. ewa Gaczynska says:

    Zazdrościmy wam z Carlosem tych pięknych otwartych przestrzeni…Super jak pies ma tyle przestrzeni gdzie może swobodnie biegać pozdrowionka dla Majorka

  8. CR VASCO DA GAMA says:

    Your gds must have loved this walking.

  9. Nikolaos Aslanidis says:

    Hello Lukas, I see you are in the lovely Poland, with the marvelous and happy Major. Wow, what a lovely feeling over there, I envy you. Keep up the good work.. Bravo.👏

  10. piotrek21ism says:

    Tereny na spacery z Majorem super

  11. Świat Oczami Psów says:

    Piękny krajobraz i piesek 🐕💙👌

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