Mountain hiking with German Shepherd/Górska wędrówka z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

So windy day today With Major we came To the Bystra village From here we’re going on one of local peaks named Goat’s hill It’s very windy today. I won’t talk a lot You’ll can listen to wind among trees A pretty sound So wer’e moving out Major. To the peak! Major has to be on leash It’s common trail & lot of tourists walking here Today on a leash Major A beautiful music Major, do you hear it? We’ll see Bielsko-Biała city soon Easy Major He probably felt a deer-roe Oh right, stop! Stop! Yes, he spotted some animal for sure We were walking on these mountains too Bielsko-Biała city Leave these deers alone & hares & boars & everything We can’t go here, it’s path for bikes A pretty music Major Come on Major, we’re already at destination There’s our destination A beautiful view So here we are A shelter on the Goat’s hill Everyone hid inside, there’s a big wind But we don’t care about it Good dog Had you already drink? A playground for kids But not for doggy kids Come on Come on It was very nice, windy, late autumn mountain trip Thanks for watching & see you next time Later A fire sky! Such a beautiful view! A little bonus for the end I call it “a fire sunset”. Clouds looks like fire Wonderful

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