Mountain Men: Jake Prepares His Pack for Lion Season (Season 7, Episode 2) | History

NARRATOR: Winter is
lion season in Montana. JAKE HERAK: They’re
here, ready to hunt. NARRATOR: And Jake Herak is
determined to get his hunting pack running in top form. JAKE HERAK: I’m going
to take ’em down and put ’em on the
start of this drag. Come on, dogs. Good boy. Hunt ’em up. Hunt ’em up. NARRATOR: Tracking
drills hone their senses and are critical to making
sure the dogs chase predators, and not the cattle
they’re paid to protect. JAKE HERAK: It likes Lefty’s
caught on to the scent here. NARRATOR: Jake prepped the
area with a raccoon hide, to simulate a track and chase. JAKE HERAK: He got
to the corner where I did a whole 90-degree back
towards the wood line here. It looks like they’re
kicking butt on it. See how they’re running
parallel along there. They’re paying no attention
to the bulls, which is exactly what I want to see. That is a very, very good sign. I’m going to move in on ’em. [dogs barking] You can hear ’em treeing. It looks like the
whole pack’s there. So that’s a good thing. Good boy!
Good boy! [inaudible] actually
at the tree now. She’s acting like
the other dogs. Yeah! And this is what
I’m looking for. At the end of the
day, these drags like this is what
keeps these dogs top notch, performance-wise,
and in damn good shape. Good dogs! We got us a little tug
of war going on here. A lot of people might think
this training here might seem a little bit barbaric. But what it comes down to
is these predators out here, they’re the real deal. And when you call me
and tell me there’s a mountain lion on your porch,
and I show up with the dogs, this is the reason why they
perform the way they do, is this right here. It’s a great
feeling, watching all your hard work coming together. It’s time to get ’em out. They’re pushing hard, kicking
ass, and taking names.

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  1. Julie Ann Wilson says:

    this doesn't look good, so I'll pass on it 🤔

  2. Karlo Concubierta says:

    What happened to Rich?

  3. Sangstar1 Videos Presentations TruthResearchers says:


  4. Retired Ed says:

    This guy sucks, what happened to Rich?

  5. Brent Arbogast says:

    I'm tryna give these new guys a chance, but i just wish 1.) History channel would let us watch FREE episodes once they are aired. 2.) They would explain the "who n why" they keep switching guys! 3.) If they want loyal, longtime viewers, they producers need to be more in tune w their fans, or the show WILL flop! I love this show, n believe most of it, their way of life, is in fact real, just the way I grew up, n wanna return to a better life! God Bless y'all!

  6. frank white says:

    I track these lands in defense of the lions. I bury more dogs than you can count. Leave them alone or your dogs and you are next

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