Mountain Men: Jake Rescues His Dog Lefty (Season 7, Episode 5) | History

NARRATOR: On the rocky cliffs
of Montana’s Tobacco Root Mountains, lion hunter
Jake Herak and his pack are chasing their fifth lion in
just three weeks of the season. JAKE: I think the
dogs are on the trail. Looks like they’re cooking
out of here pretty dang fast. Up here, you put your
foot in the wrong spot and you’re one slip
away from death. I’m not too sure what’s
going on right now. I’ve got dogs circling
around all these trees here. Looks like they’ve
lost the track, and they’re not sure
where this cat went. You never can be too careful
with a predator like this when the dogs don’t have them. Ah, [bleep]!
There’s blood. There’s quite a bit,
actually, spread out here in the dog tracks. This isn’t good. I got to gather up my dogs here
and see if one of them’s hurt. Come here. Lefty, come here. Ooh, looks like I found the
source of the blood here. Um, Lefty looks like he’s
pretty cut up on his hind foot. I can’t tell if
that’s from the lion or from a rock file or what. But right now I don’t care
where that cat is, I need to get Lefty to the vet right away. A cut like this can compound
into a big infection, and it could be a
season-ender and possibly be an ender to that leg period. Man, if I lost a dog at
this point in the season, it would be a bad, bad thing. Lefty, I call Mr. Consistent. It’s time to get the hell out
of here and get him to a vet. [ominous music playing] I got about seven miles to
travel out of the mountains, and then I’ve got about
another 10 miles of highway to get down and out
to the vet clinic. And the snow conditions
right now is just awful. We got about a
foot of fresh snow. And it’s really icy and
these traveling conditions right now are just bad. NARRATOR: The mountain
roads are covered in 12 inches of fresh snow,
and the surface is slick. JAKE: Oh, here we go. Oh, [bleep]. I’ve managed to slide
us off the road here. Not the best timing. [car tires whirring] I’ve got my truck shrunk
down to the axle here. I’m going to winch through
that tree over there. So I’m just clearing
this tire here. I definitely need this winch. NARRATOR: Jake’s
pickup is equipped with a winch that has a pull
capacity of 6,000 pounds. This thing’s gotten me out of
a lot of bad, bad situations. Hopefully, my cable here is
long enough to reach that tree. Looks like a pretty
long stretch. Ooh, there we go. I’m out of cable. I’m about three feet short
of touching the tree. [bleep] If I can’t fix the problem,
it’s going to be a long night and a long walk out here. It’s always important
to be prepared. It’s why I brought
my lucky cord. NARRATOR: Mountaineering
cord isn’t designed for heavy
hauling, but could be a life saver in a pinch. Six millimeters of woven nylon
should be able to withstand nearly a ton of force. The breaking
strength of this cord isn’t enough to handle
it with just one thread, so I wrapped it
around multiple times. And now it’s going to be pulling
on three, instead of just one. Test it, just to make sure
it ain’t going to bust. Ooh, that’s about
as close as it gets. I hope this rope holds. This is usually trial
and error, but I ain’t got time for that right now. I’ve got to get
this dog to the vet. [suspenseful music playing] It’s working. All right, I’m back
in business here. Need to gather up my
winch, and get out of here. This was a time consuming
deal, and I’ve got a hurt dog. I just need to be real
careful the rest of the way.

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