Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings!? We Test The Viral Recipe #DoesThisWork

Hi, I’m Jeanette and, blah. Hi, I’m Jeanette from, I said hi. Hi, hi. (paper crumpling) Welcome to Does This Work!? I’m Jeanette from Rachael’s culinary team and I’m here to help you test out all those trendy recipes we see on the internet to find out if they really work. On today’s episode we’re testing out mozzarella stick onion rings.
(cat meowing) Or as my mom would say, mootz-a-relll stick onion rings. (laughing) Like, oh she’s so American, ricotta, mozzarella. (paper crumpling)
(upbeat drum music) (paper crumpling) I’m hopeful that this recipe’s gonna work because I wanna eat it. This sounds so good. Cheesy goodness, all dipped in marinara sauce, how does that not sound so good? So fingers crossed for this one, I’m pretty hopeful. One of the red flags I’m already seeing though is it only calls for three slices of cheese. (cat meowing)
(ambulance siren going off) I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a recipe that calls for three slices of cheese. I’m not sure I’ve ever been interested in a recipe that calls for three slices of cheese. I bought a little extra, so don’t worry about it but we’re gonna see how it goes. Who makes a recipe with three slices of cheese, honestly? Three, three slices of cheese. Alright first step for the mozzarella onion rings is to take two large white onions and to cut them into half inch slices. Just make sure they’re half an inch. Right there.
(upbeat rock music) This actually made more than I thought it was gonna make. Now the next step is to separate them into large rings and small rings. So we are gonna build these on this cookie sheet. The instructions say to take one large ring and put a smaller ring inside. The recipe says that it’s gonna make eight but now I kinda feel like it’s gonna make a lot more than that. These are kinda fun though. I’m putting them on parchment, the recipe did not say to put them on parchment. I know from very various experiences here at the show, that if you are gonna freeze something, we’re gonna pop these into the freezer for an hour once they’re stuffed with cheese, stuff tends to get stuck to the metal so I didn’t want that to happen. I do wish I had a little bit more direction as to which rings to use. Maybe I’m gonna realize that I’m not using the right size or shape at some point? So I’ve got four sheet trays of onion rings, even thought I was supposed to get eight and I do have some extra. Those are like onion ring hula hoops if you will. If these don’t work, these might be very important later. (paper crumpling) This is literally how much cheese the recipe called for, was three slices of mozzarella. Cut mozzarella slices into four equal– It’s the recipe.
(laughing) My hair spray’s in here, too.
(laughing) Okay, so the next step of this recipe is to take three slices of mozzarella and cut them into four slices. So one. Two. Three, makes four. Slide it in between the onions. This looks a little big. I’m a little puzzled. That’s like a lot higher
(cat meowing) than the onion ring, so I feel like, and it was, I’m gonna confirm, that’s half an inch. Here’s another four equal pieces and that’s already two of my three slices. Okay, so all three of my slices are in one onion ring. (laughing)
(cat meowing) It’s a little tricky. Unless I just need to get like the perfect fitting rings? My garbage bowl of onion rings. Maybe I need to get a much bigger one and then maybe I’ll need a little less cheese? I’m gonna interpret it, that you’re supposed to use ones that’s maybe like one or two layers down from that onion.
(cat meowing) Because you can see that fits much better. But how is three slices of cheese supposed to fill all of these rings? I don’t,
(cat meowing) I don’t see that. This portion of the recipe seems to have failed me (cat aggressively meowing)
a little bit. Personally, if I was going to be making these not on a recipe, I might cut the cheese one more time. (laughing)
(record scratching sound) Cut the cheese.
(laughing) I think that I would slice the cheese one more time and then that might give me the thickness that I was looking for in between these rings. (paper crumpling) I’ve got seven more slices of cheese. I’m not gonna say this isn’t a tedious process to try and get the cheese to fit. This is like the Hunger Games in picking pieces of onions in here. You’re onion ring rejects, you’re onion ring rejects. Sorry, guys, I didn’t think that. I’m talking to the onions, I’m sad for them. They’re not living their onion ring destiny. Still not thrilled with how much the cheese is sticking out. I’m gonna make the judgment call here. We’ve already recognized that the recipe has failed me one time.
(cat aggressively meowing) We’re gonna call it a two times fail, (cat aggressively meowing) here so far, I don’t think cutting it four times is enough so I’m gonna fold the cheese over one more time and I’m gonna stuff it in like that and now I’m seeing it kind of wedge in there so that it looks like it’s gonna stick both halves of the onion together. And then once I pop them in the freezer for an hour hopefully that will harden and then then be okay to bread. I’d say so far in this process, this is a little more time than I would regularly spend on making either mozzarella sticks or onion rings. Certainly longer than it would take to order them, at a bar. (paper crumpling) So we started out with three slices of cheese. I had seven slices of cheese, this is four slices of cheese so that’s 14 slices of cheese? (bell dinging) That good cheese math? You know when you’re getting onion rings, I only eat onion rings at a pub so I keep just being like, when you get onion rings at the pub, they’re all different sizes so I’ve got some really pretty big ones and then I’m gonna make a few teeny tinys. Alright we’ll stuff some cheese into there. These really better be delicious and worth all of this effort. Onion rings and mozzarella sticks? As much of a dream as that sounds, so far it’s a nightmare. We’ll see you in a hour, we’ll see what these look like. (paper crumpling) I don’t know if I feel like making this one better. I’m already annoyed. I’m like mad. Okay so while those guys are getting their chill on, I’m gonna get some oil ready for frying and I’m gonna set up the breading station. (upbeat rock music) Two cups of flour, and then five eggs. We also need two cups of breadcrumbs. Now the recipe does not call for seasoning. (cat aggressively meowing) And we know how that makes me feel so since we’ve already gone a bit awry, we’ve gone off the rails with this recipe a little bit, because so many of the steps didn’t work, I’m seasoning all of my layers. This is one of those techniques that you want to use. You’re supposed to do wet ingredients with one hand, dry ingredients with the other hand and then you drop it in with the dry hand. So, on first appearance, we just took these out of the freezer. I am glad that I used the parchment because they’re sticking a bit. I’ve taken away from them, I’m a little less angry at them right now and they look really good. They’re holding together, they’re frozen. I’m gonna work pretty quickly because I don’t want the heat of my hands to heat these up and then mess anything up in the process. Dry hand into the flour, drop into the wet. Wet hand, flip it around, get that all nice and eggy. Now the recipe calls for flour, egg, breadcrumb, egg, breadcrumb, that’s a process that you do when you’re trying to get extra crispy breading. So now, with my dry hand I’m going back into the egg, back into the breadcrumb, dry hand. (laughing) Alright so I’m gonna leave that there. Let’s bread a few more. I’m telling you, that freezing process was vital to this recipe. I think these would have been falling apart had I just done this right when I had stuffed them because they were all still very warm from my hands touching the cheese. How’s my oil? We are at 350, we’re there. First onion ring going in. Not as bad as I thought. Those look like they’re doing well. The oil looks like it’s holding it’s temperature. Let’s continue breading. (upbeat rock music) (cymbal crashing) So these guys floated to the top and I’m seeing a little bit of cheese start to ooze, so I am going to take them out. That looks pretty good. (bell dinging)
(cat meowing) That looks really good. We were saying it was very vital that they stay very cold cause this last one’s not hangin’, yeah, it’s fallen apart. I’m not even gonna do it, not worth it. That was six mozzarella onion rings and from this batch I have two fails in just the breading process cause they did not stay together. These two are going to the onion graveyard. In you go, see ya later. (oil sizzling) Okay I think these are good, they’re floating to the top. They’re very pretty, they’re very brown. I’m seeing a little cheese come out the side so I want to take ’em out. (paper crumbling) Okay, so I grabbed some of the next batch and I don’t want to keep them in my hands too long because I don’t want to make them warm. We’re gonna bread ’em up real quick. (upbeat rock music)
(oil sizzling) These are our little guys, I’m excited to try those. They are very cute and colorful. The color is absolutely beautiful, they’re glisteny, cheesy, they look really good. This is just a lot of work. (record scratching)
(popping) The last mozzarella stick onion ring. Holding together very nicely, I don’t want to keep it in my hand too long. I’m scared, I don’t want it to, I’m not scared. I just don’t want it to break. Look at that, they’re really beautiful. Okay, the last one’s out. How many? We’ve got two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve. We ended up with 12 mozzarella stick onion rings. I am exhausted. And I’m hungry so I think it is just about time to rain down judgment. (paper crumbling)
(thunder crashing) (paper crumpling) Okay guys, gah, I don’t want to say okay guys, sorry. Okay so we are back with one of my real life best friends, and a friend who I tend to eat not so great with. I’m not gonna say junk food– No that’s fine, you can say it. I’ll say junk food. Matty’s my, we’re big french fry aficionados. Mm-hmm. Onion rings probably close second, right? Oh yeah, definitely. If I wouldnt’ve known and been in the room, Yeah? Since 10 AM as you’ve been making these? Yeah. I would have been like, oh wow, look at what a beautiful quick job you did because these actually look really nice. They look beautiful.
Like these look like really good onion rings. But it’s about six hours after we started. All of this is edited nicely. Okay, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna salt them a little bit, along the way I’ve added some seasoning because, you know how we like things on the Rachael Ray show.
Yes. And the recipe calls to serve it with some warm marinara sauce and because we’re us, I picked up a bottle of ranch. (cat meowing) Couldn’t hurt. You ready?
I’m ready! There ya go.
Thank you, okay. Nice and warm. Let’s see.
Oh, I’m a little nervous. Here’s a paper towel.
Thank you. My first thought is it has a fairly nice crunch to it. I don’t taste any cheese. I’m double dipping.
Oh no, we’re double dipping. You’re getting a nice glimpse into us right now. I don’t actually taste any of the cheese. (cat aggressively meowing) Really? Alright I gotta get in here, too. I was gonna cut mine, just so you could see, what the side is like. Onion is nice and tender. I think you’re right.
(cat aggressively meowing) Where the heck did the cheese go? I think I see it in there? I mean I see it, it oozed out right there. It definitely isn’t enough cheese to taste like a mozzarella stick. Not at all. This is an onion ring, right? Mm-hmm. I’m double dipping. They’re good. Wait, can you bring the ranch over? I hate when an onion ring does that. Same. Oh god, there goes mine. Right, there goes yours. How many slices did I? I don’t remember how many slices of cheese I ended up using. I ended up using a lot of cheese, probably at least 3/4 of a slice on each one. Mm-hmm.
Where the heck did it go? Having watched you make them and knowing how much, like A, effort went into it and B, cheese went into it? You saw the cheese. I would have expected, not necessarily like oh this glorious cheese pull. No I was expecting glorious cheese pull. And instead of a cheese pull, I’m almost getting an onion pull. It’s not enough cheese.
No. So this method is just not destined– Incorrect.
To work. Dipping anything in ranch is like pretty delicious. Bite right here!
That bite? Bite right here! I know that this was just in my mouth. (laughing) No, we’re those kinds of friends. Oh, well now it’s ruined. Okay, so I got cheese in one bite out of 14 of these. It’s definitely not like, oh this was a mozzarella stick. It was like, oh I found some cheese. I’m bummed.
(laughing) You’re bummed?
Yeah, fair. I’m still eating all of it. I know, I know, we’re not gonna, see that’s the thing, even a bad fried onion ring’s a delicious fried onion ring and I’m not gonna say they’re bad but I am gonna say I think it’s kind of like a case of the internet being click baity. We kind of determined, I think probably within minute two of this video that this did not work. (paper crumpling)
(drum music) (cat aggressively meowing)
(buzzer sounding) (paper crumpling) Can you imagine if you would’ve only used three slices of cheese like it called for? I’m still so–
What the– Who writes a recipe with three slices of cheese? I still don’t–
There wouldn’t have been– I still don’t, I don’t understand. How many shots are you gonna get of me just shoving onions in my mouth? I would’ve put some Parmesan in them, but that’s me. Oh yeah.
I’m from Jersey. Then maybe we’d actually taste some cheese? Mm. (paper crumpling)
(upbeat rock music) (paper crumpling) I’m not fixing them, I’m tired. That’s all I’ve got left. If you make any of these recipes or if you find a recipe that you’d like for me to try out, make sure you post using the hashtag #jeanettedoesthiswork.

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  1. Ezra Spears says:

    Jeanette is just the coolest. Definitely jealous we're not bff's in real life. Those onion rings look delish (even without the cheesey goodness)

  2. Soukthachone Vilaysack says:

    tldw: use the pair of onion rings that touched each other before you deringed them. that way you can use a single slice between.

  3. Aaron Chang says:

    These videos always make me hungry. Also, I love the idea of combining an onion ring with a mozzarella cheese stick. It’s like fried heaven. I also love how you show that sometimes the recipe doesn’t work unless u change it and you make it look easy.

  4. Starr Martinez says:

    Lol. That was too funny. What about using a mozzarella stick cut to fit in. I'm going to try that. I'll your way just for the oinion ring ??? thanks for your video. I'd of had your expression too. Lol.

  5. Chrissy T says:

    I'm so glad that someone is making videos and showing if all these trends or food recipes really do work. Sorry it didn't really work out for you ??

  6. Donal Skehan says:

    LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  7. lvdenver says:

    Hi Jeanette This Sounds really good, but we see that it didn't really work. Would it be possible to maybe blanch some onion till pliable, then Wrap strips of it around a Mozzarella stick, and then continue on with the rest of the recipe? They might come out like Onion Wrapped Mozzarella, in stead of Cheese Stuffed Onion Rings. Just a thought. Love your videos!

  8. tacorunner says:

    Supposed to melt the cheese, dip the onion and batter….the deep fry……so much easier

  9. LoveLife says:

    Hello again Jeanette. You are such a cute little Natural person. Please don't get the swell head like Rachael. I've watched her since she first came into the public with her shows, now still love her, but she needs to know when to back off & let her guests finish their sentence without butting in constantly. Most of us find that rude & annoying. You are so sweet & kind. Hope to see more of "your" videos. Just subscribed! Thanks for sharing.

  10. OmgItsKia says:

    I think she should have used mozzarella sticks instead

  11. Yudhityas Paramita says:

    I think those falling apart can still be salvaged by rearranging them then freeze them again ._.

  12. Trudi ready says:

    Truly inspiring and creative !!

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    the what I am not sure about this one. Still it includes my favvorite food Cheese chesee and more cheese recipies, please and thank you.

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    Hi Jeanette ????

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    I think it would have helped to watch the original video. It has to be done a certain way in order to work.

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