MPI’s new detector puppies – March 2015

This is Charleston and Roxy and they were both purchased last week from breeders in Hastings. and they’ll enter our puppy walking program and hopefully be successful in the next 12-14 months as working detector dogs. Ok, so these guys’ll start their training around 12-14 months of age, and they’ll initially learn about 15 different odors. Then they’ll be assigned to a handler where they’ll proceed to continue training [whining] and then they’ll be assigned to their work site and continue to work until their retirement. They work roughly until about 8 years of age. We start doing health checks, 6-monthly health checks on them from the age of 7. And we have had dogs that have worked right up until about 11 years of age. [whining] So they’ll be working right across all the work sites – at the airports, mail center, cruise ships containers – basically anywhere that they need to be deployed. It’s important to purchase dogs from outside of our programme because it helps with our own breeding programme and increases our genetic diversity. [yelp]

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