Mr. Chameleon’s Car Needs New Paint! | Children’s Cartoon | Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic

Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic, was working
on his afternoon painting, when suddenly, the garage bell rang When the garage bell rings, it means Mr. Monkey has a visitor in his garage Mr. Monkey loves visitors Let’s go see who it could be Why it’s Mr. Chameleon Mr. Monkey is always happy to see
his friend Mr. Chameleon Hello, Mr. Monkey! I just found my favorite red jacket Funny thing, now I’m red I was wondering, do you think you could paint
my car red to match? That’s one of the many fun things about Mr. Chameleon, sometimes he turns the color of whatever he touches and today he’s apparently turned red Oh, that’s fantastic! Well, I better be on
my way in my bright red car Another satisfied customer Now that Mr. Monkey’s job is all done,
he can get back to working on his painting The garage bell. Another visitor? It’s Mr. Chameleon again Only this time he is orange Mr. Monkey, would you believe it, I just found this bright orange hat Only now I’m orange Could you paint my car orange so it matches? Sure, why not?
Mr. Monkey can paint the car orange Oh, that’s just great, Mr. Monkey Thank you so much Now that Mr. Monkey’s job is finished, it’s time for him to get back to his painting Hey Mr. Monkey, I got this pair
of yellow boots Yellow boots, Mr. Monkey, you do not
find these every day I don’t suppose you could repaint
my car yellow to match? A green shirt, Mr. Monkey My favorite blue jeans Look at my fancy purple tie I’ve got more red jacket on again, Mr. Monkey but, uh, I was wondering, could you paint my car red again? Poor Mr. Monkey
He can’t keep painting Mr. Chameleon’s car forever What can he do? He heads to his workbench to try and
come up with a solution Mr. Monkey needs to fix this problem but what color can he paint a car
when he needs every color? First, Mr. Chameleon needed his car to be painted red
to match his red jacket Then he needed his car painted orange
to match his orange hat Then he needed his car painted yellow
to match his yellow boots Then he needed his car painted green
to match his green shirt Then he needed his car painted blue
to match his favorite blue jeans And finally, he needed his car painted purple
to match his purple tie There must be some way to
make Mr. Chameleon’s car match with all the colors of Mr. Chameleon’s clothing and Mr. Chameleon Mr. Monkey’s got an idea, but before he
can get started, he’s going to need his trusty monkey wrench! Whoops! I mean his trusty paintbrush Mr. Monkey has done it Mr. Monkey made Mr. Chameleon’s car a rainbow Oh, Mr. Monkey, I am so happy not only is my car red, orange, and yellow but it’s also green, blue, and purple It will match everything I own Thank you so much Mr. Monkey, you’ve made my car absolutely perfect Now that Mr. Monkey’s job is done,
he can get back to finishing his painting Magnifique, Monsieur Monkey See you next time

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