Mr. Husky Misses Pulling His Sled In Winter | Cartoon For Kids

Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic was oiling
the wheels on his skateboard when all of a sudden, the garage bell rang That means a visitor has arrived, but who could it be? It’s Mr. Husky Hello, Mr. Husky Yo, Mr. Monkey I was just getting a little exercise Mr. Monkey sees that Mr. Husky has brought his sled What seems to be the trouble? There’s nothing I love more in the winter than
pulling my friends on my sled That sounds like a lot of fun, says Mr. Monkey So, what’s the problem? Well, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, Mr. Monkey, but it’s summertime so there’s no snow I can’t pull my sled without snow I see, says Mr. Monkey I really miss pulling my sled It’s great exercise and my friends love it, too Can you help me? Unfortunately, Mr. Monkey can’t change the weather, but there might be something else he can do to help Awesome While you’re doing that I’ll be outside,
doing my exercises Mr. Monkey knows that sleds slide on the snow, but snow only falls in the winter so he’ll have to find another way to
help the sled move Now, what types of vehicles work well
when there isn’t any snow? Cars work well in every season, and you can ride bicycles in the spring
summer and fall Oh, and skateboards, too What do all those vehicles have in common? That’s it! They all have wheels That gives Mr. Monkey an idea He’ll need four wheels Mr. Monkey better check his inventory Oh no, he’s all out of wheels He used the last four wheels on his skateboard Now he can’t help Mr. Husky Wait, that’s it! He can take the wheels off his skateboard and attach them to Mr. Husky’s sled Mr. Monkey loves his skateboard, but
he loves helping his friends even more One…two…three…four There, four wheels And Mr. Monkey will need one more thing, his trusty monkey wrench One wheel, two wheels three wheels, four wheels Mr. Monkey, my sled is sliding But there isn’t any snow How did you do i? My mind is literally blown Simple, Mr. Husky, I just added some wheels to the bottom Now you can pull your sled all year round,
anytime you’d like This is amazing, Mr. Monkey Now hop on and let’s go for a ride Hold on tight, Mr. Monkey

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