Ms. Poodle’s Hairy Car Situation | Cartoon For Kids

Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic, was
working on his puzzle when all of a sudden, the garage bell rang Mr. Monkey has a visitor He loves having visitors Who could it be? It’s Ms. Poodle Hello, Ms. Poodle Oh, Mr. Monkey, I’ve got a problem, and I’m
hoping you can help me Every time I go to get my hair done, it gets
ruined as soon as I drive away I can’t keep any of my fancy hairdos,
my car just ruins them Mr. Monkey thinks this is rather odd Why would a car want to ruin a hairdo? Mr. Monkey takes a look at Ms. Poodle Then takes a look at Ms. Poodle’s car He checks the tires He checks the engine He even checks the windshield Mr. Monkey has an idea Ms. Poodle, I think I may have a solution Well, Mr. Monkey, I have a hair appointment The car must be fixed by the time I come back,
or else my hair will be ruined again I’ll be back by 4 o’clock Mr. Monkey takes a look at the clock on the
wall of his shop The big hand is at the 12, and the little hand is at the 2 That means it’s 2 o’clock, so in two more hours, it will be 4 o’clock That gives Mr. Monkey two hours before Ms. Poodle comes back He better get to work Let’s head over to Mr. Monkey’s workbench Ms. Poodle’s car is a convertible That means it has no roof When car’s have a roof, it covers what’s inside them And protects it from things like rain and wind But Ms. Poodle’s car doesn’t have a roof So when it’s windy, her hair gets messy from the wind What Ms. Poodle needs is a roof on her car And Mr. Monkey knows exactly what kind of roof to make her He thinks this nice round dome will work Then he’s going to need some bolts to
attach the roof to the car Four should do the trick One…two…three…and four Now Mr. Monkey needs just one more thing… his trusty monkey wrench! Mr. Monkey is almost finished All he needs to do now is add the bolts One bolt And two bolts Oh, Ms. Poodle is going to be back soon Let’s finish the job That makes three And finally four Not a minute too soon, here comes Ms. Poodle Oh my goodness, Mr. Monkey What have you done to my convertible? Mr. Monkey wants to give it the ultimate test Let’s see how the dome works with some wind It works! The roof is the perfect hairdo dome Goodbye, Ms. Poodle Another satisfied customer And with that, Mr. Monkey gets back to his puzzle

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12 Responses

  1. Mahmuda Jabin says:

    Till now , mister monkey has 10 satisfied costumers. Well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Great Toys says:

    wow l love this

  3. Phuong Tran Dan says:

    Yay, celebrate 10 episodes! With 11 sastified customers!

  4. Phuong Tran Nhat says:

    Oh, this is the hair problem when sitting in a car or a motor, the same as mine!! :))))

  5. iDEYA Manila says:

    LOL 1 hour to plan and 55 minutes to attach 4 bolts

  6. Manimozhi M says:

    Hi. This show is amazing.. When will u post more videos… V r waiting. V love u super simple team…




    Ci farei un video in piรน

  9. Agentrabbitt says:


  10. roya jonnes says:


  11. Ashley Walker says:

    I ๐Ÿ’– Ms. Poodle!!!! #๐Ÿฉโค๐Ÿฉโค๐Ÿ˜

  12. Super Simple TV - Kids Shows & Cartoons says:

    Thank you for watching! If you want to see more Mr. Monkey and many other great shows, get a tune up on the Super Simple App for iOS! โ–บย

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