My Best Friend’s Dog Attacked Me!

OK so a few years ago before my best friend
moved away. Every single time I would go to her house
she had this giant German Shepherd. Every time I would go there the German Shepherd
would just be sitting there waiting to attack me. Which it was probably just trying to be playful
but in my mind I feared and hated giant dogs. So, like her dad would always have to hold
the dog back. So one time me, my best friend whose dog it
was, and another one of our friends, in the summertime, we were all having a big sleepover. And the giant German Shepherd was outside. And it wasn’t locked away in its cage. So I was already panicking a little bit but
we were playing tether ball and we were running around having a good time hitting the ball
but the dog was just sitting there, like okay, well this this is good. It was my turn and I swear this dog had something
against me and only me, I jumped up and scored a point. The dog comes running after me and I didn’t
know what to do. I started running. I started running with everything in my life
and the dog was obviously way faster than me so it caught up to me and I was screaming
oh, oh my God, get this thing off me. So my friend, she chased after him, tackled
into the ground and he started scratching her on her forehand. She was yelling help me and I was too scared
to touch it. My other friend, she walked over to the porch,
sat down on the steps and started laughing at us. and so the daughter tagging her and
I ran over to it and I was like trying to get it off of her and it started chasing me. So I started running and it grabbed hold onto
my shorts and pulled my shorts down, and I’m like, Oh My God. My pants are down. The dog just pulled my pants down, so my pants
were down, I was running in her front yard. My friend was sitting on the porch laughing,
my other friend was just standing there because her forehead just got a scratched and they
were both yelling at me “run through the doggy door.” My pants were still down and the dog was chasing
after me and they were both screaming and laughing “run into the dog door” and I
was like where’s the doggie door? And they pointed on the side of the garage. So I was like I guess my only escape – it’s
now or never. So I ran to the side of the garage and I got
down on all fours and the dog door was locked so my head head-butted it and I fell over
and it hurt so bad. The dog was right behind me so I made to pull
my shorts up and I started running for the front door and I got past my friend who was
sitting there just laughing her head off and I was like “Why didn’t you do anything?”
and then my friend finally got a hold of the dog and we got it put back up. So that was a very traumatizing experience. And every time when I would bring it up to
my friend she would always say it wasn’t that big of a deal. But to me that was absolutely terrifying.

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