My Cat Saved Me From My Cheating Boyfriend

Hi guys! My name is Helga, I’m twenty-two years old,
and I will tell you a story about my cat named Gandalf. Gandalf is not just an ordinary cat, I know
for sure that he is very clever and even has a supernatural intuition… you don’t believe
me, do you? Well, you will! My cat prevented me from making a terrible
mistake. Not long ago, I met Eric. He quickly became my new boyfriend, and as
everything was getting serious, he quickly moved into my apartment, where before that
I lived all by myself. Well, not totally by myself, but with Gandalf. My parents bought this apartment for me, and
since I owned it I thought that it was pretty reasonable if I let my boyfriend move in with
me. I trusted Eric. But my cat, for some reason, did not. On the first day, when Eric brought his stuff
to my apartment, Gandalf quietly went into the hallway and lied down right in front of
Eric, closing off the entrance from him. Eric looked at me inquiringly, and I jokingly
stated that my cat lived here before him, so he probably needed to get along with whoever
was here first. But when Erik tried to take a step forward,
Gandalf hissed and slashed Erik’s leg with his claws. The whole situation immediately stopped being
funny. Erik was lucky that he was wearing thick jeans! But the relationship between my cat and my
boyfriend had gotten off to a bad start. To be fair, I have to tell you that Eric did
not like animals, and I knew that, so it was not surprising that he could not get along
with them. But the aggression and rejection by Gandalf
were so intense. Before that I never noticed that my cat was
jealous, for example, of my friends, but this time it went beyond the limits! Somehow I managed to convince Gandalf to stop
attacking my boyfriend, but this only stopped him from doing it openly. Instead, Gandalf ruined Eric’s stuff all the
time. My cat… left traps in Eric’s slippers, and
Eric was terribly outraged by this, to the point that, each time, it was harder for me
to calm him down. Gandalf stopped scratching, because I cut
his claws, but he still managed to hurt Eric. His favorite trick was to appear suddenly
at my boyfriends’ feet. In order to avoid stepping on him Eric would
stumble and even fall down, sometimes directly on the floor… And this started to really upset me, but I
had no idea how to bring peace to the world of the two men I loved. And then… and then something happened. I unexpectedly came home at a time when I
was supposed to be at my parents’ house. Eric did not expect me to be at home that
early, and I forgot to call him. So when I entered my apartment, I saw that
Eric was… not alone. Yes, my boyfriend was cheating on me, in MY
apartment, with MY friend Amal, who he met at MY birthday party a couple of months ago! I was so shocked that I didn’t even scream
at them. I exploded only when I discovered that Eric
had locked my Gandalf in the closet. Of course, I had a big fight with Eric, and
he spat out the truth to me: that in fact, he did not love me, he loved Amal. But he wasn’t in any rush to break up with
the girl with her own apartment (that’s me, you know) because he didn’t have the money
to rent his own apartment. And Amal had no problem with this! How disgusting! And do you now see why Gandalf would not let
me relax while Eric was near.My cat knew that my boyfriend was a liar! Hi! My name is Veronica, I am fourteen years old,
and I always wanted to have a dog. Nothing extraordinary, right? But my father was totally against it! However, he changed his mind after one unbelievable
story. So, my father forbade me to bring home any
animals, although I could never understand why. We lived in our own house and nobody in our
family suffered from allergies. Before every major holiday I hinted to my
parents about what kind of gift I would like to receive — a Pomeranian puppy, cute and
funny. But my parents, and especially my dad, would
pretend like they didn’t hear me. My dream would probably never have come true…
if one day I wasn’t attacked by a dog. It happened not far from my house — there
was a place that was being prepped for a future park, but so far it was just a small neglected
field, overgrown with bushes. I often went there to take a walk, and usually
it was empty — neither people nor animals went there… But not this time. As I was slowly walking, absorbed in my own
thoughts, a dog suddenly jumped out from behind the bushes and lunged at me! It was a medium-sized mongrel, and looked
a little bit like a sheepdog. It was dirty and angry, and it barked loudly,
frightening me so much that I tried to run away, but I stumbled and fell down on the
ground. I waited in horror for the mongrel to bite
me… but it didn’t happen. I turned around. It was very strange, but the dog did not chase
me. It stopped near the place where it jumped
from. The animal continued to look attentively in
my direction, but at the same time, it didn’t move, it was sitting on the ground and clearly
was not going to attack me. I sat down on the ground too, confused and
scared, but also curious — why did the dog stop? After a little while, I tried to slowly move
in its direction. At first, it just looked at me, and when I
moved closer, it growled threateningly. I stopped, but from this distance I was already
able to examine it — the dog was not only a mutt, but also clearly a stray. Now, I can’t explain why I didn’t tell anyone
about this. Probably, because the dog still did not attack
me, which meant it was not that dangerous. And then it occurred to me that I could probably
tame her. The next day I went to the field with food
and water. And the day after that, too. This didn’t happen right away, but the dog
eventually began to let me get closer, although it did not allow me to touch it and it ignored
the food I brought. It would only drink water from a plastic bowl. I thought the dog was just guarding its territory,
but one day I heard a strange sound from the bushes. Oh, I, of course, decided that there had to
be puppies! Slowly and carefully, so as not to anger the
dog, I looked behind the branches and saw … oh, God, it was awful! There was another dog there. Injured and possibly, dying. It looked as if the second dog had run into
something sharp, the wound was too deep and inflamed already… I didn’t know how long the injured dog had
been lying there, but now it was so weak that it couldn’t even lift its head and look at
me. This meant that the first dog was not defending
its territory, but its friend! There was no time to waste, and I called my
father to urgently come meet me there. And my dad, in turn, called the vet. When he learned about everything that had
happened, he suddenly told the doctors that he didn’t want them to take both dogs to the
shelter after they were done — that we would take them as soon as they were both healthy
and vaccinated. Can you imagine? Both dogs! Yes, neither one nor the other was anything
like the cute Pomeranian I envisioned, but I was completely happy! Especially because my Dad said… that he
was proud of me. Hey. My name is Andre and I am sixteen years old. Before starting my story, I would like to
ask — do you like your pets? My words might surprise you, but I literally
HATE my pet. Okay, this is really more my father’s pet
than mine, but I still have to take care of him. My story will be about a cockatoo parrot named
Pirate. My father had a dream. All his life he wanted a large parrot, preferably
a macaw. But when dad found out how much money keeping
a creature like that would cost him, he opted for a cockatoo. And even for such an average-sized bird, my
father had to free a whole room in our house. When I realized that Pirate would live next
door to me, separated only by a thin wall between our rooms, I immediately understood
that we wouldn’t be friends. On top of that, Pirate had a completely unbearable
character. Cockatoos are really very intelligent and
this is their main problem, because at the same time, they are completely uncontrollable. Every morning Pirate woke me up with his obnoxious
squawks, and it was completely impossible to train him to be silent! And when Pirate was allowed to be outside
of his room, he literally destroyed everything he could reach. But no matter how much I complained that the
parrot was making my life unbearable, my dad remained cold — and sometimes I thought
that he loved Pirate more than he loved me. Dad tried to teach Pirate to talk, realizing
that he was much smarter than he tried to act, but Pirate completely ignored my dad’s
lessons. The parrot was able to speak, he easily repeated
certain words, but only those that he himself wanted to memorize. And his choice of words was completely unpredictable. Oh, if only I could’ve foreseen this! Because of Pirate, my parents almost never
left home for a long time — cockatoos require a lot of attention and time, and you cannot
just leave this creature all alone. But my parents were so tired that they finally
decided to spend a whole weekend at the lake. And apparently this meant that I had to babysit
Pirate. I did not have the opportunity to refuse,
but I didn’t try to get out of it either. You see, my parents finally left me alone,
so I could not miss the opportunity to invite my friends over and have a small party.Well,
maybe not quite small. My plan was to lock Pirate in his room, leave
food for him, and forget about his existence until the next morning. However, my friends had other plans. Everyone knew that I had a cockatoo, and everyone
wanted to see him. So, I was forced to let the parrot out of
the room. Girls took selfies with Pirate noticing, with
great pleasure, how charming he was and how good he looked in front of the camera. And the guys tried to talk to Pirate and teach
him some interesting words and expressions. I knew that Pirate was not interested in learning
new words, so I was not afraid that he would remember anything or repeat it. In general, my parrot had become the real
star of my party. But it was not enough for this damn bird! When my parents came back home, Pirate unexpectedly
started talking. Let’s paaarty! — the bird chanted to my
parents, who, naturally, did not give me permission to invite friends over. And this was only the beginning — then the
parrot repeated all the words and phrases that my friends taught him, pronouncing them
with different voices. And, honestly, he couldn’t have heard any
of these on TV. So now, I stay locked in my room more than
Pirate does in his. Tell me how you get along with your pets? Do you have any interesting stories about
them? Tell me about it in the comments, like this
video, and do not forget to subscribe to this channel!

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