My Chihuahua Sugar is so compassionate to Bella my German Shepherd.

This is Bella and Sugar. Bella has hip dysplasia and arthritis…She has had a full 14 years of life and is slowing down. Sugar is ls saying I love you so much can I help you? Bella loves Sugar and returns her kisses. Sugar loves Bella so much and wants her to play, but Bella can’t. Sugar wants to give Bella a special present to help her feel better. She wants me to help too. You are such a sweet girt. So compassionate. I want to help her feel better. What can I do to show her how much I care? Let me think. Petting me helps me to think. I know…Go on you can get down and play with Penny. She runs to Penny. She takes Penny’s bone and ……She GIVES BELLA THE BONE…She Bella loves the treat. Bella is smiling and loves Sugar because she shares the bone. Bella loves her bone….Sugar you are such a good dog to Bella. Yes you are Sugar Sugar is so loving and caring. Sugar runs back to Penny. Bella is so greatful to have Sugar around during her last days. Bella you were such a wonderful dog. You are no longer suffering. You are missed by all. We were blessed to have had you as a member of of family for so many years. RIP my sweet Bella. Love always.

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